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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Heatseeker Trailer

This looks pretty decent. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reserve Update

Quick Update: You can now reserve Dewy's Adventure for the Nintendo Wii at your local Gamestop stores. Game ON!


Space Station Tycoon

The following can be found on IGN. Here is an excerpt from their newest preview of the recently announced Space Station Tycoon:

February 27, 2007 - Namco Bandai Games revealed to IGN Wii on Tuesday that is planning to bring Space Station Tycoon, the latest in its series of Tycoon simulation titles, to Nintendo's new console. The game is developed by Wahoo Studios, whose last project was the well-received Outpost Kaloki X for Xbox Live Arcade, and Space Station Tycoon shares much in common with its predecessor. Players use the Wii remote to manage galactic space stations, all the while increasing their income. The game comes to life with a unique storyline that revolves around witty banter and humorous plot progression. Space Station Tycoon is set for a summer 2007 release on Wii.

Click here for the rest.

My Thoughts:

Add yet another game to Wii's library. This title looks rather interesting and I cannot wait to here more about the title. It is great to see Namco Bandai throw their hat into the ever growing 3rd party developer list that the Wii has.

I also have a feeling that this isn't the last announcement that we will here this week. Keep it locked to Gameonrevolution.

More Titles on The Way For Wii

The following is a report from Nwiizone.

Data Design Interactive Brings 6 new Titles to Wii

Data Design Interactive announce that they have secured developer status for Nintendo Wii, and are in the process of porting 6 of their leading titles for the Wii format, the first batch will include: Monster Trux Extreme: Offroad Edition, Urban Extreme, and the Myth Makers range of Super Kart GP, Billy the Wizard, Ninja Bread Man, and Elviz - Rock’n'Roll Adventure. These are due for release in second quarter 2007, DDI will follow these 6 with another 6 later in the year.

Billy the Wizard
It’s no fairytale when there’s an evil force around. Use your magical spells to attack evil dragons that have taken over the skies above ‘The Wizards Castle’. Or take part in the sorcerer’s ultimate challenge as you race alongside other wizards in the enchanting Broomstick Grand Prix.

Myth Makers Super Kart GP
Fantastic friendly fun and mad cartoon racing, rolled into lots of exciting challenges against characters, with unique abilities. Challenge your friends to leagues, cups or time trails or face a solo challenge to try to defeat the evil Mumbra.

Anubis II
The evil spirit has risen again and taken physical form. A ‘Pharaohs Curse’ has been placed over the fastest, strongest and most poisonous of Egypt’s inhabitants. The Gods have called on the only warrior that could rid the sands of these evil monsters and return peace to Egypt… The mighty Anubis.

Ninjabread Man
Candy Land is under attack! This once sweet and tasty land has been taken over by hordes of snapping Cup Cakes, Angry Bees and Jelly Monsters. Only one man can stop this evil army of monster cakes. He’s one tough cookie; a guy that won’t crumble under the pressure… ‘Ninjabread Man’ is here!

Monster Trux Extreme
This is the super-charged turbo-driven world of Monster Trux Extreme - you and your friends will be racing huge V8 powered Monster Trucks around rugged terrain, including islands and volcanoes. Race well and earn prize money, which you can use to unlock extra Trucks, levels and bonus features.

Elviz: Rock’n'Roll Adventures
Bash and Trash crazed instruments with Elviz’s legendary guitar, or strum those strings for a bolt of Sonic Power to blast away Deadly Drums, Run, Push, Swipe and Jump your way through the massive levels with moving objects, intelligent enemies and hidden rooms! Its time to Rock’n'Roll!

My Thoughts:
It's such a wonderful thing to see a ton of 3rd party support this early on in the Wii's lifecycle. It seems like every 3rd party, one way or another, has thrown their support Wii's way and it's only going to get better gamers. Since the Wii has already sold upwards of 5 million systems, it wont be long until we see everyone jumping on the Wii bandwagon. Stay tuned Nintendo fans. The grass is getting greener.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Slow News Update

Quick Update: Wow what a slow news day today huh? I am just posting this to tell you guys I am here, just nothing particularly interesting. Oh well, more time to play Wii. What have you guys been playing today? I'll be sure to keep my ears open.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gameonrevolution Podcast #7

It's live my good friends, please enjoy the show. And for all of you i-tuners out there, don't worry; an i-tunes feed is on the way! Game ON!

