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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

This one is coming to Wii. Game ON!

Wii Kiosk?

Could this be the first picture of what a Nintendo Wii kiosk may look like at a local retailer near you? File this one under your "rumor" radar. Looks pretty nifty if you ask me. What do you guys think?

**(Image found on the Official Nintendo Forums)

Build a City on Your DS

I have said it before and I will say it again; is there anything that the DS can't do? Ever since its debut, the Nintendo DS has brought us a staggering amount of titles that cover all kinds of genres for gamers. The infamous Sim City will now be added to that list of hits. In case you missed the announcement, the popular Sim City franchise will soon be coming to everyone's favorite handheld later this year in Japan. The title boosts Nintendo DS lineup of great software titles and will be welcomed with open arms when it comes out here in the states.

The touch screen control for the title will no doubt help it to stand out, and should bode very well for the innovative DS. Look for more of an official announcement soon. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my DS?


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wii Info Friday?!?!?!

Quick Update: Hey guys according to clubskill, we may be getting more information on Nintendo's mysterious console Wii, as early as THIS FRIDAY! They back up their argument by stating that "Official Nintendo Magazines" will be coming out that day that contain exclusive information on Wii. As always keep it here and we will be sure to update a ton if something is announced. Game ON!

Far Cry Wii Pictures?

File these badboys under "RUMOR". The good guys over at GoNintendo have recently posted the screens below which is rumored to be screens of the Wii version of Far Cry. The games graphics look really good and is a highly anticipated game. I will do some more digging to see if these are true.

The Wait is Almost Over

The wait is almost over gamers. Our revolution is upon us. In a mere 2 weeks, we will know more about Nintendo's innovative 5th console Wii. We will be there. You will be there. Mario, Zelda, Wario and Metroid will be there. I have had a tingling feeling, like a kid on Christmas day, about Wii. The system will truly be an innovation in technology and change the way we play games forever.

September 14th ladies and gentleman. Mark it down in your calendars. This seems like the next time we will gain more insight on Wii. Nintendo will be holding a "party" of sorts and all the major players will be there. We will, as always, be here with a smile on our face, bringing you all the juicy details. Sit tight gamers, the wait is almost over. Game ON!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Multiplayer for Red Steel, Speaker Support Confirmed

In a recent interview with Nintendo of Europe, Red Steel's Head honcho, Stephanie Langlois confirmed the Wii exclusive launch title will utilize the innovative Wii Remote's speaker, but sadly not Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This comes as no surprise due to ealier reports of no 3rd party online support for Nintendo Wii until 2007.

When questioned about Red Steel's multiplayer mode, Langlois replied, "It's tough to discuss multiplayer in detail as it's still a secret but there will be four-player split screen, but no LAN. Online will maybe one day be announced by Nintendo but it won't be for the launch [of Red Steel]. In terms of gameplay I can't reveal anything really but what I can say is that internally we are making tons of tests."

Regarding the speaker portion of the title, Langlois states it will be "used in single player and multiplayer." For instance, players will hear a sound from the speaker when their sword clashes against an object. Langlois also noted that while the aforementioned example is rather simple, players will discover a "more complex use" later in the game. Speclation will now commence.


New Monkey Ball Wii Images!


Too Funny Not to Post

I thought you guys might get a kick out of the new Cubetoons.

Exciting Site News!

Just shooting you guys a quick post letting you know what's going on in the world of Gameonrevolution. Today (Tuesday), we added a brand new poll and can't wait to see your results. The poll is a simple question; Which color will your Wii be this year?

Another update that I would like to talk to you about is the addition of podcasts! Podcasts are coming and the preliminary one will be up and running soon. I have been tinkering a bit with garage band on the MAC and will be recording our first ever show! I am truly excited about it so look forward to that in the near future.

One last thing- If you always come to the site and love video games, why not write for us! That's right gamers, WE WANT YOU. Currently we are looking for anyone with a passion for video games and who can update regularly. All you have to do is shoot me an email (, and let us know why you are the man or women for the job. Thanks for stopping by gamers! Game ON!

Can Gamecube End with a Victory?

Here is an interesting article that I found at They ask the perplexing question, can the Gamecube end with a victory? They highlight the numerous titles coming out for the system and discuss the lack of support for the original XBOX. Here is an excerpt from the article:

While the Xbox on a world-wide market count may have exceeded the Gamecube in console sales, it should be noted that the battle is not over yet. With Microsoft discontinuing the console, the real question is will Gamecube be able to surpass the Xbox in the end?

