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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Resident Evil DS Review by Dantendo

HUGE props for another great review by Mr. Dantendo. The culpret this time, Resident Evil DS. Read on and thanks again for another quality review!

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Rating: M
Release: February 2006

The title makes me wonder one thing...Where the hell is all the silence?
And note, I'm not trying to make a pun, it's just that Capcom really went all out for their latest remake of the beloved Resident Evil franchise. They included the option of playing the (nearly) untouched classic mode, and then the "Rebirth" mode which makes you rethink the way you play Resident Evil. I'll admit, at first I was thinking "ah hell another playthrough of this damn RE1..." but boy was I wrong. The game starts off with the same cheesy (yet still hilarious) intro movie. And I was amazed to see how well the movie clips look on the DS. Props to Nintendo and Capcom for that. But anyway, after about 30-40 minutes, you realize this game throws things at you that you have never seen before. How about first person hack and slash sequences that pit you against a swarm of zombies that you have to defeat using only your knife? It's not too difficult to do, but it certainly makes you wary about entering the next room, as these scenarios are peppered all throughout the game and can repeat in the same area twice. Did I mention that you use the stylus to take these threats out? I think that was the most innovative move and they definitely implemented it well. There are also many new puzzles and brand new rooms to explore. The best part is, they managed to add all of these new elements and not even skip a beat. At no point during the game did I feel like I was playing a remake. It feels all new and it's very refreshing. It may not be as big of a makeover as RE: Rebirth for the Gamecube or as astounding as RE4, but then again you have to think that this is a PORTABLE SYSTEM playing a game that was never even meant to be portable. It's mindblowing when you think about it like that. I won't spoil much but let's just say that the giant snake takes on a role somewhat like nemesis did in RE:3...Watch your step...And when you beat the game, you unlock one of the coolest minigames ever. Let's hope you perfected those knifing skills!

Considering all of this and based on my firsthand experience with this game, I give it a 9 out of 10. Any RE fan who wants a new thrill out of an old classic should definitely get this game!

Do you agree with him? Leave him a comment and let him know what you think! Click on the "comments" button and write away.

Wario DS Wi-Fi?

What a day! I have been going and going all day today; but fear not gamers, I have not forgotten about you. On the contrary, I could not wait to get back and give you guys the news for today. So sit back, relax, put your favorite game on and wait for the updates. I'll be here for a while updating so stay tuned.

Speaking of updating, everyone's favorite anti-hero Wario seems to be coming to the DS. We originally gave you the first picture of the game here, but on one of my many adventures today I came across an EB catalog. One of the pages was cover art for a new Wario game for the Nintendo DS. The most interesting thing I noticed was that it says that the game is going to be Wi-Fi compatible. Did I miss the announcement or is this a sign of things to come? Please let me know what you guys think and leave a comment. I know I wouldn't mind some Wi-Fi mini games starring our anti-hero. If someone out there knows more info, leave it in the comments. Thanks for coming by. Game ON!

(Mind the pic, it was taken from my new Slvr phone)

Gamecube Price Drop Soon?

The headline says it all guys. Rumors are now circulating the internet about a possible price drop for Nintendo's Gamecube. Earlier this week, the PS2 dropped to 129.99. Nintendo may respond to SONY'S recent actions and drop the price of their 4th home console. We'll keep you updated as always.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fan Made Trailer

Are Wii Ready? Click Here to find out...

Super Monkey Ball at Launch?

In an interview with IGN, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Game Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi discussed details about the exclusive Wii title, including the team's push to ready the game for the launch of Nintendo's next console.

Nagoshi states, "We are trying to release this title as a launch title. With all the possible ways to control AiAi and friends, this will be a must have title to go with anyone's purchase of the Revolution."

Nagoshi noted the development team is working to utilize the full functionality of Wii. He mentioned twirling and flicking, among other actions, as ways the controller will be used while playing.

Although the game won't incorporate a story mode like previous titles in the series, Banana Blitz will host the "most extensive variety of mini-games ever in the Monkey series," according to Nagoshi. In addition, all characters from past Monkey Ball games will be playable in this Wii version. For me the best part of the monkey ball series was all the insane action that was found in the mini games. We used to always play 4 player monkey fight and have a absolute blast with the mini game.

The bad news; Nagoshi confirmed that Banana Blitz will not have online modes. He did not comment on potential offline multiplayer modes.

Visually, Nagoshi said with this Wii title "there are some differences due to new memory and some new functions," in comparison to the GameCube Monkey Ball titles. Also, Banana Blitz will allow for progressive scan and 16x9 widescreen. The Wii launch is starting to tale shape and it looks to be great. I have already started to save money for Nintendo's 5th entry into the console wars. More as it develops.

Videogame Art

I love video games. My other passion is also art. When you combine the two, in my opinion, you get crazy delicious. I love when artists use their amazing talent and portray their favorite video game characters in a painting or a simple drawing.

While surfing the net, kotaku referred me to this site in which the artist has depictions of Waluigi and Link. Go check it out and let me know what you think. If any readers out their have their own creations, e-mail me and maybe I will post your work up on the site. I would love to see what you guys can do. Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating all day so be sure to check back.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Madden For Nintedno Wii

Guys head over to IGN and read a new interview that was conducted with EA sports. It's a long read (that why I did not post it) but provides some nice insight as to what we can expect to see at E3. Playable? Wii..... Game ON!

Racing Title Coming to Wii

It looks like Nintendo Wii will be seeing a racing title. Earlier today, our man Reggie was in attendance at the Nintendo world store. According to, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales Reggie Fils-Aime's revealed that the company is planning a racing title for E3.

"I'm going to give one little secret," Fils-Aime said. "Only one little secret, and hopefully I won't lose my job. We're going to show a racing game at E3 where you use the core controller in a very different way. That will answer all the questions to how you'll play a racing game."

I am starting to love the vague quotes that the higher ups of Nintendo have been giving their fans. They have made us wait long enough and now we are starting to get a steady flow of information. Will this racing title be from Nintendo or a 3rd party developer? Mark this one down as another quality title for "Wii". More as it develops.