Click here, and enjoy. Leave us feedback in the comments section or on the forums.


Weekly Nintendude#1 Comic!

And now for another Saturday edition of Nintendude#1 comics! Enjoy, and don't forget our next podcast airs later tonight so stay tuned.


Shvitzel's Forever Blue Preview

Looks like Shvitzel has come through yet again with an amazing preview. Enjoy this lengthy, but incredible preview.

Nintendo has successfully launched the Wii now and sales show no sign of stopping anytime soon. And yet, we’ve now entered that drought of games that always occurs right after a system’s launch and usually begins in January for any console. However, the silver lining on this dark cloud is what will be coming by the end of 2007. We’ve got a big titles coming like Battalion Wars II, Super Mario Galaxy, Brawl, but the focus of this discussion will be a less known title, one that has been around since we first saw footage from Wii games. Today, we’ll be discussing:

Forever Blue

The game is published by Nintendo but developed by a small company in Japan called Arika. Arika was founded by former Capcom employees and brought a few Street Fighter games and Mega Man games to consoles. Oh, they also made some games called Everblue for the PS2, but more on that later.

Footage of Forever Blue was first seen in the big E3 video comprised of Wii games last year and again at the Nintendo conferences held around the world in September. This footage was significantly improved and offered some new sights, but still, the footage was limited to about eight seconds.

The game, to the public’s knowledge, takes place in the ocean or in the sea where you, a scuba diver, can interact with the animal life and investigate it. Footage of the game has shown our friendly character swimming amongst whale sharks and manta rays around beautiful coral backgrounds. There was also a small clip of footage with a first person perspective showing a fish around coral. The Wiimote is supposed to be used in a variety of ways to perform diving maneuvers, but no controls have been confirmed at this time.

Nintendo has said that the ocean and weather in the game will change depending on the time of day and season. This probably means that at different points of the day and during different seasons, you’ll be able to see different fish and marine life. You could compare this to being like the fishing in Animal Crossing. Also, the game will be featuring Wi-Fi so you and friends can meet up and dive together!

As I said earlier, Arika developed some games for the Playstation2: Everblue and Everblue 2. Do the names sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. IGN reported on this in early January and they believe that due to the history of Arika and the title of the game, Forever Blue will be either a direct sequel or a Wiimake of the game. The titles received minimal reviews from IGN, who said that the experience was very fun, "a sometimes beautiful scuba diving experience, but lacked character and story development." Perhaps this is Arika’s chance to redeem themselves while giving the Wii an exciting and innovative, although un-conventional title. But then again, isn’t that what the Wii is all about?

The game is due to hit in Japan in 2007 and it is presumed it will hit in the U.S. by 2007's end as well.

Now, I’m going to sit down with Kaiser_Glider to have a little discussion about this game. We each ask a question and then respond to the other’s response. It’s a little something new we’re trying in previews, so we’ll see how it goes. Let us know if you like the debate! So, I ask the first question:

Shvitzel: How do you think this will affect sales on the Wii? Will it draw in more nongamers? Attract traditional gamers?

Kaiser: I really don't see this title garnering much attention really, not from gamers, and not from non gamers. The problem with these kind of games is the lack of marketing and the fact that only people who are willing to search al of the information regarding the title will know it.

Shvitzel: That's an excellent point. This game has gone under the radar for this long and there is no evidence of that changing anytime soon. However, I feel that this has the potential to be a sleeper hit, something we saw a lot on the GCN. That might inspire people to pick it up a few years after it launch. Also, once we get more footage of it and Nintendo starts to comment more on it, the response to it might change.

Kaiser: Oh most definitely, if Nintendo decides to hype this game up then the response and the attention will go up; there is nothing wrong with sleeper hits, but I can't help but think that the lack of sales that these games have will affect the company, not developing a sequel, prequel or whatever, afterall without solid sales there is no future.

Shvitzel: I think that there always is the chance for the game to show up again. Everblue didn't sell well and it would appear that Arika is already trying again.

Kaiser: Yeah, and chances are this Forever Blue will be kind of a remake, or so it seems. The game has a lot of potential, IGN confirmed online play when the title was first announced and also it seems the graphics look amazing; this would make a title a little better known, but it doesn't seem that way.

Second question:

Kaiser: What makes this game interesting to you? Is is the fact that it's a different kind of game, is it the thought of exploring the vast ocean with friends, or what would you say has gotten your attention?