Xbox has currently sold 22 Million units world-wide; Gamecube at 21 Million (Source). While Gamecube sales have been really sloppy in Japan, the month of July saw 44,000 units sold in North America. Of course it’s well known that the Gamecube for the most part of 2006, has seen a lack of new titles. This is obviously due to projects shifting to the Wii.

On the other hand Gamecube does have one final battle ahead when Baten Kaitos Origins is released and gamers head into the big fourth quarter. With third-party titles like Tomb Raider: Legend, Fifa Soccer 07, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Need for Speed: Carbon, Nintendo will be dishing out Super Paper Mario and DK Bongo Blast to compliment the fourth quarter.

Click here for the rest and vote in their poll.

Call of Duty 3 Wii Scans

Graphically it looks pretty intense; gameplay wise, this title will be unmatched! Look for this quality title just in time for the Wii launch.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Madden Wii Video

I think it doesn't look half bad. What do you guys think? It's definitely going to offer some great gameplay over the other versions. Game ON!

2 million strong and growing

Late on Thursday, a Nintendo DS(TM) owner logged onto Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection for the first time. That person unknowingly became the 2 millionth unique player to use Nintendo’s wireless gaming service. To put that number in perspective, the population of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection users now surpasses the population of 15 different U.S. states, including Montana, Nebraska and New Mexico. In addition to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection surpassing 2 million unique players, the service has also logged more than 70 million individual game sessions in just more than nine months of operation, a number expected to soar as more and more Wi-Fi-enabled titles are released.

“Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection continues to set the standard for easy, fun and safe wireless gaming,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Our hand-held leadership will continue unabated with today’s launch of Star Fox Command and the anticipation of our upcoming Wi-Fi titles.”

Today the hugely popular Star Fox series goes wireless with Star Fox® Command for Nintendo DS. The sci-fi space combat game marks the first-ever portable, Wi-Fi-enabled Star Fox game. Up to four players, be they friends or strangers, can meet up on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to blow each other out of the sky in white-knuckle dogfights.

In addition to multiplayer Wi-Fi dogfights, the 3-D space shooter Star Fox Command also lets players use the DS touch screen to draw out their flight plans, steer their Arwing fighters and drop bombs on enemies. Rubbing the touch screen sends the fighter into a barrel roll. The game uses elements of both real-time combat and turn-based strategy games, and includes a familiar array of popular animal characters from the Star Fox universe, including Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Krystal and Slippy Toad.

Star Fox Command, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, blasts off today. For more information about the game, visit For more information about Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, visit

Source: Nintendo press release

Coming Down the Pipeline: Releases this Week

Game Boy Advance
August 29 - Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour

Nintendo DS
August 28 - Star Fox Command
August 29 - Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour

August 29 - One Piece: Grand Adventure

Star Fox command ships to retailers this week. The Wi-Fi flyer is sure to send Fox Mcloud to the to with this incarnation on the series. Look for online dogfights this week! Game ON! Post your friend codes in the comment section and hook up with other gamers.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cool Red Steel Trailer

I don't know if this is old, but I do not remember seeing this cool little trailer. I cannot wait for this title!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mysterious New Wii Title?

Quick Update: Official Nintendo Magazine, to drop a BOMB next issue? Apparently so.....We will keep you updated!


Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Wow. This game is looking better and better. Is there anything else that the DS can't do?

Pic Source

WWE Smackdown vs Raw Wii?

Respectable French website Jeux-France have received a hot rumor that 3rd party developer THQ is developing a version of popular WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. With the growing popularity of wrestling games in general and the buzz surrounding Wii, this may not be too far off.

Keep it here and stay tuned for updates. We will be following this story very closely due to the fact that I am huge wrestling fan. Game ON!

No Wi-fi For You! (Until 2007)

The recent ramblings over Nintendo's innovative Wii is that the system will not have 3rd party online support until 2007. The good people over at 1up ran an interesting article on the subject. They have stated that Tony Hawk was supposed to support Nintendo Wi-Fi and is a 3rd party title from Activision. Apparently that is not the case anymore. The article brings up these great points:

This decision raises some interesting questions about just how heavyhanded an approach the big N might be considering in regards to the Wii's much-anticipated "Always On" Internet connectivity features. Apparently 1st and 2nd party games (like the Virtual Console downloads) are still OK under Nintendo's watchful eye.