Wii is the Talk of the Town

Everyone is talking about Wii. Honestly, it has grown on me. Remember when you first heard "ipod"? Probably not because now it is a household name and the word ipod has become synonymous with MP3 player. The name, like I said, is growing on me. It will still take some getting used to telling people I am going to go play Wii. I have talked to everyone under the sun about the new name and one thing is for sure, the name sure is different. Nintendo definitely knows how to get people talking. Like it or not, the name will stay. What better way to generate hype for your new machine then to get everyone talking about it. I think that this whole name change thing was a very intricate part in Nintendo's broad strategy. Have you noticed just how much coverage that Wii have created? All message boards, all websites, and all gamers are now talking about this innovative yet different name.

Some call it stupid. Some are calling it cool. Some are just downright confused. One thing is for sure, EVERYONE (Ign, Go Nintendo, CNN, Gamespot, ABC, Game Informer and every other blog in America) has us talking. Nintendo knows what they're doing gamers. Think about it.....Was there any other way to generate this much hype? Game ON Nintendo. We cannot wait until E3.

UpdateKotaku is now reporting that the name "Wii" may in fact change. They are suggesting that Nintendo is "punking" us all and the new name will be released at E3. Nintendo has not trademarked the bizarre name and something is said to be shown at this years E3. Consider this a rumor!and we will keep you updated.**

New Sadness Details

-Sadness is not a codename, it's the final title of the game
-The game takes place before World War I, so slightly before 1914
-The game style will not be similar to Sin City, it will not resemble a comic book
-The game is a bit of a tribute to pre-WWI film and will have a similar atmosphere
-The story takes place in a Slavic country that will be revealed soon
-Raid Over the River is on hold until Sadness is complete
-There will be no colour version, the greyscale is to put a certain mood in the game
-A movie studio has contacted the team about a movie but nothing has been agreed upon
-If there is a movie, it will be out until at least 2 years after the game

The game is sounding great and I cannot wait to see it in action! Are Wii excited? Game ON!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii Images Begin

Fake or real advertisements? You be the judge. Leave a comment and let us know if you think that these are the real deal. Let the debates begin!

Big thanks to Go Nintendo for posting these pictures on their amazing site. GAME ON!

Concept Art for Konami's Revolution title

Here is the first concept art for Konami's upcoming title named elebits. Elebits will be at E3 and is rumored to be Konami's answer to Nintendo's own Pikmin. Will Nintendo show their next incarnation of Pikmin at the big show, or will Konami's title satisfy us? E3 is upon us. Are Wii ready?

Wii go to the Mall and Crazy Updates Happen! UPADTES ALL DAY!

Wii in the above title is pronounced "we". Nintendo's 5th console officially has a name. Nintendo "Wii". Different yes. Catchy...possibly. Wii stands for Nintendo's idea for a "community" system. Nintendo Wii was made to appeal to everyone. I first heard this news on my trip to the mall (I bought Paper Mario and Lego Star Wars if anyone was asking) when my buddy called and revelaed the name. My main question is what do you guys think? MY first impression was not very positive to say the least... Since then it has grown on me. Head over to Ign and check out the teaser for the system. Wii.....Game ON Nintendo!

The guys over at joystiqare doing a poll and asks the gamers, Yay or Nay on the new name for Nintendo's 5th system. Wii is growing on me like crazy and I kind of like it now. What do you guys think?

**UPDATE**Head over to 1up and see everything they know about Nintendo Wii. It's a great read and you should all cehck it out. As always, leave comments in our comment section and let us know what YOU think about the name. Every website out there will give you their commentary, what do YOU guys think? Do Wii like it?

***UPDATE***Hey guys and here is yet another update on Nintendo's new console name. Here is what Perrin Kaplan had to say to CNN "The other systems have an extension of their current names; ours is a new leap to something different," Perrin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America, told me. "A lot of thought went into the name."

"Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak," the company said in its flash presentation of the name. "No confusion. No need to abbreviate.

Official Site

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tecmo Golf Game to be Offline

The following news was reported by IGN. Their recent news article touches on Tecmos Revolution Golf title. Here's what they had to say;

Tecmo was one of the first Japanese publishers to announce support for the Revolution, with Skatto Golf Pangya Revolution seeming to come out of nowhere this past February. The latest issue of Famitsu has first details on the Revolution version of the crazy golf game, including an interview with Tecmo producer Keisuke Kikuchi.

Kikuchi revealed to the magazine that Tecmo is approaching the Revolution title as an original game, rather than a port of the PC version. Tecmo wants to create a new golf game standard with the game, focusing on three areas: enjoyment from moving the controller to play the game, providing a better defined world over the PC version, and allowing players to play a little bit every day for a long time.
The PC version made its name as an online title, but the Revolution version looks like it will be a strictly offline experience. The focus of the Revolution version will be on offline play, Kikuchi revealed to the magazine. Tecmo is not planning on including competitive online play, although Kikuchi hopes to have downloadable content.

Of course, the game's control scheme is likely to draw the most attention. Kikuchi feels that players will enjoy moving their bodies to play the game. On top of the Revolution worthy control scheme, Tecmo is also working on a fully button-based input system which allows for precise controls.

Tecmo is working on plenty of new content for the Revolution version. The game will include multiple characters, each with a storyline. As you work through the story, you'll earn new costumes.

I do wish that Tecmo would provide us with an online feature for this colorful golf game. At least it looks like we may get downloadable content. Tecmo take note- the DS Wi-Fi is doing amazingly well and this title would've been welcome with open rackets if you included online. Oh well- Revolution in the end still gets a solid entry into their plethora of games. Game ON!

DS Lite in June?

It looks like June is going to be the American release date for the DS lite. Gamestop accessories for the system have been pushed back to June and GameCrazy will soon be taking preorders for the system in the near future. They are currently advertising a June release. We'll keep you posted so look for updates. Will you guys be purchasing a DS lite? Let us know in the comment section.

