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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bob Ross Game Official?

I have been very reluctant to post this news but apparently there is a Bob Ross game in development for Nintendo's Revolution. For those who don't know, Bob Ross was a famous painter that has passed away. If those bodes to be true, this would definitely be a true innovation in the gaming community. Not since Mario Paint have we seen this "type" of game. Again- with all of the April Fools jokes that are for sure going to be going around, I was reluctant to post this story. Thanks to the good guys over at gonintendo for the confirmation. Why do I suddenly want this game real bad?

Sony to Copy Nintendo AGAIN!

Sony computer entertainment cannot come up with their own original idea or innovation to save their lives. First-A blatant rip-off of Nintendogs will be nosing its way onto the PSP by years end; now, Sony has stated that they too will do a "brain training" game and it will come out on PSP. Come on now this is getting out of hand! What's next Super Maria Sisters? Hold your head up high SONY, you are a true innovator when it comes to handhelds. Thanks DS for original, innovative, and amazing games.


Tomb Raider Gamecube Bound?

Crystal Dynamics-developed Tomb Raider Legend has been confirmed by Eidos in its interim financial report as coming to the GameCube, Nintendo DS AND Game Boy Advance later in summer 2006 after its intial 7th April European launch on other home consoles. Gamecube might still have some life left in it after all. Thanks Crystal Dynamics.


April Fools Jokes; Not Here

Ever here some really juicy rumor and run and tell all of your friends that what is coming out is going to blow all other systems away. Ever have that day where you think you got some really great news then later find out that the hot new video game news that you just heard was a mere April Fools joke designed to get your hopes up? I am just writing to you to tell you that this site will not be playing any April fools jokes this year. That might disappoint some, but I never want to deliberately give wrong information, no matter what day it is. I am dedicated to giving you guys all the facts and speculation and not to get your hopes up for false information. (Trust me I will be playing enough jokes on everyone else). So keep it here for April fool-less updates today and tomorrow. Game ON and thanks for stopping by!

Mario VS Luigi Matrix Style!

I love fan made videos. Check out this one and let me know what you think. Is Mario "The One?" video here. If anyone out there is into making their own video game related videos, e-mail me. We would love to post your stuff and give you some exposure.

Super Mario Pushed Back Again!

Just posting a quick update on our new Mario for the DS. Super Mario Bros. DS will now be coming in on May 21st. We'll keep you updated on any more date changes. While you're waiting, be sure to check out the teaser site for some cool wallpapers and more info.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Revolution Specs

Ign has posted possible revolution specs. Here is a comparison of what they posted and actual numbers from different systems;


Revolution: 729 MHz
GameCube: 485 MHz
XBox: 733 MHz
XBox 360: 3.2 GHz

Revolution: 243 MHz
GameCube: 162 MHz
XBox: 233 MHz
In addition, "Hollywood" chip includes GPU, DSP, I/O Bridge, and 3 MBs of texture memory. The GPU is not expected to feature added shader features.
Overall System Memory:

Revolution: 88 MBs RAM (24 MBs of main 1T-SRAM and 64 MBs of external 1T-SRAM)
GameCube: 40 MBs RAM
XBox: 64 MBs RAM
XBox 360: 512 MBs RAM
Playstation 3: 512 MBs RAM

It's exactly what Nintendo has been saying all along. They are not going to push the envelope with "processing power". They are going to innovate the gameplay not the graphics. Besides-looking at zelda twilight princess and imagining 2-3 times more powerful than that means AMAZING graphics.

Revolution Games SOON!

Keep it here gamers. Soon, real soon, we will hear something. Numerous websites have declared that we will be hearing more and more about games and our beloved system itself. It looks like its going to be happening sooner rather than later. Keep it here guys and gals. Our Revolution is almost here!
Ign,Gonintendo, and nintendo-revolution.blogspot, have all CONFIRMED this.

Twlight Surpsires

Web site HM-Fusion posted an interview conducted at the recent Game Developers Conference with Eiji Anonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where he talks about the game's secret relationship to Nintendo's next-generation console, code-named Revolution.