Shvitzel: I don't know what about it is so appealing but from the moment I first saw the video of it, I was so intrigued. I guess it is just because the title appears to be so un-conventional. It is different. It isn't what we've played time and time again. Wi-Fi sounds good and I'm sure it will be fun, but it's just the premise that has me so interested. I'm eagerly awaiting more news because everything I've heard this far has been only kept me interested.

Kaiser: The game really seems fun, in a not so conventional sort of way, similar to what the Touch Generations on the DS is doing, titles that are "out of the norm" per say, but turn out to be pretty fun. What has gotten me excited about Forever Blue is the fact of exploring the ocean, be it with a friend or alone, and maybe, just maybe take snapshots and send them to friends on my Wii Address Book, just like I told Kezay. As I said before the game has a lot of potential.

Shvitzel: I think they should be called Point Generations! It's un-conventional, but looks fun. That's just what Nintendo seems to have a lot of the time. Hopefully, titles like this will continue to pop up. Who knows what the next one will be....

So, what do you all think of this title? Interested, or would you rather have another more traditional title? Why are you interested if you are? Also, what are your responses to Kaiser and my conversation? Does this title have the power to attract nongamers or traditional gamers?

It seems like Nintendo was looking for a hit, and I think they found it. What about you?

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure scan, info


*New Gameonrevolution Podcast Coming Tonight!*



Cryptic Words From Matt C

A portion of Matt Casamassina’s latest blog post states some really interesting vague facts about upcoming unannounced projects that are making their way to Wii. Although nothing specific was discussed, he had some very positive things to say. Check it out:

There are some potentially crazy-awesome games coming down the pipeline for Wii, by the way. You guys have no idea. I know that’s vague — has to be, but I’ve seen some stuff that you simply have no idea even exists and frankly, if you did, you’d flip out. Comments like these have a way of backfiring on me and i’m sure some people will be annoyed that I’ve even brought up, since I’m unable to give even a hint about the projects in question. Others will undoubtedly say that I’m merely making crap up because there’s no way anybody can disprove statements that are intentionally so unrevealing. But whatev. I know that if I was in your position, I’d be happy just to know that some very cool, unexpected stuff is brewing somewhere way behind-the-scenes. I swear, when this stuff finally shows up, I’ll let you know that I blogged about it way back when. In the meantime, this is probably good material for the IGN Wii message boards......

...Next week should be fun. We've got some companies stopping by to show us some Wii games. We'll be announcing a new project or two during the week. Nothing earth-shattering-major, so don't hype yourselves up, but kind of neat all the same. And if we can ever actually play them, games like SSX will be reviewed. By the way, EA never announced its new Wii project, did it? That must be forthcoming, too

Keep it here and I promise we will keep you informed. Game ON.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Legend Of Zelda OOT on VC

Quick Update: In case you missed it, numerous websites are now reporting that The Legend of Zelda OOT will be making its way onto the VC THIS MONDAY! Looks like it's time to break out the credit cards......Again.

Discuss in Comments Section:
In your opinion, what was the best Zelda ever made?


Mario Party 8 Images

I have to say that when I heard that there was an 8th incarnation of the Mario Party series, I was indifferent. I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase the title but my opinion is quickly changing. Enjoy the screens below and let us know if you plan on getting the game.



New Sadness Artwork



Neo Geo coming to the Wii’s Virtual Console! More

The following report was from the good guys over at Codenamerevolution.

Nintendo has confirmed that in Japan, Neo Geo games will soon be available via the Wii’s virtual console in the coming months! The Neo Geo, a video game console from SNK, was one of the most expensive systems around that survived through a cult following with classics from King of Fighters to the Metal Slug series. It’s unknown how many Wii Points a Neo Geo title would cost, but even at 1200 Wii Points, it would easily be worth it as some games at the time cost around $200 and are selling for around $300 on eBay. With Neo Geo being supported, this proves to skeptics that the Wii’s architecture is in fact capable of handling Neo Geo emulation! It’s unknown as to when Neo Geo games will hit state-side and Europe.

Nintendo has also re-confirmed MSX games for the VC. The MSX was a system released in Japan that first brought the Metal Gear series.

My Thoughts:
"I'm speechless". Bring it to the states Nintendo. "Do it, do it, do it."


