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Monday, March 20, 2006

DS Titles Primed for Shelves

The Nintendo DS has quickly become my system of choice. Online, games, gamers, innovation, and just plain old fun; it's all there gamers. This week alone sees the release of 2 new online titles; Metroid and Tetris, Worms, and Tao's Adventure curse of the demon. The Nintendo DS had a slow start but the games are flowing now like Niagara Falls. Nintendo needs to find exactly what went right with the DS and run with it. I think the combination of quality titles week in and week out have really made the difference. Don't get me wrong the Gamecube was one of my favorite systems, but we did not see the quantity and quality titles that we are seeing with the Nintendo DS. My hope is that the Nintendo Revolution will attract more and more 3rd party support and be a truly innovative, fun, hardcore system that Nintendo needs to reign supreme once again.