When asked if the extra year of production on Twilight Princess had anything to do with support for Revolution's freestyle controller, Aonuma responded that the game "will be utilising the Revolution hardware, although not in a way many will expect." Nintendo has mentioned that other secrets about Revolution have yet to be revealed, with Aonuma's comment suggesting that Twilight Princess might utilize one of these mysterious functions. E3 is almost a month out and it cannot come fast enough. Your thoughts? What is this mysterious new feature that could be featued in Nintendo's 5th console?

The above story was taken from the great guys at Thanks and Game ON!

Check it out!!

It's zelda+Pac-Man; it's ZELDMAN! here.


Sorry for the lack of updates today guys. I have been having computer issues all day but I should be up and running. Thanks for you patience. Have no fear- We're back!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Geometry Wars Developer interested in Revolution

For those who haven't played geometry wars, geometry wars is a highly addictive, very simple game for the XBOX 360. Some are even calling it the $4.00 killer app for the system. The game features simple controls yet challenging gameplay much like the classic hit vein asteroids. There is a rumor according to this quality site, that the developer of the game may in fact be interested in Nintendo's 5th console; codenamed Revolution. Only time will tell for this rumor but if it does happen, rack up another quality title coming our way. We'll keep you posted.

Metroid Prime Hunters Tournament

If anyone is going to be in NYC on April 2 2006 (this Sunday), Nintendo will be holing a "Battle in the plaza" Tournament at 1:00 pm. The game featured will be the newly released Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS. Head over to for full details. If anyone is going, e-mail me. I would love to post pictures form the event but I am unable to attend.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Another day, another good find. If you are like me, I am constantly looking for someone new to play online through Nintendo WiFi. Gamers I may have the answer. I was cruising the internet and came across This site is a quality site that organizes tournaments for all of your DS Wi-Fi needs. Go check them out or click on the side link. There are a ton of gamers out there waiting to play you over Wi-Fi. Let them know we sent you. Game ON!

(Image from

Odama Site Open

Just a quick update, the Odama site is now up and running. Go check it out.

Monday, March 27, 2006

No Global Launch for Revolution

Nintendo has stated recently that they have no plans for a world wide launch of their upcoming 5th cosole; codenamed Nintendo Revolution. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that just because the competition might be doing it,(Sony), they have no plans to follow in their footsteps. Iwata told the Taipei Times that he doesn't "think it's necessary to do the simultaneous worldwide launch [with Revolution] simply because others are doing this." His statement comes in response to both Sony and Microsoft who attempted - or in Sony's case, will be attempting - a simultaneous global launch with their next-generation consoles. It will be interesting to see how this pans our for Sony and how Nintendo plans to launch the revolution. I will be waiting with open arms.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Classic Fun

If you've never been to go check this site out. Their site is fully dedicated to classic gaming and really is a quality site. Any classic game you need or would ever want, you'll find there. They are a dedicated bunch who share the same passion for video games as we do. Be sure to tell them that we sent you. Thanks again I appreciate it. I will be interviewing the owner/operator ASAP. Not only do they sell all your classic gaming needs, they also MAKE THEIR own games. Make sure you check out their quality site. Thanks again for linking us up.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Animal Crossing Then You Can Shake A Stylus At

Rumors are circling around that we may see another Animal Crossing to grace the Nintendo DS platform. We know for a fact that the franchise is coming to the Revolution but this comes to me as a slight surprise. The creator is quoted with saying that they are experimenting with the uniqueness of Nintendo DS in order to keep things fresh for the title. Animal crossing 2 would almost be a no brainer considering the huge success it has seen thus far. What "new features" should they include in the new version? Voice over IP anyone? It's working with metroid, do I smell it coming for Animal Crossing? Only time will tell but we will be sure to keep you updated.


1,000 Games For Revolution?

The following story was taken from Here is what they had to say.... interesting tidbits of info. Did I miss the 1,000 games part?