Konami Wants a Revolution

According to the latest information from Japanese publication Famitsu magazine, Konami Digital Entertainment is set to bring a new game to the Nintendo Revolution. Currently entitled 'Elebits', no further details are currently known, other than it should be shown at E3. I cant keep up. E3 is only 12 days away and it looks like the flood gates are opening wide gamers! We will be here to update you on this title and many more that will for sure be coming down the pipe line for Revolution. Thanks again for stopping by and big thanks to cubed3 for the information.

**UPDATE** The creatures that you will be using in the game are similar to Nintendo's own Pikmin. They are described as tiny, cute animals, which players need to actively hunt for in order to catch them. Meanwhile, the game world around them is supposed to constantly evolve. Very interesting indeed. I hope that this game is also smiliar in the way Pikmin is played. We'll keep you updated.

What's a Revolution Without Monkey's?

In case you missed it, in Sega's "road to E3 2006" the company released its plans that involve Nintendo's Revolution. We all knew that SEGA would be taking apart in Nintendo's next gen endevors, but its always nice to hear an "official" announcement straight from the hedgehogs mouth. Here is what they had to say;

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (April 26, 2006) - SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced Super Monkey Ball™: Banana Blitz developed by SEGA Studios for the Nintendo Revolution system. AiAi and all his friends have rolled their way onto Nintendo's new console with new mind-blowing puzzle levels and a wealth of new and exciting Party Games specifically designed to fully exploit the innovative Nintendo Revolution controller. Other titles will have a difficult time matching the multitude of possible variations in game control as presented in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

"The Nintendo Revolution presents a totally unique avenue for our developers to explore the art of game design," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz will present a mind-boggling array of gameplay innovations that will excite and challenge gamers while pushing the boundaries of imagination forward."

The single-player puzzle levels in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz have been innovatively designed to challenge gamers' skills like never before. For the first time in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, AiAi and his friends will have the ability to jump when players flick the Nintendo Revolution controller in an upward motion. The ability to jump has given game designers another dimension in which to expand the Super Monkey Ball gameplay experience and allows gamers a whole new way to interact with the franchise; this time in true three-dimensional fashion.

The Party Games, for which the Super Monkey Ball franchise is famous, return with more variety than ever. An abundance of new Party Games have been creatively designed to take advantage of the Revolution controller in a multitude of ways. Gamers will find themselves competing in a traditional game of ring toss, or even smacking pesky moles in a game of "Whack-a-Mole." Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz's large library of Party Games is sure to inspire friendly competition anytime.

It seems like every day someone new states that hey are supporting the Revolution. What will E3 hold? I am sure we'll get a few surprises guys.....Just wait and see. GAME ON!


Everyone Excited About Nintendo Revolution!

The following is a quote from EGM editor Dan Hsu's blog. He had some very positive thing to say about Nintendo's 5th console Revolution. Here's what he had to say;

We just finished our June issue (which will start shipping right when E3 starts). Our cover story? The Nintendo Revolution. After working on this article, I must say, I've gone from "excited" to "OMG super-psyched" for this machine. I can't reveal anything right now, but I think the Revolution will put Nintendo back into the game for this next-gen console war. Forget GameCube and Nintendo 64. If Nintendo can get the right developers backing this system for a few years, it will be a winner. Stay tuned....

Big words from Mr. Hsu. Forget Gamecube and N64? Will this system be Nintendo's crowning achievement? Will Nintendo's revolution bring them back to the "glory days" of the NES and SNES days? Only time will tell but it looks like the stars seem to be aligning in Nintendo's bright sky. E3 is going to be the big gamers. E3 will no doubt be huge... Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gamecube to Get 4 New Players Choice

Four new games will be added to the Player's Choice line up for the Nintendo GameCube, effective May 1st. In case you didn't know, Player's Choice titles are games that have sold well enough to warrant a reprint and a new cheaper price, similar to the PlayStation's Greatest Hits or the Xbox's Platinum Edition line. And those four titles are (drum role):

-Pikmin 2
-Star Fox: Assault
-Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
-The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

I really hate to admit that I didn't pick up Paper Mario but looks like I cannot miss it the second time around.


Nintnedo Rant

The following is from our reader Larry800. I came across this e-mail and decided to post the story. Larry800 provides an in depth look at the next generation war. It's a good read. Thanks again for the e-mail!

The time is now for Nintendo, its do or die, the following are my thoughts and strategies that Nintendo needs to follow in order to be successful in the next generation. First things first, let's talk about the situation at hand. Right now you have the Xbox 360 which is following the successful formula of Sony by not having the best graphics but being first to market and with plenty of breathing room and tactics up its sleeve. They can drop the price, offer a bigger hard drive, copy Nintendo's virtual console idea, they have a hd-dvd drive, they can lower they game prices...basically they can combat any competition they feel the least bit threatening. The good news for Nintendo is that all their attention will be focused on Sony and not Nintendo. If you read articles over the past 6 months Xbox and Nintendo have been playing nice and throwing each other compliments back and forth. The only thing here I don't like is the Rare fiasco.

I mean no Goldeneye, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark, on the Revolution's virtual console or the 360's? I say be nice and let each other share, and please pretty please bring Killer Instinct 2 or a new version to 360. I know some consider it a marginal game, but it defined the emphasis of combos in a game and who could resist that repetitive announcer. Anyways back to my rant. I figure Sony I am going to compare to the company Bose. As far as stereos they do have the best sound on the market but at a very hefty price and although people may really want one, they often settle for that pioneer system that's on sale at circuit city. Sony is forcing Blu-Ray on the public by forcing everyone who wants a playstation to buy one. They have to make their system expensive so they do not diminish the value of their stand alone Blu-Ray players. My guess $500. Guess what, they are doing the global launch on purpose to create buzz because if there was large quantities at launch I doubt they would sell out other than the ebayers trying to make a quick buck (good idea by the way!). They are putting all their chips on the table that the playstation brand will indulge consumers to buy. One thing they are forgetting is unlike Nintendo they do not have solid franchises exclusive to them, at least not anymore. Final Fantasy is starting to go multi-platform starting with FFXI, rumor mill has GTA shopping around, Metal Gear I will give them for now, but last time I checked Jak, Ratchet, Sly, and Daxter are no Mario and creating a new character and giving them 3 sequels, one every year, leads to burn out, remember Crash! On top of that Sony doesn't want to be a Video Game system, it wants to be an entertainment system. This is where it loses it core audience. The company itself is very bold in gambling with their last big market, considering their electronics dept. is losing ground to LG and Samsung. I am not a Sony hater and I will be picking up God of War II but I cannot see myself picking up a system with no big launch game while for the price they are asking, I could spend the money for a trip to Vegas and a cheap used car that could get me there. Ahhhhh Nintendo lets get things right this time. First lets get a lot of third party support, Red Steel is a good start, but lets start hammering away at PC developers. The Rev controller is essentially a mouse only better so lets get some quick ports going.

