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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Revolution Specs

Ign has posted possible revolution specs. Here is a comparison of what they posted and actual numbers from different systems;


Revolution: 729 MHz
GameCube: 485 MHz
XBox: 733 MHz
XBox 360: 3.2 GHz

Revolution: 243 MHz
GameCube: 162 MHz
XBox: 233 MHz
In addition, "Hollywood" chip includes GPU, DSP, I/O Bridge, and 3 MBs of texture memory. The GPU is not expected to feature added shader features.
Overall System Memory:

Revolution: 88 MBs RAM (24 MBs of main 1T-SRAM and 64 MBs of external 1T-SRAM)
GameCube: 40 MBs RAM
XBox: 64 MBs RAM
XBox 360: 512 MBs RAM
Playstation 3: 512 MBs RAM

It's exactly what Nintendo has been saying all along. They are not going to push the envelope with "processing power". They are going to innovate the gameplay not the graphics. Besides-looking at zelda twilight princess and imagining 2-3 times more powerful than that means AMAZING graphics.