"We already knew Nintendo has a ton of games available, but did you know that there will be thousands available online with the Nintendo Revolution? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said Thursday that Nintendo will offer an online download service for more than 1,000 "classic" game titles for its next-generation game console, currently code-named the Nintendo Revolution.

By offering classic types of games, like Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, along with new ones, Nintendo hopes to better compete with Microsoft and Sony, Iwata said. With this news, the battle royal of online services between Nintendo, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 continues to heat up.
Of course, with this proposed online distribution system you get both the popularity of emulators and retro-gaming added to being able to provide huge libraries of games in a Netflix-style way.

In a joint effort with Sega, Nintendo will be able to develop a “virtual console” service for the Revolution that could feature hundreds and maybe thousands of old games from consoles such as the NES and Sega Genesis. We still don't know whether the games will be true remakes or just emulated. And the pricing is yet to be determined, but having the ability to play the classics is definitely a plus for this Revolution."

Friday, March 24, 2006


Our Revolution is coming!

Indie-Developer NIBRIS

The guys over at Cubed3 have recently posted another interview with the indie developer NIBRIS. Go check it out and see what's up with this promising 3rd party developer

State of The Revolution

So we did not hear the BIG MEGATON at the GDC that we were all hoping and praying for. Instead, Nintendo opted for a more conservative approach in their speech. They tooted the success of the brain training series and also gave us a little surprise as to what we can expect from the DS this year. At first I had mixed feelings. I wish we heard more about the revolution but that time will come. E3 will be the "official" unveiling of the big "N"'s 5th console. The reason why I know say "5th console" is because chances are folks, the name is changing. The final name of Nintendo's 5th console will be revealed at a later date. I personally love the name Nintendo Revolution system, but we'll have to wait and see what they come up with.
According to an interview conducted at ign, we will be "pleasantly surprised" and "have a great time" come E3 time. Tidbits of info have slowly been coming down the pipeline in regards to our Revoultion.....or should I say Nintendo's 5th console. One thing that everyone has been wondering about is the games. Games are what drives systems into the consumers hands. Games is exactly what this industry is all about.
When Nintendo releases its 5th console one things apparent; the way we play games will totally change. Retro games will play an important role with the virtual console aspect. Sega is on board, Hudson will be there, but what you might not know, according to the interview, it seems like original titles are being encouraged to be on the virtual console as well. (was that a run-on sentence?). We now know that Animal Crossing Revolution will be there, but how about Spiderman 3? As reported in this blog weeks ago, there is a new spiderman in development built from the ground up utilizing the "Rev-Mote". 3rd party support for the system has also seen a lot of attention as of late. We will definitely be seeing what 3rd parties have been keeping secret for so long.
E3 gamers! It's coming!

Good Morning Gamers!

This post is to take time out and thank all the readers who stopped by the site yesterday for our coverage of the GDC. We updated probably every 10 minutes and even had some slight update problems during the process (I would've liked to get more pictures up on the site but I opted for content rather than images). Be sure to check back today; we will be posting more and more images from the GDC as well as other coverage. Yesterday was our busiest day yet and I would just like to take time out to thank you guys. Hopefully next year we will be bringing you the news FROM the GDC. Speaking of GDC, what are your thoughts? Should the Big "N" have revealed mroe about the Revolution? I was hoping for at least a little info as to what games we can expect at E3. Of course the usual suspects will be at the big event in May; I just would've like to hear it from their mouths in some form of an announcement. Oh well, E3 is not so far away! As always gamers, GAME ON!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

GDC Speech Details

*Iwata is talking about the success of the Nintendo DS and how Brain training has been such a huge success.
*Goal is to appeal to a mass market crowd. Young and Old.
*Now they are showing someone playing Brain Age and talk about how it's "not even a game". They also talk about how the video game industry is ready for this type of "shake up"
***UPDATE***Possible Zelda for the DS .... more as it develops. (source
***UPDATE***ZELDA :PHANTOM HOURGLASS releases this year for the Nintendo DS. The game is from the same team that brought you wind waker. MORE TO FOLLOW!
*Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafx titles will be available on Nintendo Revolution's Virtual console.
*Hudson games, too.

