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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shrek 3 Trailer



Gameonrevolution Podcast 2

Hello gamers and welcome back to the site. We are happy to report that our 2nd podcast is recorded and can be found here. Tragedy struck during the show as 15 minutes was lost during the recording and had to be re-done. Overall, we look forward to hearing your comments about the show and cannot wait to get the feed on i-tunes.

Thanks to everyone who listens. Have fun and Game ON! Huge props again to the amazing SOLE for the image. Your DS game is on the way my good friend!

Podcast #2


New Far Cry Images


Wii to Have Only 1 Friend Code!!

For all of those who are plagued by the Nintendo DS "wonderful" friend codes listen up: there will be no individual friend codes for games on the Wii!

Nintendo Europe has confirmed on their Wii mini-site that the Wii won't have specific friend codes for gamers to connect titles online. The fact the DS has separate codes for each game has caused gamers to have a mass confusion as to which codes went to what games.

The fact Nintendo has chosen this style of online networking has us all filled with glee and will be welcomed with open arms come November.

New Zelda Twilight Princess Images

Here are some new Zelda Twilight Princess Images (low quality). This game cannot come fast enough for me. Here's to November 19th.

**Gameonrevolution Podcast #2..Stay Tuned..**


Wii-mote Packaging?

If it is, it's damn sexy. What do you guys think? I love the sleek, sophisticated feel to it. Reminds me of certain Apple products don't you think?

**GameonRevolution Podcast #2-Later today! Stay Tuned!**


Nintendo Wii: Up Close and Personal

IGN's Matt C. gets up close and personal with Nintendo's Wii. Check out the video below.

Friday, September 29, 2006

New Trauma Center Screens


Awesome Red Steel AD!!

Call this number!!!! 1-877-RRD-STLL or 1-877-773-7855 if you're interested. It's hilarious! Marketing at its finest.

New Wii Impressions! UPDATES BELOW!

Quick Update: As most of you know, I have friends that work in the industry and they have a big conference in Dallas Texas going on as you read this story. I got a call this morning and I am happy to report some impressions from my buddies who are in attendance. Thanks to Sucka for the following reports:

This morning Ubi-Soft demonstrated Rayman Raving Rabbids and it is said to be spectacular! Keep in mind this is coming from someone who originally was not going to purchase the title. He stated that Rayman was very polished and looks like it's going to be an absolute blast to play. This title is going to be a "must have" come November 19th.

Next up- Red Steel. Simply put, it looks great, it plays great and it's going to be a good buy come launch day. He was happy with glee when he played this quality title and said that the game is really good.

Thirdly Zelda. No words can describe how this game is going to be. Zelda Twilight Princess is pure Nirvana!

More impressions and updates from the conference will be coming down the pipeline so keep it here gamers! Mario is on display (but he hadn't played it yet), Excite Truck and many others will be available for them to test out.

UPDATE #1- Rayman seems to be a HUGE hit. My other friend who is in no way, shape, or form interested in platform games was extremely impressed by Rayman. He said that even though the graphics look like high end Gamecube stuff, the system was a blast to play.

Red Steel Pics


Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Reggie interview!

New Pokemon Wii Screens

Site Updates

Sorry for the lack of news today ladies and gentleman. I have been working on some internal issues with the site and am extremely happy to announce that we have just bought a ton of space on the internet, and our second podcast will be posted within the next day! An i-tunes feed will be available also so look out for that.

I appreciate all of you who swing by on a daily basis and we thank you so much for all the comments you make. Stay tuned gamers, it's a good day at Gameonrevolution!

In the meantime- VOTE VOTE VOTE! As of right now, Super Smash is winning in the polls for your most wanted game that you wish Nintendo would launch with. Mario is not too far behind so let your voice be heard.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wii Box Art



Best Buy Wii Rumor

Above may be an image that was leaked from best buy's marketing department. If this image proves to be a "Real leaked image", it seems as though we will be testing out the Wii on or near the end of October. How exciting is that gamers!

The fine print on the image reads as follows:
-Kiosk Wii rollout- October 29, 2006
-Pre-Launch Marketing Sales- October 29, 2006
-Mass Marketing Starts- November 5, 2006
-Sales Begin November 19, 2006

I am a little unsure as to the validity of this story so file this one under rumor. I do think however that this could totally be valid and we could be playing Wii in one month. I will be sure to do some more investigating for you guys and keep you updated. Keep it here gamers.


**Be sure to check back here for our second podcast!! It's aready done and recorded**

Naruto Clash of the Ninja Wii Trailer

Cool Zelda Graffiti Spotted!

Why don’t I ever see cool graffiti like this in my city? Originally posted over at kotakuis an image of everyone's favorite sword slinger Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Sweet work huh?

Mario vs. DK Site Open

Quick Update: Click here and check out the site for the newly released Wi-Fi DS title, Mario vs. DK:March of the mini's. If you have ever played the last title, you will find clever title and an online create a board mode that will entertain the masses for hours and hours.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I just got the call my friends. Mark your calendars! October 9th, for one day only, Gamestop will be taking preorders on Nintendo's forthcoming console Wii. You heard it here first gamers. GET READY!!

Apparently Gamestop employees have received an email today regarding the preorder issue. Not too many details were given other than the 9th of October is going to be the magic date.

Official Statement About Opera on Wii

Opera Software today announced details on its browser for Nintendo’s soon-to-be released game console, Wii. Opera’s full Web browser is available for download from the “Wii Shop Channel”. Nintendo has stated that they will offer Opera free of charge as a temporary promotion for all Wii users until June 2007.