My Thoughts:
I personally think that this is a minor mistake by Nintendo. Yes we are getting online 3rd party next year, but it should be right off the bat. If they are going to be a true player in the next-gen war, you need online.

With the run-away success of Nintendo DS' online connectivity, I am surprised by Nintendo's decision. We all know that Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum, but I feel that this is a mistake. 2007 better be good and I hope that this doesn't scare some 3rd parties away from this amazing system. We will keep you posted.

New Poll up and Running

Just letting you guys know that we have a brand new poll up and running on the site. This one is a little more personal and will help me gain a little more insight on I will be taking this one down mid-week so please take the 2 minutes and vote. I will be lookin closely on the results and look forward to seeing them.

Last poll results seem like everyone is going to buy either 1-2 titles for the Wii or 4-5. Me personally, I will be purchasing around 6-8 titles for the system (baring my financial situation). If anyone has any ideas as to what we should poll next, leave the question in the comment section. As always, a true thank you for stopping by and checking us out. Keep it here and enjoy your weekend! Game ON!

Friday, August 25, 2006

BWii Footage

The game is looking at least marginally better than the Gamecube version, but still will be a blast to play. If you are using Safari, you may have trouble watching the video. Try using Firefox to get the "full effect" of the site.

Elebits and Wii Hardware Footage

You can't tell me that the Wii isn't the coolest looking thing ever created.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

EA Press Conference From GDC

Recent Treasures, Good Finds

Hello and welcome to our newest column which I have entitled "Recent Treasures, Good Finds". In this post, I am going to give you a sneak peek as to what games I have recently purchased at a good price, or titles that I have bought that are a rarity. This week alone I bought 2 Gamecube titles at budget prices. Metroid Prime 2 (I didn't purchase when it came out) was one of the two titles that I bought at a local Sears for only $9.99!! I thought that this was a steal and I am definitely looking forward to playing through this title. I was a fan of the first game and I never had a chance to get my hands on this one.

The second title, which I bought today also for only $9.99, was Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble. If any title comes close to the great Super Smash Bros., this title is it. I bought this one at Best Buy and I will be playing this gem tonight!

Perhaps you readers recently came across a good deal or a great find. If so, let us know in the comment section. Have fun ladies and gents. After all of the crazy updates yesterday, I was so tired. Thanks to all who came here for the best coverage of the GDC. I am now gearing up for September 14!! Are wii ready??!?!?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leipzig: Super Mario Strikers Wii

More Rayman Screens!

New BWii Artwork

Again- I apologize for the unorthodox style of updating today. I am delivering the best news possible for you guys and in a timely manner.


New Rayman Screen!!

More to come!

Release Date Information on September 14?

Ok so we didn't get any release information today. I am almost passed that, however, when can we expect something? It seems like the magic date for this highly secretive information will be September 14, 2006. As always we will be here to bring you the information. It should be a busy day so keep it locked here.

Images and Artwork from Around the Web

There is so much information coming down the pipeline that it's hard to keep up. I will have to apologize for any spelling errors and or grammar errors that you may encounter today on the site. I am trying to deliver the best news possible at break neck speeds! Thanks for sticking with us and we will be updating all day. Keep it here!

Pic source
Pic source

Link.... It's not just a Nintendo Character Anymore

Click on the links below and watch some of the stuff that was going on from the GDC.

Click here for the Mario Strikers Trailer that was announced earlier today!

Click here for a Red Steel trailer if Strikers is not your thing.

Haven't seen the new Elebits trailer yet, Click here

And Finally everyone's favorite blue hero Sonic!

Stay Tuned!

GDC Info

Here we go!! **Updates are primarily be credited to Eurogamer, GONintendo, and IGN.