Nintendo GO

Is this the new name of Nintendo's 5th console? We'll keep you updated!


We have 10 more minutes gamers then Nintendo's president will take the stage and deliver his key note. Keep it locked here for all the coverage! Game ON!

4 and a Half Hours Away!

We are just 4 and a half hours away until Nintendo's Keynote at the Game Developers Conference. What will be said? Will he address the Nintendo Revolution? Will we see a new Zelda trailer? Will we learn the final name of Nintendo's 5th console? So many questions, so little time to wait. We will be reporting all day today. Sit back gamers, we're in for one hell of a ride. Game ON! What do you hope to hear today?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Site Issues

Sorry guys I am currently having some site issues. There are new Revolution pics that have been posted on the web recently and for some reason, my site is not letting me post pictures. Be sure to check them out here. Which ever you prefer they're both quality sites. Thanks guys!

Point Blank DS

The hits just keep on coming with the DS; Leading video games developer and publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that its classic arcade series Point BlankDS, will make its debut on the Nintendo DS in Summer 2006. With stages from all three games in the series being included in the new game, fans of the series will have their hand-eye coordination tested, by using the DS stylus as their weapon of choice to shoot down everything from clay pigeons to aliens in the mini games of Point Blank DS. Another welcome into our continuing growing DS library, Point Blank DS will have players tapping their way to victory as they take on four different difficulty levels in over 40 different stages including Namco’s popular coin-op arcade series digitized for the first time.

The portable return of the series will also have five modes including:

1). Arcade: Play through four different levels of difficulty in a variety of mini shooting games.
2). VS: Challenge your friends using the wireless feature to find out who’s the quickest draw (requires only one game card)
3). Brain Massage: Play through various stages while the game analyzes your abilities and gives you feedback.
4). Freeplay: Select any stage at any time to challenge your best score.
5). Games Museum: New stages adapted from Namco’s classic coin-op arcade series.

I have never played the first games but was always intrigued by them. I am looking forward to this one as I missed the first games. What do you guys think?


Price of Revolution?

The following is a RUMOR about the price of Nintendo Revolution. This news hit kotaku and is considered a rumor. Here is what the site had to say. "Good news, North American brethren. Well, maybe. Toys R Us is apparently pricing the Revolution at $399.99 Canadian dollars ($344 US). One reader was told by a friend working at the store that the console was already in their systems and listed at the previously mentioned price. “Although they aren’t advertising this as the price, she was pretty certain that this would be the final cost. Sounds good to me take that for what you will,” writes our tipster. Considering that Nintendo has hinted at a low-priced console, the $344 price-tag might be a placeholder."
I personally think that the Revolution will be cheaper in price than this statement. I think Nintendo's 5th console should be in the ball park of $200.00. Only time will tell. Maybe that's the big news at GDC. We will be sure to keep you posted on this rumor.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GDC Thursday

Thursday gamers. Soon we will know more. It is rumored that we might even know the final name of Nintendo's 5th entry into the console business. Heck- we might even get to see some gameplay footage though I am banking on E3 for that. I know that I am excited about this Thursday and will be reporting any news that comes across here. Be sure to check out this site for an amazing update as to what time everything will go down. Nintendo's president will be speaking at 10:30am in San Jose at the conference. If you are on the east coast, expect to hear some info around 1:30-2:30. Again head over to this site on what time the info will come across in your area. Thanks guys and Game ON!

Indie Games to be Downloaded for DS?

A scan has emerged on the internet that may indicate that indie games will be distributed through the DS' download service. The games shown are DS games allegedly all created by students at one of Nintendo's Game Seminars and will be released in April. Nintendo holds these every year to encourage more people to get into game design. It is unknown whether the downloads will be temporary and disappear once the DS is shut down, or if there is an as-yet unmentioned method of storing the games. I really wish that they would come out with a memory device that will alow you to keep these games once you have dowloaded them.


