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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wii Mockup for Sale

If you head over to ebay you can now bid on a Nintendo Wii mockup. Happy bidding gamers!

ARTISTS: DESIGN A BANNER FOR THIS SITE, WIN A DS GAME FREE! All you have to do is create an amazing work of art and you are automatically entered. Simply design what you think everyone should see the minute they enter the site. If your design is picked, you win a free Nintendo DS game of choice (game must be readily available). The size must be 722W X 242H or in that range.

GT's Top 10 Weapons

Pretty good watch. I especially like the number 2 weapon. Enjoy.

Nintendo Wii Photo Shoot

Pic Source

Wii vs PS3

In the right corner we have Sony's ubber expensive, blue ray playing PS3. In the left corner we have Nintendo's 5th console into the console wars, the innovative Nintendo Wii. Who will win the battle?

Pic Source

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chat Live Now!

Hey guys welcome to the site. Click on the "chat live" button on the right side and chat LIVE with gamers across the world. It is just one of the new features that you will find here at Gameonrevolution. Once you sign in you can change your name to whatever you want. Check it out! It's an all new way of communicating with each other. Let us know what you think and get chatting! Game ON.

Contest Update!

OK guys here's a design that was submitted by SOLE for our banner contest. Great work so far and keep them coming! What do you guys think? Think you can do better? Submit your entries now and you automatically enter to win a free DS game of choice! Send your banner designs to

Wii Front Flap Exposed

No time machine, no holograms, no black hole.

Pic Source

DS Web Browser to Send Demo's?

Here's a nice little rumor that has floated into my ear. I am now hearing that the Nintendo DS web browser may give users the ability to download demo's right onto the system very similar to what XBOX 360 is doing. Is there anything that the Nintendo DS can't do? As always, we will keep you updated!


New Wii-Mote Photo's

Hey guys check this out! We all cannot wait to get our hands on Nintendo Wii's innovative, motion sensoring, amazingly cool controller but I was unaware how tiny the wii-mote will be. Take a gander at the picture and see how truly small the wii-mote will be. The picture on the right places a GBA micro and a wii-mote in a wonderful side by side comparison. Pretty nifty huh?

Project Hacker DS Trailer

Quick Update: Click Here to view an all new project hacker trailer for the Nintendo DS. The game looks quit promising and is worth the click. Let us know what you think about the trailer in our comments section. Keep it here gamers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Site Upgrades

NOW you chat with Reggie Fils-Aime from this site.*

Another site upgrade has hit the world of Gameonrevolution and what an upgrade! Click on the "Chat Now" and be instantly connected with other gamers and discuss whatever comes up! It is a great way to get connected and stay connected! I too will be popping on and I look forward to hearing from you. Tell your friends and get chatting! Game ON!

*The ability to chat with Reggie is only possible if Reggie actually visits this site.

Banner Contest Update!

We have started to see some submissions for our banner contest and man are they good! Don't fret- you still have time! Simply design a banner for this site and send it to I will be posting submissions all week so stay tuned and keep sending them in!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, we here at Gameonrevolution are running a little contest. We are challenging artists to create us a brand spankin' new banner for the site. Send us your work and you will win a FREE Nintendo DS game of choice* (game must be readily available). Get crackin' and we look forward to your submissions!

Final Fantasy Art

Pic Source

Flipper Critters DS Video

This game seems like it could be a blast to play! The company announced that the game would be coming out sometime in September in Europe, however there is no US date as of yet. I will keep you updated.


More Wii Information Tomorrow?

**Quick Rumor**- Here is an interesting rumor that is floating around the internet that is sure to spread like wild fire. Apparently there may be a Wii meeting tomorrow, (June 29th), that will be held in Japan. During this meeting more details about our favorite new generation system may be divulged. I will file this one under RUMOR but I will do some more digging and see what I can find out. Keep it here folks, it may be an interesting couple of days.


DS Atlus RPG Scans

A scan from an upcoming DS RPG project from developer Atlus has hit. The game is titled "Sekaiju no Meikyu". This marks another great RPG on the way for the system. Unfortunately no translation has been given, but check out the scan for some RPG eye candy. The game looks great to me.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Medal of Honor Concept Images

Looks like Wii will have its fair share of war games. We'll keep you updated!