1:15 a.m.: Crowds are gathering for the beginning of the Nintendo Wii Prove Our Promise conference
1:30 a.m.: The show is beginning!!! Aren't you excited!
1:31 a.m.: Speaker takes stage and promises "surprise" announcements
1:32 a.m.: Goes over Nintendo's plan to capture non-gamers
1:35 a.m.: Says Nintendo is going to explore new areas of game development
1:37 a.m.: Continues on about pulling in new gamers; points to DS as example
1:59 a.m.: Announces Action Loop DS for Europe; this is Magnetica (called Puzzaloop previously) in the US
2:00 a.m.: Shows off Pink DS Lite
2:05 a.m.: Nintendo displays a DS gameplay video montage

-A TON of stats are being discussed during the keynote. Nintendo keeps tooting the success of Brain Age and how great the DS is. We are going to hear about wii soon enough.
-Currently they are showing off Nintendo Sports by having a 7 year old girl play it.

-The boss of Nintendo Germany is on stage to introduce a new sports title. “Sport is currently the new trend at Nintendo.”

-It’s a Mario Smash Football / Super Mario Strikers title by the looks of it. They’re going to play it on stage now - they first choose captains. Bowser, Peach, Mario and Donkey Kong are selectable, and then they pick companions and a stadium.

-The game is called Super Mario Strikers Charged and there are power moves that each character will perform.

-Each stage will have a "risk factor" meaning some are more dangerous thn other.

-BWII-Battallion Wars 2!!! (As rumored right here yesturday!)
-Nintendo is now currently talking about 3rd party support for Nintendo Wii.

-Nintendo shows off third party Wii trailer -- similar to previous ones, if not identical; shows Red Steel, Excite Truck, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, etc


It seems like A TON of people are mad or upset as to what Nintendo has shown at the GDC this far. As of right now their keynote is over and we still do not know the price of the system, release date, and we only got 2 new games announced. "Wii prove our promise" sounded like there was going to be at least a little more during this keynote. Let us know what you think in the comment section now! ANYONE can comment so let us know if you yourself are mad, dissappointed, ashamed of what Nintendo discussed today. I really look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Battalion Wars 2 and Mario Strikers 2?

Some interesting rumors were posted today on the Nordic website According to this site, Nintendo will announce 2 sequels to Gamecube games. Battalion Wars and Super Mario Strikers are rumored to be shown tomorrow at LGC. Both games are said to be in developement for the Nintendo Wii.

HUGE props to the great guys at GoNintendo for the info.

Winamp on the DS?

This story was taken directly from Digitalbattle. Read what they had to say:

Ficedula, a Winamp plug-in that enables you to stream your mp3s to your Nintendo DS via the built in WiFi. The program sets up a tiny server application on your desktop that enables your WiFi router to send data to the DS.

However, you will need a hefty upload speed, 350 kb/s minimum in order to play the files in decent quality. Download the program here or read more over at Destructoid.

As soon as I get home I think I may try this out. If anyone does, please let us know how it worked.

Kid Icarus Wii?

Matt Casamassina from IGN fame, posted an interesting comment on the IGN Insider forums today. In his post, he states that “Nintendo may announce a new Kid Icarus for Wii” at the 2006 Games Convention, which is tomorrow.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor and, according to Casamassina, “we have no reason to believe it’s true” at this point in time. We only have one more day to wait gamers.


Sonic in Smash Brothers?

We all knew that is was possible. If Solid Snake is going to make an appearence in the Smash Bros., so why not Sonic? Previous internet rumors have pointed to the blue bomber to be in this title, but now major publications are getting in on the rumor. Nintendo Magazine predicts that there is an 80% chance that Sonic the Hedgehog will make it to Super Smash Bros. Brawl followed closely by our friend Rayman at 50%.

My Thoughts:
It was only a matter of time before Nintendo characters got their gloves on Sonic. It looks like next year they will get their chance. All I can say is Game ON!


More Fake Smash Bros. Screens

These are sweet. I really hope Nintendo is taking notice. Keep them coming!

Site Issues

Sorry guys I am having some minor site issues today. I have some exciting stuff to post so keep it here. We will be up and running soon. Be patient young Jedi's. Game ON will be ON soon.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Releases This Week

Game Boy Advance

August 22 - Madden NFL 07

Nintendo DS

August 21 - Tenchu: Dark Secret
August 22 - Madden NFL 07


August 22 - Madden NFL 07
August 22 - Pac-Man World Rally

If You’re a football fan, This is your week. I still wish that we had a choice when it comes to football games. Game ON.

THQ to Have Live Updates Wednesday

Quick Update:<THQ has announced that they will be featuring live streams and reports from the Games Convention under the heading "THQ TV". Obviously THQ will probably be promoting their Wii games but it is still cool none-the-less. Big props to Falafa for reporting this.