Mario Slides Back A Week

Update; The new Super Mario for the Nintendo DS has slipped back a week. Thank God it is only a week but it seems like we've been waiting forever! Oh well perfection takes time I guess. Also- Brain Age was also delayed. Sorry guys, have to bring you the bad news as well as the good news.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Big things are planned for this years Game Developers Conference. On March 23rd, Nintendo's president will be delivering a keynote speech that we all have been waiting for. News and rumors and running rampant on what exactly will be said. It is pretty much confirmed that we will learn something new THIS THURSDAY. I truly cannot wait to see what is going to be divulged. Will it be new Revolution info? Will we hear when our beloved Zelda will be released? Will we learn just how much 3rd party support Nintendo's 5th system will be receiving? Things keep looking up for our Revolution gamers! As always, we will be sure to keep you updated. We'll be sure to see you on Wi-Fi Smash Bros. and lapping you in Mario Kart! Game ON!


Zelda to be Perfect

Shigeru Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo have been working on the newest Zelda adventure, Twilight Princess, for over two years. Nintendo has teased fans with trailers, screenshots, and then disappointed fans with delays. But Miyamoto says all the delays are helping make Zelda "perfect."

"Zelda is a project with a huge volume of people and complex game development procedures," said Miyamoto, speaking with Official Nintendo Magazine. "As soon as we decided to postpone the game from last year to this year and make the perfect Zelda, all the team were delighted to have the time to work on many ideas."

Nintendo has said the delays are not a result of development problems or from converting Twilight Princess to a Revolution-only title, but to add content and improve the game. Nintendo has yet to set an official release date, but it is expected the game will launch sometime in November, possibly coinciding with the launch of the Revolution. As we all know, this game could not come fast enough for the legion of Zelda fans. We have been waiting for this one like the second coming. As much as it pains me to say this, it makes a lot of sense to launch it right around the Revolution launch period. By doing this, Nintendo will have a ton of their big name franchises right form the start. November seems so far away.....

E3 and GDC are right around the corner. Keep it here for updates! GAME ON!


DS Titles Primed for Shelves

The Nintendo DS has quickly become my system of choice. Online, games, gamers, innovation, and just plain old fun; it's all there gamers. This week alone sees the release of 2 new online titles; Metroid and Tetris, Worms, and Tao's Adventure curse of the demon. The Nintendo DS had a slow start but the games are flowing now like Niagara Falls. Nintendo needs to find exactly what went right with the DS and run with it. I think the combination of quality titles week in and week out have really made the difference. Don't get me wrong the Gamecube was one of my favorite systems, but we did not see the quantity and quality titles that we are seeing with the Nintendo DS. My hope is that the Nintendo Revolution will attract more and more 3rd party support and be a truly innovative, fun, hardcore system that Nintendo needs to reign supreme once again.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Metroid Hunters Primed and Ready To Go!

Get ready my fellow gamers, Metroid Prime Hunters is coming THIS TUESDAY! Mark your calendar's, go online, have a party and go crazy. I just made my final plans for Tuesday night; Dantendo (contributing writer and soon to be taking over GameonDS), My bro, and my best bud Steve are coming over and we're going to be jamming with LAN. The IGN guys have done a wonderful update to get you PRIMED for the final release of the game. What are your plans? If nothing is going on-COME OVER! Pizza will be served and we'll leave the light on. GAME ON and we'll see you online!

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Look, New Site, Game ON!

If you didn't notice, the site has received a little but of a face lift. I like it. To me it's a little more sleek looking as we decided to go with "Revolution" white for the background for the stories. Also- we expanded!!! Here at Game ON, we want to be your one stop shop for all news that is video games.

We have now opened Game ON DS. This site will become our portal for all news DS. There are some big plans for the site so be sure to check back. Thanks for your support as we get closer to our goal of providing you with the best news possible.