How about F.E.A.R., expansions of Half- Life 2, unreal, and counterstrike. Then lets finally bring out the Mario you have been working on since the early days of the Gamecube. Bring back Kid Icarus, Rad Racer, Uniracers, Turok, I don't care but take some good ol' Franchises, redo them and then give the customer the original free via the virtual console. Nintendo needs to slide in as the companion system to get right beside your 360 or PS3. Hopefully with enough support the next generation Nintendo can slide back into 1st place.

It won't happen to with the Revolution but hopefully after it. I like the $200-$250 price tag and I also like the games at $50. I remember paying $80 for Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey and I will never do that again.

What can go wrong? I will tell you. First off, with the controller you kind of limit your progress, if it catches on you are golden if it doesn't you have nothing to work with in the future unless you incorporate into your next gen. If you build new franchises like Red Steel, then the next system will have to have the same controller.

However if you kill the controller you kill any new franchises. I also don't like the no hard drive factor. Why in 2006 do we still have load times on next gen systems. No hard drive means even longer waiting time and guarantees the virtual console to be available only online. Last but not least embrace 3rd party, don't be so protective.

Let it go. Let companies put whatever they want on your system.
Kabuki Warriors 2 bring it on. This will spawn more development for your system. PS2 had the most games, granted a lot of them were crap, but because it was more developer friendly it sparked more productivity for new games ont he system. That is about it for now, I hope you enjoyed it!

What do you guys think? Let him know in the comment section. Also our favorite reader/reviewer Dantendo will be posting a couple of reviews very soon so be on the look out for them!

Metroid Prime 3 Screen?

Man when E3 gets closer and closer, it seems more and more "screens" of Revolution games are popping up on the internet everywhere. The newest RUMORED screen is one of Metroid Prime 3. This image is of course blurry so it's hard to really tell if it was photoshoped or not. Interesting though.... What do you guys think? Leave a comment in the comment section below.


Lost Magic Trailer

In honor of the newly release DS game Lost Magic, Click here to watch the trailer for the title. Be sure to check it out.

Super Mario Bros. DS Update!

Hey guys be sure to head over to the newly improved
Super Mario Bros. DS site. The teaser site has been recently updated with all new wallpapers and videos. Look for another update on Monday May 1st then again on May 8th. I cannot wait for this nostalgic Mario title to come out! The DS keeps getting better and better guys. E3 will definitely have some surprises in store for us gamers. I have been hearing good things and that we will be pleasantly surprised....Speculate what we will see in the comment section.

Chibi-Robo Creator On His Own

Kenichi Nishi, the producer of Chibi-Robo for the GameCube, has announced via his blog that he has left Skip, Ltd (makers of GiFTPiA) to form his own company, Route24. His next project is reportedly to be 'LOL DS', mentioning that he wants to create a party game for 4-8 people. He also talks about possible future support of the Revolution. This comes as welcome news because Chibi-Robo was a very entertaining game and received all sorts of positive scores when the game was released. Keep it here for more updates!


More and More Revolution Titles!

Another day, and more and more Revolution titles seem to be popping up everywhere. The newest game to be rumored in development is One Piece. According to GameFront Bandai may be working on a version of the popular anime One Piece for Nintendo's Revolution, sub-titled 'Unlimited Adventure'. The news will apparently be confirmed one way or the other in the next issue Japanese magazine Jump, which is set to be published on May 20th. For now there has been no official comment from Bandai and I would probably expect something at E3 if this proves to be true. Either way we are seeing more and more 3rd party games being developed for the system right from the start. Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come. Keep it here!

Tony Hawk Revolution Details

Revolution Report is....reporting new details about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution game Tony Hawk Downhill Jam. According to the story "The June 2006 edition of Nintendo Power magazine revealed a few details regarding Activision's Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam, which the publication confirmed to be exclusive for the Nintendo DS and code-named Nintendo Revolution platforms.

The magazine stated that "by using the Revolution controller's motion-sensitivity, racers will be able to turn and boost without touching a button. The game will also feature button combinations to pull off tricks that recall the controls for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's Underground titles."

According to Nintendo Power, Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam will incorporate four-player split-screen multiplayer, eight new racers, as well as eight environments modeled after real-world locations, including Machu Picchu in the Andes and the hills of San Francisco. In-game characters will also get a speed boost when the controller is thrust forward.

The developer for this new Tony Hawk title is Toys for Bob, a wholly-owned Activision subsiduary. Founded in 1989, Toys For Bob is best known for developing the space action adventure games Star Control and Star Control II which were published by Accolade. From 1993 to 2002, the studio worked exclusively with Crystal Dynamics until it was fully acquired by Activision in May of 2005.

Nintendo Power noted that more details and screenshots for Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam will be available in the July issue, but the game is likely to appear in some form at E3 in May.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Square and Nintendo Bringing Game to Cell Phones

With the help of publisher Square Enix, Nintendo will be bringing its wildly successful Pokémon franchise to mobile phones. In the Japan, compatible phone owners will be able to download an application that will act both as an email reader and pocket monster pet simulator.

This new piece of software, available only in Japan, is part of Nintendo's inital foray into the mobile phone market. Only recently has the company allowed for the licensing of some of its more famous trademarked songs as ring tones. Whether or not anyone outside of the country will be able to use this application remains to be seen, depending on its success and any shifts in cell phone culture in North America and Europe. I can see this coming stateside too so we'll be sure to keep you updated.