Pic Source

As Promised, New Poll up and Running!

Ok guys there is a new poll up and running. Vote Now and let us know what you want to play on Nintendo's 5th console Wii. Have fun and I look forward to the results! If you have an idea for a poll, let us know! Hit up the comment section and let us know what you want to hear.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS- Design a banner for our site and win a Nintendo DS game of choice*! Here at Gameonrevolution, we are in desperate need of a new banner. That's where you come in! Simply give us your best design on what you think our banner should look like and if we dig it, YOU WIN. It's that simple. Tell your friends, make a design up and put your creative minds to the test. We look forward to seeing your submissions. E-mail your submissions at:

Tabel Tennis Wii?

The following story was taken from the good guys at Go Nintendo:

NGCFrance is reporting that Take-Two has vowed their support for Nintendo Wii. Speculation on titles such as their sports lineup of games (Top Spin, NHL2K, NBA2K ect.) is now taking foot, and most of these titles have a fair chance of heading to the Wii. While we have already heard that Take-Two was interested in the Wii after E3, it is still good to hear a confirmation coming from their president.

The other half of the rumor states that Rockstar Games is bringing Table Tennis to the Wii. This title is already out for the 360, which is selling rather well. The table tennis gameplay lends itself perfectly to the Wiimote. While nothing is definite, the team at Rockstar is very excited with the possiblity of this project.

Big props to GoNintendo for this one. As always, we will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

Sonic Turns 15!

Happy Birthday Sonic! June 23rd marks your 15th birthday!

Vote Now!

Today is the last day for our inaugural poll. After today we will place a brand spankin' new poll on the right hand side of the site. Vote Now and let us know who you want to see in the new Super Smash Bros. game. Right now it looks as though Sonic is winning having 50% of the votes. Who will win? You Decide and VOTE NOW!

If anyone wants to see a specific question asked, let us know and we'll put it up. Tomorrow's poll will be different so check back and let us know what you want to vote on. I'll be updating all day and reading the comments so keep it here. Game ON!

Pink DS lite Coming Your Way

It seems as though Nintendo DS lite will see a color change in the land of the rising sun. Pink is the new choice for Nintendo. This is just another reason for the Japanese to go gaga for our innovative system that could. Japan mark your calenders for July 21 because that's when this one is coming. Thanks to
GONintendo for the heads up.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Final Fantasy Screens


Rayman Teaser Site Opens

Quick Update: Click here and view the teaser site for Wii's upcoming Rayman game. I'm still on the fence about picking this one up. The humor alone makes it intriguing to me. Are you guys going to pick it up?

One Piece Grand Fishing

Is anyone else digging the art style of this game? Thanks GONintendo for the footage.

Panzer Tactics Screens

Pic Source

Check out the trailer for the game here

Disruptive Development; Game ON's Rant

What happens when think "outside of the box" and do something totally different? What happens when you re-name your 5th console something totally unique, something totally different, something so bizarre? What happens when you gather the most recognizable characters in video game history and place them on one system? What happens when you take an idea or a vision, and make individuals "feel" the game with an innovative controller? What happens?

You end up with a product that will push the envelope on how we as gamers play games today. You end up with something that disrupts the norm and places ideas or innovations at the front end of their innovative operation. You see gamers, Nintendo Wii is not Nintendo's 5th console into the everlasting console wars. It's so much more than that. It is a different approach and is going to fundamentally change the way "wii" play games. Nintendo are the pioneers of innovation and they have been, we'll say "mimicked", for their accomplishments. I truly cannot wait to see how Nintendo will fair this time around in the console wars.

Embrace innovation and buy the revolution of gaming on day 1. We will be here with full impressions and would love to hear your stories on launch day. God knows- I am already gearing up for this holiday season. We'll see you on Wiiconnect 24. GAME ON and thanks for stopping by.

Avatar Footage

In case you missed it, here is some Avatar Wii footage. I dont really know what to make of it.

width="425" height="350">

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nintendo Video, Must Watch! Gangsta!