Revolution in June

The new rumor floating around the "internets" is that we may possibly see the Revolution THIS JUNE. If Nintendo did this, they would have a huge advantage in gaining ground on Sony. In case you missed it, Sonys PS3 will not be coming out till November. June seems unlikely; however, this blog, along with numerous others, reported hearings of a possible May launch point for Nintendo's Revolution. A surprise launch wouldn't be something completely new as Apple has done it with the ipod nano and seen amazing success with the product.

The official release has been vague only hearing that "the Nintendo Revolution System will launch before the thanksgiving holiday". This quote has made wild speculation of a possible November release. Let's all keep in mind that when our fearless leader Reggie was questioned on Spike TV as to when the Revolution will release, he simply smiled and said, "talk to me this May" (E3). Did he mean anything by that or am I just reading too much into it? I don't even want to venture a guess as to when it will come out. I will definitely be on the phone and the web to find out more and be sure to pass the news on to you as it develops. Can we really be playing our Revolution THIS June???


Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Mario Bros DS Info

If you're like me, any new info concerning our wonderful plumber friend Mario is always welcomed with open....Plungers. Miyamoto has confirmed that the new Super Mario Bros. for the DS, will have all of the mini-games that came with the original Mario 64 DS. This will be a pleasant surprise for all those who missed it the first time around. The new Super Mario title is scheduled to release on May 7th. I personally cannot wait to play this title. It will for sure be a trip down nostalgic lane. Plungers ON!

*Anyone out there who has played the mini-game "where's wario?" let me know- My wife still has the best score I have ever seen in the mini-game. What did you guys score in that game. Maybe if anyone can prove that they have a higher score, a FREE DS GAME might be sent your way.....e-mail me your score. Game ON!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony To Be Forced to Stop Selling PS2?

Latest reports indicate that Sony has lost a patent case against Immersion technologies, for it's dual shock Playstation 2 controller. Below is an quote from Bit-Tech:

"Immersion last year sued Sony for infringing on its patents. Immersion claims that it owns the technology that powers the rumble in Sony's Dual Shock controllers. It also sued Microsoft for its rumble features in the Xbox, but the boys from Redmond settled out of court. Sony fought, and lost a case last year. However, it's been allowed to continue selling the PS2 pending appeal. If the latest reports are verified, it's lost that appeal today."

This means that Sony has to pony up an awful lot of cash to Immersion Technologies, and has to stop infringing on the patent. Sony must stop selling kits which include Dual Shock technology which could mean pulling the PS2 off the shelf.

Commentators are wondering if this case is the reason for the PS3 controller redesign that we've seen - it's possible the "boomerang" that is the PS3 controller doesn't infringe on their patents.

On a side note, Immersion is owned in part by none other than our beloved Nintendo. If these reports are true, then pulling the PS2 off the market would be an obvious blow against Sony. With PS2 currently being Sony's stable in the home console market, the company with lose a HUGE portion of profits, as well as having to pay a large sum to Immersion. Paying the amount may be a drop in a bucket to Sony but what about their PS2? Very interesting indeed....We'll keep you updated. Game ON!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

*Reminder* Shiggy Interview Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder to all of you Nintendo fans, Nintendo-revolution will be conducting an interview with the mighty Shiggy tomorrow. Be sure to check his quality site tomorrow for more info. GDC is right around the corner so we might have to wait till then to find out some more details. Be sure to check back for more info.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Check This Out!!

Hey gamers what's up? I stumbled upon this picture and wanted to post it on the site. The artist is truly talented. If anyone out there has some game art, send it to me in an e-mail. Let's see if you can make the site! Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Super Mario Screens~!

May 7th! GAME ON!

OBJECTION! Phoenix Wright Available Soon?

Phoenix Wright has received a cult following since its release last year. Since Christmas time though, everyone's favorite attorney game has been a little difficult to find to say the least. The game always sells for a decent amount on ebay and has become more of a collectors item. Well gamers, soon our Ace attorney will soon be readily available as Capcom is re-issuing the game back into circulation. My question is with all of these rumors going around that Phoenix Wright Ace attorney being on the Revolution, do you think this is a deliberate move on Capcoms part, or is this just demand from the fans talking? May seems so far away.....


