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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sony To Be Forced to Stop Selling PS2?

Latest reports indicate that Sony has lost a patent case against Immersion technologies, for it's dual shock Playstation 2 controller. Below is an quote from Bit-Tech:

"Immersion last year sued Sony for infringing on its patents. Immersion claims that it owns the technology that powers the rumble in Sony's Dual Shock controllers. It also sued Microsoft for its rumble features in the Xbox, but the boys from Redmond settled out of court. Sony fought, and lost a case last year. However, it's been allowed to continue selling the PS2 pending appeal. If the latest reports are verified, it's lost that appeal today."

This means that Sony has to pony up an awful lot of cash to Immersion Technologies, and has to stop infringing on the patent. Sony must stop selling kits which include Dual Shock technology which could mean pulling the PS2 off the shelf.

Commentators are wondering if this case is the reason for the PS3 controller redesign that we've seen - it's possible the "boomerang" that is the PS3 controller doesn't infringe on their patents.

On a side note, Immersion is owned in part by none other than our beloved Nintendo. If these reports are true, then pulling the PS2 off the market would be an obvious blow against Sony. With PS2 currently being Sony's stable in the home console market, the company with lose a HUGE portion of profits, as well as having to pay a large sum to Immersion. Paying the amount may be a drop in a bucket to Sony but what about their PS2? Very interesting indeed....We'll keep you updated. Game ON!