3rd Party Revolution

What is a system without some 3rd party support. It seems that 3rd party support for Nintendo's 5th console has been really beefing up as of late. 3rd party developers are falling in love with they system and cannot wait to develop new and innovative games for the Revolution. joystiq has put together a list of games that are in development from 3rd parties for Revolution.

· Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Revolution-SquareEnix
· Flight Game-Hudson
· The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross-AGFRAG Entertainment Group
· Orb-Crossbeam Studios
· Raid Over the River-Nibris
· Red Steel-Ubisoft Paris
· Sadness-Nibris
· Sunder: Land of Divide-LifeSpark Studios

Couple these with Nintendo's internal software and looks like we are going to have one amazing launch lineup with all the right components of a successful machine. May 9th is quickly approaching us gamers!

Releases This Week

Here are this week's releases. Pretty solid week for Nintendo. Lost Magic looks to be very interesting and is Wi-Fi compatible. Gamecube is also getting some love as it is seeing 3 releases this week.

Nintendo DS

April 24 - FIFA World Cup 2006
April 25 - Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers
April 25 - Lost Magic (Wi-Fi)
April 26 - Top Gun

Game Boy Advance

April 24 - 2006 FIFA World Cup


April 24 - 2006 FIFA World Cup
April 24 - Major League Baseball 2K6
April 24 - Rampage: Total Destruction


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Revolution Rumors

Hey guys be sure to check out 4cr for some juicy rumors regarding Nintendo's revolution. Rumors rang from Super Smash Bros. Official name, to Pikmin 3 being completely finished. Click on the above link and check it out. Definitely worth reading. E3 is coming faster than a locomotive! Game ON!

NIBRIS releases Sadness Logo

Hey guys check out the newly released logo of the upcoming Nintendo Revolution Game "Sadness".


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Super Mario Revolution Screens?

I need to start this story by stating that the above pictures are RUMOR! I do not even believe them myself but I had to post them. Someone out there is either really or really in trouble. The next Mario is Nintendo's baby so I do not think that any screenshots what-so-ever will not be out on the internet before E3. They are pretty convincing and very interesting. I don't know what to make of them but they do look pretty cool. As stated before, I personally do not think that these are real shots but I had to post. What do you guys think? Let us know and leave a comment.


Kid Icarus Revolution Art?

Anyone else really hope that these are real? Game ON NINTENDO! Here's to E3!
**UPDATE**These images are 100% fake. They were taken from a known artist and slapped with a Nintendo logo in the corners. Rumors flying around about a "mature" "Icarus" though are all real. Maybe the game will look better than these images. Here's to E3!


Friday, April 21, 2006

IGN Nintendo Minute

IGN posted a new "nintendo minute" on their site. In case you missed it here are the exact quotes from the story.
This week's question:What exactly is Nintendo's E3 2006 message and how will it convince graphics snobs that Revolution is the real deal?

Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo of America: Come to E3, Matt! Our mantra continues to be that it's the play, not just the looks, that matters. It's similar to the experience we had two years ago with Nintendo DS. Not everyone could easily grasp why two screens or a touch-screen were necessary. But once people started playing and interacting with the system ... Well, I think you see how it is going!

As far as Revolution, we'll have some great games to share on the show floor. We're going to get the controller in people's hands, step back and let them enjoy. We'll also have fun watching their facial expressions! Anyone can tell if a game looks good from across the room. But only by getting your hands on a Revolution and experiencing it will you understand how it's a completely different. You will love it!

As always, the hard-core gamers have a lot of ground to cover at E3, but they will "feel" the future of gaming in our booth. In addition to some incredible games for serious gamers, we're offering something new -- a bridge for them to involve all their friends and even involve their entire family, including mom, brother, sister, dad, even grandparents. The Revolution won't just provide a great experience, it will start a dialogue between friends and family member who may not always have a lot in common.

If one can cut through the clutter at E3, you'll then understand which company is offering something completely new, which one wants to get more people involved and which one you'll be most excited to play this year. We'll see you at the show!

Nothing terribly new but a decent build up for this years big show. We are one day closer to E3 gamers!

Big Stuff for Nintendo World Store

Check out what is going to be going on at Nitendo's world store located in NYC!
Come to Nintendo World in New York this spring and check out what's up at 10 Rock! We have exclusive merch and tons of fun waiting for gamers of all ages. We turn Nintendo World into fashion central April 20 with our Spring Fashion show. We'll showcase the latest in Nintendo inspired apparel and loungewear, some of which is only available at Nintendo World. Our models take to the catwalk at 6:30 p.m.

Want to talk Nintendo with Reggie? Nintendo EVP of Sales & Marketing Reggie Fils-Aime stops by April 28 to sign autographs and chat it up from 4 to 6 p.m. That day, you can also participate in our Metroid Prime Hunters tournament.* The bounty you can walk away with is a one-of-a-kind crystal, custom made by the NST team (that's Nintendo Software Technology, to those not in the know). This is only the second crystal made available to the public and is the ultimate prize for the ultimate Metroid fan!

Think you can rule the world? Come test your skills at the Battle at the Plaza May 7 to win Nintendo hardware, games and other great prizes! It's a battle of the blocks as gamers will battle in a Tetris DS tournament. Come see how you stack up.*

The DS Download Station is always on. Bring in your DS and sample some of the hottest games now available. Don't have a DS? We have a deal for you. From now until April 22, we're offering a special DS bundle! You get a DS and your choice of Nintendogs, Animal Crossing: Wild World or Mario Kart DS. Plus, we're throwing in a bonus game of your choice among Meteos, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, True Swing Golf and Kirby Canvas Curse. That's a DS and two games for the low price of $149.99. Hurry before the offer ends!

* NOTE: Space is limited for our tournaments! All participants must be pre-registered to participate. Metroid Prime Hunters participants must be 13 and older.

The above quote was taken from Nintendo's official site. If you are going to be in the New York area and love Nintendo (who doesn't) then this is definitely for you! Check it out.