Friday, March 10, 2006

DS=Crazy Delicious

According to Kotaku, Nintendo has apparently pulled adds that promote the DS lite. The system has SOLD OUT in Japan and it's just going to get worse gamers. 2 new colors are coming out and people are going to go gaga for the 2 new ds lite colors. Game ON Nintendo, now bring the DS lite here!

Chibi-Robo Review by Dantendo

Big thanks to "Dantendo" for submiting this quality review. More to come!

Okay here it is:

Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure!
Platform: Gamecube
Type: Adventure/Platformer

Talk about a sleeper hit. 2006 is the year of the unsung hero thanks to this little...Er, I mean, HUGE game. The story is simple: you're a 3-inch tall robot, purchased by a Mr. Sanderson (who acts not his age, but his shoe size) Apparently Mr. Sanderson buys a lot of toys because the Sanderson family is having some major Moolah issues, because the bills are piling up. (Moolah is the currency in this game in case you were wondering) Your goal is to make everyone happy, and eventually be the #1 ranked chibi-robo in the world, thus making you upgrade to Super Chibi-Robo! To help you with your quest, a flying television cleverly named Telly-Vision will give you advice and guide you. (and also run like hell anytime he gets scared) So anyway, now that you have a slight idea what this game is about, here's my thoughts broken down into individual categories:

Story: Well, it's kinda basic. There are a few twists and turns, and a lot of humor thrown into the mix as well. You'll find yourself laughing hysterically at some parts, but then somewhat confused at other times. Also included are a few "WTF is going on?!?!" moments, but it keeps things interesting to say the least. I give the story an 8 out of 10.

Characters: In a word: wow. There are a TON of characters to meet and help out throughout the game. You'll be recruiting pirates, taking military training, flying a spaceship, and talking to all different kinds of toys as well as the Sanderson family. And speaking of weird...Mr. Sanderson has an obsessive love for Space Hunter Drake Redcrest (the obligatory "hero" in the game); the toy, the show, the coffee mug, the whole nine yards. Mrs. Sanderson is fed up with her husband's behavior, and is really the only normal person in the house. Their daughter, Jenny, was apparently put under a curse by the evil frog wizard. ( hard to just have to see it to understand) But nevertheless, you have your work cut out for you in order to keep the 30 or so characters happy. Bandai and Nintendo knew what they were doing with this, so I give Characters a 10 out of 10.

Length: There's a boatload of sidequests, along with an expansive main storyline. It took me just over 24 hours of game time to finish this game 100% and it was worth every minute. There's a few minigames, and a sidequest for each and every character that also helps give you background on each one. There are also multiple costumes and gadgets to find along the way. I give this area a 10 out of 10 as well.

Replay Value: After you finish this game 100%, you probably won't be interested in playing it anymore. This is really the only area that I say this game just falls short. 6 out of 10.

Graphics/Camera: I don't judge a game by it's graphics, but a great job was done on this part. Collision detection was very accurate throughout the entire game, kudos to Bandai for taking time to make sure. The camera is a little annoying at times but this is something that is hard to perfect in a videgame. A great attempt at least. This area gets a 9 out of 10.

Overall: This game is GREAT and should be given a chance by every Gamecube owner out there. It's a shining example of how you can take any task (in this example, cleaning a house) and make it fun. This is definitely NOT a title to be overlooked and is well worth the $50 price tag.

Final Score: 11 out of 10. Yes, It's that good.

Quote of the game: "Chibi-Robo! do you need some quiet time with good 'ol Telly-Vision?....OH!"

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spiderman and Sonic are Ready for a Revolution

In the recent issue of EGM, there is a rumor going around that there is a exclusive Sonic title (previously reported) in the works for the Nintendo Revolution. Given the huge success that Sonic has seen on the gamecube, this was bound to happen. Spiderman is now another game that might see the light of day on our Revolution. More as this develops....


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Zelda Twilight Princess Details coming Soon?