Site Updates

Hello gamers, how are you doing? This is just a quick post to keep you updated on the state of the website and what's in store in the months to come. This past month we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and we couldn't do it without you guys. A sincere "thank you" is extended your way and I promise, we have a lot more in store for you in the months to come.

Podcasts- Podcasts are alive and kicking and should be a weekly thing from here on out. We have a new co-host in Kevin, aka Kmaxx, that will no doubt provide excellent insight and keep you all well informed on everything that is Wii. No worries though gamers, I, Gary, aka Game On, will still be hosting the show and I am positive that Dave will make "guest" appearances on the show from time to time. Speaking of which, we be recording a brand new show tomorrow night and will be posted late Saturday (EST).

Our "Room of Doom" contest has passed and the winner is......NINPRO from our Official Forums page. Ninpro's "Room of Doom" was impressive to say the least and won himself a FREE copy of Brain Age and a nifty Reggie Wii T-Shirt. Good job man, your prize is on the way. Check out the screen below and click here for more of the winning room.

And Lastly......Let's Go Buffalo Sabres!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Forever Blue Screen

Here is a fresh new Forever Blue Screen to "Wet" your appetite. This one looks promising and with rumored online play, this may be a sleeper hit whenever Nintendo decides to release it. What do you guys think?



Impressive New BWii Screens!

Is it just me or does the game look like it's going to be on a much bigger scale than previously expected? Look at the draw distance!

**Also Don't Forget to Tune In to our podcast!**



January Wii Graphs

As we can see, every one's favorite anti-hero has done well for himself in the month of January taking the top spot on the Nintendo Wii library. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves sold an impressive 202,000 copies in only two weeks!

The Legend of Zelda trailed behind the evil Wario with 190,000 units sold. The title has already sold 1.1 million copies in the America's alone and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Capping off the rest of the top 5 was Ubi-soft's Rayman, EA's Madden 2007 and Red Steel.

Keep it up gamers, let's show these 3rd parties what Nintendo is made of.



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Godzilla Unleashed on IGN!

I swear one day Gameonrevolution will get all the cool, new information on titles that are coming out for every one's favorite console Wii, but for now though head over to IGN and check out all new news on Godzilla.

The game is supposed to be release later this year and it's already showing a tremendous amount of promise. Enjoy gamers.


Interesting Find...

A Super Mario Brothers Rubix Cube? Sign me up, I want one! If they ever brought this bad boy over here, would you guys purchase it?

**Don't forget our Podacast! Enjoy the Show!



Eyeshield 21 boxart



January Console Sales - Nintendo’s Official Press Release

Following a story that was run earlier on the site, Nintendo's official press release has been....released. Read it below.

Nintendo’s new Wii™ has become the best-selling video game system of any kind in January in the United States, and the fastest-selling new-generation home system. According to the independent NPD Group, Wii sold through 435,503 systems to customers in its January reporting period. By comparison, that’s 70 percent higher than any other new video game system in its first January of availability during the last 10 years.

In addition, Nintendo DS™ once again triumphed as the top-selling portable system, with nearly 239,000 hardware and more than 2.4 million software units sold. In combination, Nintendo game systems accounted for nearly as many unit sales (46 percent of the total market) as those of all other manufacturers combined.

The continuing success of Wii and DS demonstrates that the public has embraced Nintendo’s philosophy of entertaining current gamers in new ways, and expanding gaming for the masses. Four of the top 10 best-selling games in January were for Nintendo systems, both home and portable.

The only limit on Nintendo’s success is the availability of Wii and DS systems, which continue to sell out as fast as Nintendo can ship them. Shipments are being made continuously to feed the huge demand around the country.

New Super Paper Mario Screens

Below are some new shots of Super Paper Mario to hold you over until its April release. Only a couple of month out gamers. Game ON.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New SSX Blur Screens

Wow. I am now officially getting this title. I know graphics do not make a game but man these look good don't they? Enjoy.

**Also don't forget to listen to our new podcast!**



Wii outsells PS3, 360 in January in USA

The numbers are now coming in from the NPD Group and the innovative Nintendo Wii has officially managed to outsell Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3. 436,000 units were sold during the month of January in the United States alone with no slow down in sight. The Xbox 360 sold 294,000 units while the Playstation 3 sold a measly 244,000 units.

Would you say Round 1 goes to Nintendo?

