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Monday, April 24, 2006

3rd Party Revolution

What is a system without some 3rd party support. It seems that 3rd party support for Nintendo's 5th console has been really beefing up as of late. 3rd party developers are falling in love with they system and cannot wait to develop new and innovative games for the Revolution. joystiq has put together a list of games that are in development from 3rd parties for Revolution.

· Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Revolution-SquareEnix
· Flight Game-Hudson
· The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross-AGFRAG Entertainment Group
· Orb-Crossbeam Studios
· Raid Over the River-Nibris
· Red Steel-Ubisoft Paris
· Sadness-Nibris
· Sunder: Land of Divide-LifeSpark Studios

Couple these with Nintendo's internal software and looks like we are going to have one amazing launch lineup with all the right components of a successful machine. May 9th is quickly approaching us gamers!