Nintendo has been playing with us for a while now. We were already supposed to be done playing twilight princess already and awaiting a new adventure. This has not happened. We are left in the dark, trying to gain any knowledge on our beloved link.

According to joystiq, the official UK Nintendo Magazine might shed some more light on our favorite franchise on March 16. Apparently, the magazine claims that they will be showing new pictures and new information on the biggest Gamecube game ever. If this posses to be true, be sure to check out this site. We will keep you updated with all news in the Zelda universe. Just a little longer gamers. We will have our day!

3 Games 1,000,000 Users! Game ON!

According to Nintendo Wi-Fi, there have now been over 1 MILLION that are on Nintendo's online network. Despite having only 3 games online currently, that has not stopped the tremendous success that is Nintendo online. By bringing Nintendo's big hitters to online, Nintendo has found themselves sitting on top of the online mountain. Things just seem to be looking up too with the release of Metroid Prime hunters, and Tetris later this month. Which games would you guys like to see online from Nintendo? Portable Super Smash Brothers anyone? We can only hope....

Monday, March 06, 2006

New DS Screens of Wario!!

Everyone's favorite anti-hero is headed to the Nintendo DS. Here is a quick screenshot! Looking good! With the new release of princess peach I realize how much I miss side scrollers. Another quality title Nintendo. Keep them comin'!

E3 To be HUGE

E3. E3 is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited. This is the year that gamers will see what Nintendo has been hiding for what seems to be an eternity. It's Official folks; E3 is SOLD OUT! More than 540,000 square feet of space covering five exhibit halls at the Los Angeles Convention Center, has been booked. That's right gamers SOLD OUT! The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today that the event will host more than 400 exhibitors.

"As the global computer and video game industry enters an important creative and technological transition, the early sell out of E3Expo affirms the critical importance of this event," said Doug Lowenstein, president of the ESA. "As the first place to see the most anticipated next generation hardware and software titles, and the best place to learn about the industry through its unrivaled conference program, E3Expo 2006 will offer attendees an unparalleled view of the business of games."

E3 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 10-12 for exhibits and on May 9-11 for 34 conference and workshop sessions. I am eagerly awaiting this years E3. What are you guys looking forward too? Let us know as well as other gamers what you want. GAME ON!


F-Zero Wi-Fi anyone?

One of Nintendo's popular frachises might be making the jump to our wonderful Nintendo DS. The Studio behind F-Zero GP is making a Nintendo DS game yet to be announced. The obvious choice, F-Zero. I am hearing Wi-Fi calling. Thanks to cubed for this awesome news! This comes with open arms as Nintendo seems to really delving deep into their online network. As of right now only 3 titles are online and it's been a huge success for Nintendo. Tetris and Metroid this month too so look out for that. F-Zero would be a natural fit for Nintendo's online plan! GAME ON!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Baten Kaitos 2 U.S. Bound

As a huge fan of the original I am excited to announce that Baten Kaitos 2 will be coming to the U.S. in June. The first Baten Kaitos was a innovative RPG that featured amazing graphics/locations, and a addictive yet simple card based control scheme. This news comes to me with open arms with Zelda in the distant future. Gamecube still has some life left in it it seems. Odama, Baten Kaitos, Harvest Moon, Zelda, Lego Star Wars 2, and Naruto are sure to hold me over till the Revolution comes here! May cannot come fast enough.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

More and More Amazing Fan Made Box Art

Sorry guys it's been a busy weekend so not too much content has gone up. Thanks for bearing with me! Here is some more Fan Made box art from Whoever is doing these is truly talented. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Natsume? Yes Please

This just in THQ and Natsume have pledged their support for Nintendo's 5th console; Revolution. THQ has stated that they are making a game based on the upcoming pixar flick, cars. Natsume is most famous for their Harvest Moon series. This news comes courtesy of Thanks and gooooooood night! Look for more updates tomorrow! Game ON!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mora Fan Made Boxt Art

Here is another fan-made box art via Gonintendo. If anyone out there has some fan art, e-mail me and I'll post it. Game ON and let's see some art!

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