Pokemon Touring the Nation

In honor of Pokemon's 10th anniversary, the cute little Pokemon will be going on tour this summer. The event will include a chance to get your pic taken with Pikachu, download some new pokemon to your game pack and even check out that Pokemon puzzle game for the DS. The tour will start on May 5th and will take place in Denver.


Play Revolution before Everyone

The Nintendo Revolution has been gearing up for its big debut early next month at the big E3 show. How would you like to be the first one to play the system?!?!?!? Sound good? Head over to this site and you could win a trip to E3!

Metroid Season!

Couldn't pass up posting this picture gamers. Remember, Metroid season beings later this year so get ready! If any of the readers out there have any video game related art I would love to see it! Shoot me an e-mail and we may even post your stuff. I would love to see some art come in and am waiting your submissions. E-mail for this site is, Now lets see some fan art!

Kid Icarus and Pikmin Revolution Rumblings

Cubed3 posted that Spong is reporting that their sources have disclosed Pikmin as a "dead cert" for the Revolution. The original 2 games were a fresh experience and extremely fun. The title has not been confirmed for E3.

However, Kid Icarus and a new Miyamoto IP will be shown for the next gen system in May. Pikmin is an obvious contender and the other two have been all but confirmed previously, so we will have to wait and see if these rumors pan out. I would absolutely love to see a more mature Kid Icarus title in the vein of Zelda Twilight Princess and a new Pikmin would also be welcomed with open arms. I am very intrigued as to what Mr. Miyamoto has been cooking up. We'll keep you posted.

Brain Age Commercial

Here is the American commercial for Nintendo's newest release Brain Age. Click here to check it out. For those regular readers of this blog, my brain age for yesterday was 36! I guess was tired. Ok guys, we'll be updating all day so keep it here.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

*RUMOR*Revolution News Friday?

Earlier on in the week there were rumors going around the internet that NDA (non disclosure agreements) expire this Friday on April 21. I will be eagerly awaiting any new news and as always I am going to be reporting anything that comes through. Consider this a rumor guys but something could happen so keep it here gamers. Hopefully Nintendo wont make us wait till E3.....

Another Nintendo Revolution Game!

Quick update: It looks like Nintendo Revolution will be getting a Dragon Ball Z game. Another day, another great game heading to our Revolution! News is starting to pick up gamers and E3 is coming soon! E3 gamers! Less than 3 weeks now! Game ON.


The Calm Before the Storm

I am here guys. Waiting. Waiting for any news to pop up on our beloved Revolution. It's been a slow day when it comes to news. I really do think that the flood gates are about to be open. What a flood it's going to be! We will see, Spiderman 3, Battalion wars, Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Red Steel, Tony Hawk, a rumored Camelot RPG, Sadness, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, Metroid Prime 3, Raid over the River, Thorn, a new Hudson Flight game, Sonic, the virtual console, and the list goes on gamers. Rumors are running rampant of what games we will see at this years big show. Kid Icarus anyone? Punch out Revolution? Shenmue 3?

My question to you guys, our readers, is what do you want to see? Post a comment in the comment section and let everyone know what you want to see on Nintendo's Revolution. Simply click on the "comments" button right under this story and let yourself be heard. I truly thank all of you for stopping by as we have been seeing a steady increase in our traffic. Let us know what you think!

Brain Age=26!!

I am getting smarter and smarter, or shall I say; more intelligent. The game is catching like wild fire as the US seems to be embracing the Japanese juggernaut. The game is reportedly doing real well in America and is a huge hit with whoever plays it. I recently brought it into my workplace and I am getting everyone to at least try it. Once they play this marvel, they're hooked. If you haven't picked it up, go to your store now and embrace innovation. It's truly a great purchase at a mere twenty bucks.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shiggy Interview

Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down with Edge magazine to discuss Nintendo’s handheld and console strategies. Here is the excerpt that you will find in the magazine.

"We want each household to always have a Revolution console connected to their TV. If someone comes into your house and there isn’t a Revolution sitting next to the TV, we want them to argue, and say, “Oh! Why don’t you have Revolution?” We want a brand new relationship between people and their TVs through the Revolution.

It feels as though in order to make one great game they’re always adding to the cost, adding to the number of developers needed… How can the market be right if someone has a really great idea that could expand the industry, but the pressures that are there mean people are only [interested] in making something really huge and big and gigantic?

What Nintendo is trying to do is introduce a completely new platform which means we can give small teams with unique ideas the opportunity to make great games. And those kind of great games have the potential to become the most successful software in the world

Some bold remarks from Nintendo. I know that I will be lining up for my Revolution.


New Final Fantasy III Screens

The game is looking great!

*UPDATE* aourceclick here for the teaser site!

Nights into....Revolution!

The following story shall be considered as rumor, but a very exciting rumor at that. Fans of the Sega Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams, has been rumored in the recent edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu, to be coming to Nintendo's 5th console Revolution. According to Vooks, the innovative Saturn classic could very well be in development for Nintendo's upcoming home console.

The series revolved around two children who would enter the world of dreams (Nightopia), where all human dreams take place. As usual an evil beast known as Wizeman is set to take over the dreamland. By teaming up with NiGHTS, the children attempt to stop the evil Wizeman in his path.

Originally on Sega Saturn, the title was an innovative and unique look at platforming with natural and fluid movement, and a quirky design. If you ask me, a perfect fit for a Nintendo console. Would you guys like to see this game on Revolution?


New Flight Game Coming to Revolution

Nintendojo reports "E3 has released a grouping of "first looks" at wares to be shown at the upcoming trade show. Among these is a flight simulator game in development by Hudson for Nintendo Revolution. "Using the Revolution's 'Gesture System' built into their innovative controller, Hudson's new 'Flight Game' allows total plane control as players pilot their planes through various acrobatic flight maneuvers ranging from sky artistry to bomb drops." More on this and other news as we approach E3".

Flight games are a rarity on console systems. Typically this genre has been primarily on a PC format. This is just another great example that the Nintendo Revolution will expand the market when it comes to diversifying their game selection. Bring it on Nintendo. We cannot wait to see what you have in store in the next couple of weeks.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another day, Another Good find!

