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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wario DS Wi-Fi?

What a day! I have been going and going all day today; but fear not gamers, I have not forgotten about you. On the contrary, I could not wait to get back and give you guys the news for today. So sit back, relax, put your favorite game on and wait for the updates. I'll be here for a while updating so stay tuned.

Speaking of updating, everyone's favorite anti-hero Wario seems to be coming to the DS. We originally gave you the first picture of the game here, but on one of my many adventures today I came across an EB catalog. One of the pages was cover art for a new Wario game for the Nintendo DS. The most interesting thing I noticed was that it says that the game is going to be Wi-Fi compatible. Did I miss the announcement or is this a sign of things to come? Please let me know what you guys think and leave a comment. I know I wouldn't mind some Wi-Fi mini games starring our anti-hero. If someone out there knows more info, leave it in the comments. Thanks for coming by. Game ON!

(Mind the pic, it was taken from my new Slvr phone)