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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nintendo Wii Development Kits CHEAP!

We all knew that Nintendo Wii was going to be user friendly and a nice and cheap alternative to 3rd party developers but I didn't know how cheap. Nintendo held a Q&A at the company’s recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing. One of the things discussed was development kits for third party developers. Nintendo said that they plan to get many more third party developers on board than they did with the GameCube, and they’ll do that by offering low prices. Here is what Nintendo had to say:

Nintendo hopes to provide third-parties with development kits for as low as $1,732.

Other companies such as Sony's PlayStation 3 kit is rumored to cost somewhere between $30,000 and $50.000. What an extreme difference in price. I know if I was a 3rd party developer, I would be standing in line waiting for my new Wii kit to arrive. Who knows, "GAME ON" the game...Could happen right? More to come so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by and checking us out.