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Monday, June 26, 2006

Disruptive Development; Game ON's Rant

What happens when think "outside of the box" and do something totally different? What happens when you re-name your 5th console something totally unique, something totally different, something so bizarre? What happens when you gather the most recognizable characters in video game history and place them on one system? What happens when you take an idea or a vision, and make individuals "feel" the game with an innovative controller? What happens?

You end up with a product that will push the envelope on how we as gamers play games today. You end up with something that disrupts the norm and places ideas or innovations at the front end of their innovative operation. You see gamers, Nintendo Wii is not Nintendo's 5th console into the everlasting console wars. It's so much more than that. It is a different approach and is going to fundamentally change the way "wii" play games. Nintendo are the pioneers of innovation and they have been, we'll say "mimicked", for their accomplishments. I truly cannot wait to see how Nintendo will fair this time around in the console wars.

Embrace innovation and buy the revolution of gaming on day 1. We will be here with full impressions and would love to hear your stories on launch day. God knows- I am already gearing up for this holiday season. We'll see you on Wiiconnect 24. GAME ON and thanks for stopping by.