Wii Price Rumor

In an interview with, EA COO David Gardner says they believe that the Wii will be priced at a mere $170 in the US. During the interview Gardner is rumored to state, “I’ve heard in Japan that the price is about $170, but I don’t know if the price has been set in Europe yet.”

Let's keep in mind that Nintendo's boss Satoru Iwata has previously said the Wii would cost no more than $250 so there could be some truth to this rumor. As always- keep it here.


Pics From Wednesday's GC

Here are some shots from the GC conference that will be taking place in 2 days! Are you excited yet? Click here for more.

New Miyamoto Interview Hints at Wii Details?

Here is an interview that Shiggy had conducted with Nintendo Dream Magazine. He gives some details about the possible remakes of GC games on Wii using the special wii-mote. Here is the report:

Nindori: 10 years of Famicom and Super Famicom. 10 years of N64 and GC. And now another ten years is starting with Wii?
Miyamoto: Yes, we're starting from here.

N: Looking at the titles you've announced so far, it already seems like you'll be releasing games at a faster pace than the N64 and GC.
M: That's because the machine is based on GC. Dev tools are of course being upgraded, but GC code will basically run as is. Because of that, I'm also thinking I can remake some of my GC games for Wii, making use of the Wiimote.

N: So you think games will experience a rebirth thanks to the Wiimote...
M: Yes. Of course you can wander into a second hand shop and buy a lot of these games still, so I don't think we can release these Wiimakes at full price. Since a lot of the development cost has already been accounted for, we'll be able to release these at a much more affordable price. And if others also take advantage of this and release Wiimakes, there's a high possibility of a lot of software from third parties also.

N: So, there's a possibility of Nintendo doing this?
M: Yes, I strongly believe there is. For this reason, the next Zelda will be released for both Wii and GC simultaneously. It's quite an interesting experiment.

N: Ah, I see.
M: Also, when we were working on it, some of the staff were saying "Since the Wii has more power than the GC, let's polish the graphics up a bit too", but Zelda's fans aren't expecting polish, they're expecting a fun and exciting game, so I said it is better if we make it fun both on Wii and GC. And recently it's been established that "Wii is not a machine that tries to deliver next-gen graphics". Of course, since there are still games that demand high quality graphics, there will be separate paths of development depending on the software.

My Thoughts:
This is very interesting. Replaying some of my favorite titles from the Gamecube using the new, innovative wiimote?? Sign me up! I think that this would be an amazing addition in the ever growing library of great games for Wii. It would also give gamers a chance who haven't played the titles on GC to experience why the system was so great. I say, bring it on Nintendo.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam Footage

Check out some behind the scenes footage of Activision's Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.

Going out with a Bang!

Below is a quote recently ran on IGN. The new story they posted discusses the top ten that the Gamecube will have to offer before the big N's next system Wii. Here is an excerpt from the article:

As we ramp up into the fall season, there really is only one thing on every Nintendo fan's mind: Wii. That being said, we've got no solid info on either a price or final release date, so fans are currently left wondering when the next snippet of info will be released. Since so much of our conversation as Nintendo fans is still shrouded in mystery, we figured it was a good time to check out a few Cube games sure to hit shelves soon. The GameCube may be on its way out, but there are still a few awesome titles to pick up before the system gives up the Nintendo console crown. All ten of the following games will be releasing from now until the end of the year, so get out your calendars, save up your preorder cash, and dive into the final round of GameCube titles. The system may be seeing its final holiday season, but it's going out in style.

I know that I still plan on getting some Gamecube games in the near future. Click here for the rest.

Super Smash Bros. Fake Select Screen

The good guys at GoNintendo posted this earlier today and I couldn't pass this one up. Whoever did this mock up, thank you. What great additions to the game and awesome work. I hope that the real roster looks similar.

Rune Factory Intro

Wow. This intro was very nice. Is there anything that Nintendo DS can't do?

Wii-vertisements Popping Up

The world is ready for Nintendo Wii. I have been seeing numerous Wii advertisements around my neck of the woods and let me tell you, it's refreshing. Videogame stores, magazines, and even TV are starting to embrace Nintendo's Wii. I have noticed on my frequent trips to the mall and more recently on the TV, that the name "Wii" has been popping up in adds everywhere.