Check out this video and get ready to laugh! It's what would happen if Michael Jackson was Mario's stunt devil. Click on the link.

The countdown has begun

Check this out, apparently the mastermind behind the Nintendo ON video has placed a countdown clock on his site. The countdown marks the beginning of E3. Viral marketing....I think so. It definitely has me excited though.

Thanks again to the good guys at Go Nintendo.

Nintendo Pics

This image is taken from this cool site and shows off 3rd party developer NIBRIS and their revolution game, raid over the river. Looks like I will have to track down this magazine and pick this one up. Looks like the flood gates are about to open on our revolution! Rumor has it that we could be hearing more about Nintendo's 5th console this week. Stay Tuned!

Shenmue 3 Revolution Exclusive?

The internet is a wonderful thing isn't it? It causes all sorts of speculation and rumors and everything in between. Gameonrevolution only wants to give you, the readers, the correct information when it comes to Nintendo. Believe me readers, I am an avid Nintendo fan and I want to provide you with the BEST coverage available. While browsing the internet, looking for any news I can conjure up for you guys, I came across another site that has all been proven "fake". See, when these blogs started to pop up regarding our beloved revolution, everyone claimed to be an "insider" always stating that they had some "exclusive" news as to what Nintendo would do next. This blog has recently posted a story and it contains pictures of Shenmue. The headline cryptically reads "Only 4(-1) Revolution". Could this title mean that there is a Shenmue in development for and "ONLY 4" Revolution? If we also read the headline, 4(-1) = 3. Shemue 3 only for Nintendo Revolution? I do not want to read too much into it and I still see this as a rumor.

Interesting huh? I originally wasn't even going to post this story due to the validity of the aforementioned website; however, I also stumbled upon this picture. It's a picture from an upcoming issue of ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine). What caught my attention is that in the bottom left corner, it states that the magazine was "off to play Sega's next generation Nintendo games". Games, as you can plainly see, is plural. Sonic is guaranteed to be on Revolution, but did they mean something making the word "games" plural?

Too many questions gamers and not enough answers. I am now thinking that Shenmue 3 is a possibility; A possibility that may become a reality. I will keep you all informed on this news. The above story is just some pieces to a enormous puzzle that we all are trying to figure out. Given the relationship that Nintendo and SEGA have, this rumor may not be too far fetched. Keep it here guys and thanks for stopping by. What do you think?

New Nintendogs in the Works?

Nintendo of Europe reports that a game entitled Nintendogs Dalmation and Friends has showed up on a European online game site. For Nintendo to come out with another Nintendogs, filled with cute little puppies would be a no brainer. The first three games were unbelievably successful in every corner of the globe. It was something about those cute furry puppies that made virtually everybody fall in love with them. Currently the only way you can unlock a Dalmation is by finding a friend who has one or discovering a fire helmet while taking your dog for a walk.

In my opinion, I really hope that Nintendo expands on this great franchise and brings something new to this incarnation of the game. Only time will tell and we will be sure to keep you updated. Do we need another Nintendogs game? What do you guys think?

click here for the official Nintendogs website.


Brain Age;46!

Apparently my youth has gotten the best of me. I have become complacent and content with weeks going by and not giving my brain the much needed attention it so rightfully deserves. But fear not my young gamers; I got better. As I sat in my chair training my brain, I noticed something. I actually wanted to play this intriguing game more and more so that I can receive a score that was relevant more to my actual age. Around my 3rd try into the "main game" I scored a whopping Brain Age of 26! Not too shabby after all. This game has definitely taken me by surprise and I will be playing it day in and day out. Go pick this gem up. It's cheap, it's fun and a great addition to my growing Nintendo DS library.

Source Pic

Monday, April 17, 2006

Red Steel Images

Looking good.....

Lost Magic

If anyone is thinking about picking up Lost Magic, the Nintendo DS wi-fi enabled RPG, head over to 1up for a solid preview on the game. The game itself definitely looks intriguing and combines elements of strategy RPG with RTS. It makes full use of the innovative touch screen using your stylus as your wand in the game. Look for this one to come out this week.

Revolution Games to be reviewed in October

Nintendo has not confirmed a release date for its 5th console, codenamed Revolution, but we have already been informed that the system will hit stores probably around Thanksgiving time. Reports from the Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) are stating that they will have the first reviews of Nintendo's huge launch lineup for the Revolution. On sale on October 27, the 10th issue of ONM will is rumored to contain reviews of the Revolution launch line-up. That's 20 reviews to tide you over until you actually play the console. May cannot come quick enough.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Our job here at Gameonrevolution is to bring you the news. Whether it's us doing the news, or referring you, the readers, to the right website in order to get you the best information possible. We always try to give you the most up to date information on all Nintendo stuff and good "Nintendo finds". If you head over to, the official Nintendo website gives you an interesting look on Nintendo power magazine and takes you down memory lane with a little bit of a history of the magazine.

Go check it out. It's pretty cool to see all the classic stuff and exciting to see where our favorite video game company is going. This year will mark the year where we will get our hands on a true revolution in the gaming market. Are you ready? Thanks guys and gals for stopping by and checking us out. And as we always say here; GAME ON NINTENDO! Keep up the great work!

New Game Releases



Nintendo DS
April 17 - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
April 18 - Blades of Thunder 2
April 18 - Guilty Gear DS
April 18 - Lost Magic (Wi-Fi)

**For all of those still skeptical about Brain age, Why don't you head to and find out where the closest download station is and grab yourself the demo. My buddy said right after he played the demo, he immediately reserved the game. I cant wait till tomorrow for another great DS game to add to my library. Game ON!

Nintnedo's E3 Floor Plan

Click Here to see Nintendo's E3 floor plan. I love the fact that its right next to SONY. Should be a very interesting E3.

source pic

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone! Today is no doubt going to be a slow day for news so have a great day! Remember to turn on your Animal CRossings and get the special easter present. We'll keep you updated. Have a great day gamers!

A Revolution is Coming

click here to see a Revolution.

Thanks to Go Nintendo for the link.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Old Zelda Commercial

Can someone please tell me if this commercial was real. Click on this link and check out this.....interesting , to say the LEAST, Japanese commercial for Zelda.