This one is a classic! Let me know what you think.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

DS Can't Get Enough of Mario

This news was found from the good guy at Infendo. They report that;

When asked in an interview with GameDaily whether Nintendo is "looking to do another 3-D Mario on DS," co-series director Takashi Tezuka replied: "Well I'd love to! [laughs] I can't say anything more than that."

He can't say anything more 'cause he wants to, has already asked Nintendo to, and got shot down by management for now? Or the project has already started, and he's not involved yet?

With the recent run away success of the New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS, a new Mario title would seem appropriate. Will this be the first time in years that we will see 3 Mario games on one system? We will keep you updated as usual.

Weekend Fun

What are you guys playing this weekend? I just got done playing some 4 player Super Smash and it was a blast! The gaming hasn't stopped there either; I let one of my friends kids play brain age and she was hooked! Thank you Nintendo for doing something different. Thank you for innovating the game arena. What's going on in your gaming world? Enjoy your weekend! I will be updating as usual and hanging out with friends and family. GAME ON!!

**Artists- please remember to send your submissions for our new banner to Remember the winner will get a readily available Nintendo DS game of choice. I look forward to seeing your submissions. For those who have no clue what I am talking about, we here at Gameonrevolution are running a contest that challenges you artists into making a brand spankin' new banner for the site. Submissions must be sent to the e-mail above so get crackin'!**

Friday, June 23, 2006

Elektroplankton Wii

Nintendo of Europe had the chance to interview Toshio Iwai, the developer of Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS. He says that he is very interested in Nintendo's 5th consloe Wii. Here is what he had to say;

NoE: Do you have another project in progress for Nintendo ? Perhaps would you be interested to create something for the future Wii console?

Toshio Iwai: I am thinking of it.

A simple quote, or a sign of things to come? We will be here to bring you the update!


Star Fox DS Package

WiFi Starfox! Look for this game in August.

*Artists- think you can do better? Design us a banner for the site and you will get a DS game of choice! Read the contest post below and get designing!*

Nintendo Evolution

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Calling All Artists!

We are in need of a new banner! We here at GameON think a little face lift is in the works for our site and it all starts with a brand spankin' new banner. That's where you guys come in! We are currently looking for a talented artist to create a new banner for our site. Your work will be featured on the site, and your name will appear in front of MILLIONS (well, maybe not millions) of viewers that come to this site everyday. For the winning artist, I will personally buy a Nintendo DS game for whomever comes up with the best work. If I cannot decide which one to choose, I will leave it up to you guys, the readers, and have you cast your votes as to what our new banner should be. Please e-mail your submissions to Thanks again and get cracking!

(1)-Nintendo DS game will be awarded to the winner. The Nintendo DS game will be of your choosing that is readily available at my nearest game store. GAME ON!

Hilarious Zelda Video

I don't care if it's repetitive, it's still funny!

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales May 29-June 4


1 DS New Super Mario Bros. 334,208
2 DS Brain Training 2 56,470
3 DS Brain Training 40,211
4 DS Metroid Prime: Hunters 32,467

5 PS2 World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 31,600
6 DS Tetris DS 29,209
7 DS Animal Crossing: Wild World 28,552
8 DS English Training 25,997

9 PS2 Jikkyou Powerful Major League 20,852
10 PSP Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable 15,640


DSL 135,614
PSP 24,595
PS2 18,513
GBASP 4,364
GBM 1,270
360 1,245
DS 1,159
GC 798
Xbox 43
GBA 30


Opera Box Shots

Pic Source

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Need for Speed Carbon Trailer

You can already preorder this one for Nintendo Wii! Looking pretty good.

New Kirby Images

Thanks GoNintendo

Mario Reigns Supreme

According to the console sales chart, the New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo DS took first place from Sony's Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Second through fifth places on the chart were as follows; Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, Big Brain academy, and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow respectively. Castlevania was not even in the top ten last week, but somehow has shot up to fourth place. If anyone has hints as to why, please let us know.

Another DS title that climbed up the charts was the extremely fun Mario Kart DS, sitting at number seven. The other five spots were 2006 FIFA World Cup for both PS2 and Xbox, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Hitman: Blood Money, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

It seems that DS titles are still selling strongly and have maintained their presence in the United States as well as Japan. It is great to see how people have been responding to the DS. In my opinion, it is one of the best systems ever and it's only going to get better. A strong lineup of games steadily coming out marks another great year for Nintendo's DS.

