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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wii go to the Mall and Crazy Updates Happen! UPADTES ALL DAY!

Wii in the above title is pronounced "we". Nintendo's 5th console officially has a name. Nintendo "Wii". Different yes. Catchy...possibly. Wii stands for Nintendo's idea for a "community" system. Nintendo Wii was made to appeal to everyone. I first heard this news on my trip to the mall (I bought Paper Mario and Lego Star Wars if anyone was asking) when my buddy called and revelaed the name. My main question is what do you guys think? MY first impression was not very positive to say the least... Since then it has grown on me. Head over to Ign and check out the teaser for the system. Wii.....Game ON Nintendo!

The guys over at joystiqare doing a poll and asks the gamers, Yay or Nay on the new name for Nintendo's 5th system. Wii is growing on me like crazy and I kind of like it now. What do you guys think?

**UPDATE**Head over to 1up and see everything they know about Nintendo Wii. It's a great read and you should all cehck it out. As always, leave comments in our comment section and let us know what YOU think about the name. Every website out there will give you their commentary, what do YOU guys think? Do Wii like it?

***UPDATE***Hey guys and here is yet another update on Nintendo's new console name. Here is what Perrin Kaplan had to say to CNN "The other systems have an extension of their current names; ours is a new leap to something different," Perrin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America, told me. "A lot of thought went into the name."

"Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak," the company said in its flash presentation of the name. "No confusion. No need to abbreviate.

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