Picture taken from Life meter

E3 2006 Info Links

Good morning and welcome to Game ON! Head over to gamespot to find a great write up about this years E3. The show takes place from May 10 to 12, 2006, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and it promises an amazing sneak preview at what's to come. I also added this link to our sidebar so you guys will have a one click access to this years big show. Of course we will also be bringing you all news that is Nintendo so keep it here. It's going to be a great year for Nintendo and video games as a whole. What do you guys want to see at this years E3? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Revolution; Here it Comes!

We are now 25 days away from E3. The big show will no doubt deliver the goods on Nintendo's 5th console, codenamed Revolution. It is there where we'll find out about the games that will comprise our prized system. It is there where we will find out the "final secret" that our revolution holds. It is there where we will find out more about the virtual console part of the system. E3 gamers; are you ready?

One of the games that will for sure be "primed" at Nintendo's booth will be the first person adventure, Metroid Prime 3. Metroid prime 3 looks to be Nintendo's flagship title at this years E3 and it looks like this one is not going to disappoint. According to Matt's IGN blog, Matt states "I have full confidence in Retro to make Prime 3 one of, if not the must-have game of E3 2006. This will be the game that shows all other companies how to do first-person gameplay with the Revolution controller." Look for this game to be fully playable at this years show. I'm excited. Only 25 days away gamers. Game on!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Japanese Hardware Sales

Here are the system sales in Japan for last week. As you can see, the wonderful DS Lite remains on top as well as the normal DS. I have become increasingly more and more excited about how well the Nintendo Revolution will do in both America and in Japan. I know I am totally ready for a change in the way we play games. A true revolution is coming our ways guys, and we will be here to bring you all the news!

Sales-(Accumulated 2006)
1. DS Lite-149,371 (532,037)
2. DS-59,903 (651,855)
3. PSP-36,943 (552,493)
4. PS2-33,301 (447,771)
5. GBA SP-6,732 (89,231)
6. xBox 360-3,258 (33,422)
7. GBM-2,992 (55,889)
8. GC-1,492 (31,656)
9. GBA-151 (2,240)
10. xBox-68 (1,281)

Game ON!

Weekend Fun

Ah the weekend. Time to hang out with friends. Time to cook out (if weather permits). Time to relax.....or stay up late playing games! I'm hoping to do some online play with Metroid Prime hunters, and maybe get a little Super Mario Strikers in with some friends. What are you guys going to be playing this weekend? I'm hoping to get some extra cash so I can finally purchase some much needed DS games. Like always, keep it here guys and gals. We will be updating the whole weekend and then some. Have fun playing and we would love to hear what you're going to be playing. Leave it in the comment section and GAME ON! Thanks again for stopping by.

Metroid Prime Hunters Rankings

Play Metroid Prime Hunters online. You guys owe it to yourself to play this amazing game and experience it online. Be sure to check out dsmeet and see where other people rank. The top player has already played 965 games so get cracking kids! I only logged about 15-25 games played online so I will probably playing tonight. Be sure to post your friend code in the comments section so you guys will have someone to play. Have fun!

Splinter Cell Revolution?

Sam Fisher has to be one of my favorite video game characters to grace this generation of consoles. So for me to say that I want this franchise to be on my Nintendo Revolution would be a huge understatement. Cubed3 is now has reported that Splinter Cell on revolution may see the light of day. Here's the report:

"In this months ONM the producer of Splinter Cell Double Agent was asked about how Splinter Cell would work with the Revmote. The anser was surprisingly positive.

"It's hard to tell at this early stage. But since Splinter Cell is unique in it's genre, in that it tends to work at such a slow space, I'm sure there are a lot of possibilities"

The big fear has always been that recognised franchises wouldn't make it to the Revolution, but this positive reaction should do well to halt those fears for the time being."

We'll be sure to keep you update with any new info that comes down the pipe line. For more info on Sams next Gen game, head over to this site.

Super Mario Super Scans!

Hey guys, here are some new Super Mario Bros. DS scans coming from famitsu. Check the new scans here. I cannot wait for this nostalgic game to come in on May 15th. What are your fondest moments of our favorite plumber Mario? I would have to say that I absolutely love Mario 3 and Mario 64. What are your thoughts?

Get to know more about your favorite Nintendo character in this new Japanese dictionary Famidas (short for Family Computer Dictionary Allround Series). This book contains 151 pages of profiles, abilities, and back stories of 100 of the loved Nintendo characters from 1983 to 1994. If you have ¥1,260 (around $11) and can read Japanese, this one's a good addition to your library. I'm thinking about getting it anyway as a collectable.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Revolution News Soon!

Everyone has been blowing up the message boards because we recently got to see our first glimpse of what Nintendo will be offering in the next generation battle. Red Steel, a FPS made by Ubi-soft and exclusively for Revolution, was shown earlier this week and what a chatter it has caused. The game looks fantastic and will fully utilize the rev-mote. Well gamers, it seems like we may be getting more and more information going into E3 and also from the big show itself. Keep it here gamers, we'll be continually updating with all news that is Nintendo. Rumors are going around that we may hear something April 20......Keep in mind it is a RUMOR. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for you guys and be reporting any new news I hear. Exciting news is sure to come in a matter of weeks. Keep it here and we'll keep you informed! Game ON!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another day, Another Great Find! Peach T-Shirt!

If you have been following this blog as of late, you will notice that I have had a "regular" news post in where I find something cool on the web and I pass it onto my readers. It's something that I love to share with you guys and I hope you like. The last post was about indy games and I referred you to a site that details the indy games scene and gives you all the news and downloads for all of your indy games needs. Be sure to click on the side link and let them know we sent you

Well guys here's today's find.....are you ready; it's a make your own Super Princess Peach T-Shirt iron on! Follow this link and head over to the site to print out an iron on design for your very own Super Princess Peach T-Shirt. SOMEONE PLEASE take a picture of themselves and send it to me! I would love to see this happen. Maybe I'll even send one lucky reader some FREE Nintendo swag as a gift. Game on!