Minor Site Updates

Hey guys just giving you a quick update on some site updates that are in the process and that have already been happening around your GameON site. First- we recently added polls to the right side of the screen. Please vote away and if you want to see a specific poll conducted, give us some ideas as to what we can ask you for opinions and we will be glad to add it to the next poll. The current one up and running asks which character should Nintendo include in the upcoming Wii fighter Super Smash Bros.. Brawl., so be heard and as P-Diddy used to say, VOTE OR DIE!

Secondly- With the popularity of podcasts sweeping the "internets" now-a-days, we are definitely looking into this area as a way to express our voice and extend our thoughts and opinions to our loyal readers. Look for this enhancement for the site to come in the near future. We have been looking at adding this feature since day one and now we are ready to move forward. All topics will be discussed so stay tuned.

Finally we would just like to sincerely thank all of you who come to the site every day and support us. Your comments help keep us running and we truly look forward to reading each and every one of them. If you are new to the site, welcome. If you are a loyal reader "thanks". Anyone can leave a comment in the comment section so talk away. Please let me know what you to see in the coming months ahead. Leave us a comment on this post and I will take everything to heart. Remember this is your site, so lets hear from you. Thanks. Stay here, more updates to come! Game ON!

Nintendo Wii Development Kits CHEAP!

We all knew that Nintendo Wii was going to be user friendly and a nice and cheap alternative to 3rd party developers but I didn't know how cheap. Nintendo held a Q&A at the company’s recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing. One of the things discussed was development kits for third party developers. Nintendo said that they plan to get many more third party developers on board than they did with the GameCube, and they’ll do that by offering low prices. Here is what Nintendo had to say:

Nintendo hopes to provide third-parties with development kits for as low as $1,732.

Other companies such as Sony's PlayStation 3 kit is rumored to cost somewhere between $30,000 and $50.000. What an extreme difference in price. I know if I was a 3rd party developer, I would be standing in line waiting for my new Wii kit to arrive. Who knows, "GAME ON" the game...Could happen right? More to come so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by and checking us out.


New Metroid Corruption Info

A load of intriguing information has hit the latest Nintendo Power. An interview with Metroid Prime 3's producer and director have revealed a few updates on the final Prime game for Nintendo Wii. Here are the highlights;

-Samus can go into "hyper mode" as she did in Super Metroid (SNES) at any time for enhanced abilities although increasing your chances of dying.
-Cinematic improvements from previous additions with the Wii hardware being more powerful to work with than the GameCube.

-Larger environments, bloom lighting, improved animations and more.

-Samus can remotely control her ship - lifting huge objects, bombing, area scanning

-Nunchuck can be used as a grapple with flicking motion.

-No Multiplayer will be included in the game, but Connect24 will be used.

-Corruption will be the last in the Prime series, although Metroid will continue to be expanded and taken forward.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Great IGN Update

The good guys over at IGN have a great read on new details about Nintendo Wii. Everything from Wii to Gameboy Micro was discussed. Here is what they had to say;

June 20, 2006 - So you said you wanted reading material? Well we've got some for you. Earlier today a transcript of Nintendo of Japan's latest corporate management briefing went live on its official site, showcasing over 20 questions about the company policy in regards to nearly every aspect of Nintendo's future. Everything from Micro sales, DS marketing and Wii hopes are covered in this monstrous Q&A session, which is currently the biggest chunk of info released to the public since E3 2006 earlier last month. Click here for the rest.

Final Fantasy III News

Quick Update: The new Final Fantasy that will be releasing later this year for Nintendo DS, is now going to have Wi-Fi connection. This news gives Nintendo's popular online service another AAA title. November seems to be the release month for the game and it sure looks stunning. Thanks to GO Nintendo for the news. As always, we will be sure to keep you updated. Here's to another stellar year for Nintendo DS. Below is the trailer for the game.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Screens

Something about monkeys rolling around in spheres just works and is a blast to play. I cannot wait for this one.

Pic Source

New Nintendo Magazine on the Way

Future is launching a monthly Nintendo games magazine, NGamer, next month. The "unofficial" magazine is the first UK title to focus on Nintendo’s latest games system, Wii, and the million-selling DS handheld console. I hope that we can pick this one up at our local Walden Books soon. It's nice to see some other publications covering only Nintendo news. Keep it here, I'll be updating all day.