Monday, February 19, 2007

New Screens of One Piece

Quality comes in many different forms on Nintendo's innovative console doesn't it? The title is expected to hit Japan on the 26th of April.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A New GameOnRevolution Podcast!

Yes you read the headline correctly gamers. It's been a long time coming but we have finally recorded a New Podcast and its already up and running.

Click here and enjoy the show gamers! As always we look forward to hearing your comments on the show. Give us some feedback in the comments section and let us know what was good and what needs improvement.

This introduces a new co-host and discusses our Wii experience and upcoming titles. I am happy to announce that we are officially back so enjoy!

(An i-tunes feed will be up soon. Game ON!)


Sonic TV Spot


Cosmic Family Box Art

Full Name: Cosmic Family
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Children’s Entertainment
Developer: Ubisoft Barcelona
Release date: March 1st 2007

Key Features
. Fun intuitive gameplay using the Wii controller changed as a magic wand to interact and play with the various characters
. More than 200 interactive animations, both audio and visual, in each floor of the rocket
. 15 early-learning mini games featuring several levels: you can pilot the rocket into the space, see what the stars are hiding, draw and colour hysterical images, customize rooms, clean the monsters teeth, dress up and do the characters hair, take care of plants from seeds to flowers and much more…

Bonus : find the hidden surprise in the rocket
. Original and colorful graphics
. Great fun for learning and testing your skills

Tales of the Abyss, Tales of the Harmony Wiibound?

Rumour has it that Namco-Bandai will announce this Monday (presidents day) that Tales of the Abyss and Tales of the Harmony will be heading to the Nintendo Wii. As of right now nothing has been confirmed but it seems Jeux-France is positive that these are the games to be announced on Monday.

If this story comes true, it will give the Wii some much needed RPG support. Keep it here and we will keep you updated. Game ON.

President's Day Palooza!

Hello gamers, check this out! Our good friends over at NES Online are holding a Presidents Day Palooza! Check out the info below and show your support and make sure you drop by. Thanks again for the e-mail Havortexdude, and good luck!

This Monday, in an effort to gain more members, make NES Online more active, and provide something for people to do on their day off from school, I am holding something I call the NES Online President's Day Palooza. The President's Day Palooza starts this Monday at 10 am eastern time until 10 pm eastern time. Here are the scheduled events:

10 am to 12 noon: The festivites end with some online gaming. You got everyone's friend codes and Wii Numbers earlier so go in the NES Online Chatroom and arrange a game.

12 noon to 2 pm: Break time. Eat Lunch, or do something else. I will be gone from 12 to 3, anyways.

2 pm to 3:30 pm: Get your DS or DS Lite ready and go near your Wii. It's time to get in the NES Online Chatroom and exchange Wii Numbers and Friend Codes.

3:30 pm to 5 pm: Post like crazy! Post in every topic you can and try to rank up once, twice, or more than that.

5 pm to 8 pm: Take a break and eat dinner or whatever else you n eed to do.

8 pm to 10 pm: The festivities end with a Special Chat in the NES Online Chatroom. We will have people from various gaming websites/blogs attend.

If everything goes well, it should be a fun day. It may be President's Day, but we don't have to celebrate the Presidents of the US. In fact, we're going to celebrate the Presidents of Nintendo, like Satoru Iwata and the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime. It's going to be a great day, so please tell everyone you can about this special day. I can't wait!

For more details on the Palooza, go here.

For the link to NES Online, go here.



Friday, February 16, 2007

Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn Controls

Above are the control Options of the Nintendo Wii game Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn. It seems as though Nintendo is giving us a plethora of choices when it comes to controlling this title...Now if they could only give us a release date.

A New Day, A New Poll!

Quick Update: We have just updated our polls asking you gamers how many Wii titles do you currently own. Vote Now!


New Mortal Kombat Screens

Discuss in Comments Section:
Do you think Mortal Kombat has lost its luster, or do you welcome each and every title?


First Zorro Wii Screenshots

The first screenshots for the Wii's "The Destiny of Zorro" were released today from game developer Pronto Games and publisher, 505 Games. I am unsure on how I feel about the title's graphical approach. I guess I was hoping for a more "Prince of Persia" look. Take a look and let me know what you guys think.



SSX Blur Screens

I love everything that is going on in the screens! This one looks to be amazing and is coming out real soon. Man I need more money.....