The ant bully commercial, Gamestop's huge banner of Call of Duty 3 and the internet are all buzzing about Wii. Things are only going to get better this week when Nintendo lays down "Wii prove our Promise" on August 23 in Germany. As always keep it here as we will be reporting on anything and everything that comes out of the show. Game ON!

**It seems like most of you are only going to get 1-2 games for Wii when the system is released. Don't forget to vote in our poll. I will be updating the poll probably later today so if anyone has any ideas as to what our next poll should be, leave the question in the comment section. I have a couple in mind but I want to hear what you guys want polled. Anyone can leave a comment so have fun! What are you playing this weekend?**

Saturday, August 19, 2006

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii Scan

This is a new Scan for the upcoming Nintendo Wii game One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.

V-Jump offers to us new images of One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii ,and apparently, we will be able to play with several characters like Luffy, Zorro, and Sandy. The news comes courtesy of
N-Wiizone. The game is looking pretty good and should be out this year. Keep it here for more info.

WiiConnect24- Oh the Possibilities

Wiiconnect could possibly be Nintendo's Wild Card and really move Wii systems if they play all of their hand right. We can all speculate the possibilities, but until something is announced by the big N, we will have to just guess.

Imagine gamers, if you will, downloading new content, getting an upgrade for a weapon, receiving a new board or even downloading an extra character in the new Super Smash brothers, all while sleeping in the comfort of your nice cozy bed. Wiiconnect24 is always online, all the time. These ideas and many others, are endless. If Nintendo plays this card right, "wii" will have a royal flush that the competition cannot match.

To say that I am anxiously awaiting Nintendo's official announcement regarding their online service would be a huge understatement. I ask you gamers- think of the possibilities and list them here. I have just given you a small idea, or a detail on what we can look forward too. Game ON Nintendo.

Final Fantasy Information

Final Fantasy III, one the most eagerly awaited titles for Nintendo Ds, has suffered a minor delay. Thank God it was merely a "minor" delay

The title was set for launch in America November 1st, but due to slight clash of release dates with another of Square-Enix’s highly anticipated titles; Final Fantasy V (GBA), the game has unfortunately been pushed back to November 14th. As long as this title comes out before the holiday season, I will be sound as a pound. I am eagerly awaiting this one with open arms. Check out the new trailer below.

What a Day

Wow what a day! I sincere apology for not updating the site today. I was busy all day and on top of that, it was my anniversary. We enjoyed a nice movie together (Accepted if anyone was asking) and dinner. Overall it was a great night so thanks for visiting during my brief absence.

What are you guys going to be playing this weekend? I have a buddy coming in from out of town, so I am sure we will be playing some DS and maybe Lego Star Wars (I have to get ready for the second one coming out). Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know what you will be playing this weekend. Anyone can comment so have fun! I will be updating as usual so keep it here. Game ON!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The King has Returned! Japanese Software Sales

Here are the Japanese software sales for last week. One thing that I noticed is that good old Mario is back on top. How long will his reign last??

1. NDS New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) - 117,706 / 2,731,934
2. NDS Tamagotchi Shop 2 (Bandai) - 66,564 / 334,875

3. PS2 Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (Ecole) - 64,980 / *NEW*
4. NDS More Brain Training (Nintendo) - 59,585 / 2,985,432
5. NDS Cooking Navi (Nintendo) - 57,257 / 290,960
6. NDS Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo) - 44,201 / 3,077,295
7. NDS Brain Training (Nintendo) - 38,954 / 2,688,146

8. PSP SD Gundam Generation G Portable (Bandai) - 36,592 / 192,227
9. PS2 Fist of the North Star Pachislot (Sega) - 33,951 / 116,507
10. NDS Kirarin * Revolution: Kira Kira Idol Audition (Konami) - 33,332 / *NEW


Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Red Steel Images!

This game is looking better and better.


Barnyard Wii Footage

Sonic Name Change in the Works?

Quick Update: According to the good guys at The Wiire, SEGA of Europe announced this week that the Wii exclusive Sonic game is getting a name change. Formerly called Sonic Wild Fire, the game will now have the title Sonic and the Secret Rings. The game's Arabian Nights theme may be the reason for the change. This Sonic title looks extremely promising and is going to be amazing to play.