Monday, June 19, 2006


New Releases This Week

Here are the releases that are coming this week for Nintendo Platforms. Overall it's going to be a low week.

Game Boy Advance

none this week

Nintendo DS

June 20 - Break 'Em All
June 20 - Sudoku Mania


none this week

Here is a preview of Break 'Em All

That's all she wrote~!


Super Paper Mario Videos

And the second one.

Does anyone else think that this new "formula" just works for a Mario game? The animated sprites and the 2 dimensional world are candy for my eyes. I absolutely cannot wait for this game to come out. Game ON Nintendo!

Wii Flexes its Graphic Muscle?

Better graphics than what we have seen from Wii? That is exactly what Cubed3 is reporting. Here is what they had to report;

MoSys, Inc. (Nasdaq:MOSY), the industry's leading provider of high-density system-on-chip (SoC) embedded memory solutions, today announced that Nintendo's upcoming Wii video game console uses MoSys' patented 1T-SRAM technology to implement the very high performance memory within the Wii console's graphics system.

This is the latest result from the more than six-years-long technical collaboration between the two companies. Previous generations of MoSys' 1T-SRAM technology were incorporated in Nintendo's earlier game console, the Nintendo GameCube, in 1999, and shipped in multi-million quantities. The newest 1T-SRAM implementations embedded within the Wii console are fabricated using NEC Electronics' advanced 90nm CMOS-compatible embedded DRAM process technology. These high speed and ultra low latency memories are used as the main embedded memory on the graphics chip and in an additional external memory chip.

"We are pleased that Nintendo has again chosen our 1T-SRAM to power their latest generation game console," said Chet Silvestri, chief executive officer at MoSys, Inc.

"Designing the Wii console required an incredible list of breakthroughs in technology and innovation. The performance delivered by MoSys' 1T-SRAM technology is an important element of our solution," said Genyo Takeda, Senior Managing Director, General Manager, Integrated Research & Development Division at Nintendo. "The graphic performance of Wii benefits from MoSys' ability to develop highly innovative and dependable embedded memory products

As always we will keep you updated so keep it here.

Excite Truck High Res

Hey guys check out this high res shot of Wii's upcoming racer, excite truck. Looking good to me.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Nintendo Wii Patents

Nintendo has registered a group of names in Japan that all pertain to the company's upcoming console, Wii.

They are (drum roll please): WiiPointer, WiiCulture, and !!M.

While there are no details on what the names mean as of right now, it's safe to say WiiPointer probably has something to do with the remote control (or one of its functions) for the system.

WiiCulture suggests a possible name or service for Nintendo's online system, "Connect 24".

Perhaps the most intruiging of all is !!M, which is the word Wii turned upside down. Pronouncing it may be tricky (bringing back memories of the artist Prince's symbol-name), but it has been speculated that the name pertains to a rumored instant messaging service Nintendo might include with the Wii's online service. As always I will keep you updated. Speculate now and welcome to the site. Leave one in the comment section.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend Fun

Hello and welcome to another addition of "weekend fun". This is where I ask you, our devoted readers, what you will be playing this weekend? Personally, I am going to try and start Lego Star Wars. I may be busy though because one of my best buds had a baby! I will also be posting my friend codes soon so keep it here and we will see if you guys can beat me in Mario Kart or Metroid Hunters. GAME ON! Leave one in the comment section and let us know what are your plans for this weekend.

*If anyone out there wants to design a logo for our "weekend fun" edition, there will be a prize to whom comes up with the coolest, original, most innovative design. Shoot me an e-mail ( with your submissions. Free Nintendo stuff will come your way.*

Give the Gift of Game

Nintendo is really pushing the envelope on Brain Age advertising. Looks like the "blue ocean" strategy is in full swing.


Please Watch this Goldeneye Video

Huge props to Citizen Wii for posting this one! If you haven't checked out his quality site, be sure to click on the link and check it out. Let him know that Game ON sent him! The video is absolutely hilarious. Great find Citizen!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Super Paper Mario Super Screens!