From July 2007, users can purchase the Opera browser using Wii points. Wii points are credits users can buy that allow them to add new games or the Opera browser to their Wii consoles. The number of Wii points required to purchase Opera has not yet been announced.

With support for Flash and AJAX-based content such as Google maps, Wii users will benefit from a feature-rich Internet experience that is uniquely customized for the Wii. Opera for Wii boasts the same complete standards support as the Opera 9 Desktop browser, and includes the added functionality of “Zoom” and “Bookmarks”. The Wii remote control will also be an integral part of browsing, allowing users to intuitively control the Web with their Wii remotes.

Nintendo has previously announced that Wii will be available in the U.S. on November 19, 2006, Japan on December 2, 2006, and in Europe on December 8, 2006. The cost for the console is $249.99 or 25,000 Yen.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance Wii Trailer

New Pokemon Battle Images

This game is going to be great. The graphics are looking really good and the Wi-Fi is going to be an amazing addition.


Coming in This Week!

Here is a list of titles that will be heading their way to a Nintendo console near you:. Overall a pretty good week for Nintendo systems.
Nintendo DS

Disney's the Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure
Release Date: 9/25/2006

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
Release Date: 9/25/2006

Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
Release Date: 9/27/2006

Bubble Bobble Revolution
Release Date: 9/29/2006

Rainbow Islands Revolution
Release Date: 9/29/2006

Baten Kaitos: Origins
Release Date: 9/25/2006

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Release Date: 9/25/2006

Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Game Boy Advance
Disney's Little Mermaid: Magic in Two Kingdoms
Release Date: 9/25/2006

Release Date: 9/27/2006

Backyard Football 2007
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Battle B-Daman 2
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Dragonball GT: Transformation 2
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour
Release Date: 9/26/2006

Release Date: 9/26/2006

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
Release Date: 9/27/2006

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Release Date: 9/29/2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wii Points Available Now!

Quick Update: is now selling wii points, the currency "wii" will be using to purchase our VC games, on their quality site now. Apparently they will send you an e-mail once it is up and running.

Wii Preorders: Round 2

I am going to cut right to the chase gamers. Gamestop, the leading retailer in videogames, will be holding its annual managers meeting THIS THURSDAY-SUNDAY in good old Dallas, Texas. Every major video game company will be in attendance including Nintendo. It is there my young jedi's that I think Gamestop will be given their allocation for Nintendo's forthcoming console Wii. Once any company has their allocation for any product, they could begin taking preorders.

Expect tons of guest posts later this week from hands on impressions from the conference. There is 2 days of classes and the last day they hold a "mini E-3" of sorts. Again- keep it here, as we will be giving you updates from those in attendance. Preorders are coming gamers, and they may be next week.

Heroes TGS Trailer & Information!

* The game was supposed to be a PS2 game, but as soon as they saw the wii-mote, it was love at first sight.

*An early 2007 release is planned and they want to sell a Million Big Ones!


Wing Island Site Open

The Nintendo Wii is fast approaching and Hudson has claimed a stake in its launch titles with Wing Island! Clamored for at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Wing Island was nowhere to be found. Now, we bring you an exclusive preview of what is sure to be the one of the top flight simulators of the season, due in part to Nintendo's innovative Wii remote controller.
The Wii controller features an accelerometer (yes, that's a real word!) that senses motion, allowing users to control aircraft like real pilots. Forget the analog stick! The Wii controller acts as the yoke of a plane. Tilt it up and planes climbs in the air. Tilt it down and planes dive. Twist it left or right and planes performs barrel rolls. Pretty simple eh?

Click here for the site!

Elebits TGS Gameplay

Here is a new demonstration of the recently awarded "game of the show" for Elebits. The title is starting to show some promise and comes with a cool plush figure when you preorder.

Wii Bowling Video Update: Monkey Bowling footage

Thanks Scottyg for correcting my mistake.

Monster 4X4 World Rally Screens


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sonic Video With Gameplay Updates!

This game is looking amazing.

This Just in: Sonic and the Secret Rings will follow Sonic's adventure through the storybook land of Arabia, as the bule bomber is the only playable character. The single-player game will span 70 different missions and take approximately 10 hours to complete.

Additionally, bonus content and extra earnable medals will extend play time. A multiplayer mode comprised of 30 separate mini-games will also be available for up to four players. Furthermore, downloadable content is a possibility the team is exploring at this time.


Sunday Update

Are you upset that our awesome wii-mote will not have an internal power supply and run on batteries?

Do you think Nintendo should have included something rechargeable instead?

Well my friend, MetalDave may have the answer for you. In his latest post, he uncovers some awesome alternatives to the standard AA batteries that will be empowering your wiimote. Click here and check it out, and let him know we sent you!

**Podcast #2 is coming soon!!! Stay Tuned!!**

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Red Steel Box Art

According to Nwiizone, this is the official box art for the upcoming Wii shooter: Red Steel. The box art is very appealing and I hope that this is the final version. November 19th cannot come soon enough.

New Elebits Images

You can preorder this one now gamers! Keep in mind also if you preorder at Gamestop you will get a nifty little plush doll of an elebit. Here's to the Wii launch!


New Wii Screens: Sonic and Super Pangya Golf

And now for everyone's favorite blue bomber:


Fishing Master Wii Images


Friday, September 22, 2006

A New Day, A New Poll!

It's that time of week gamers, a new day a new poll. This one asks which game would you have liked to see launch alongside Nintendo's forthcoming console Wii. I would have really liked to see Mario Galaxy, but you be the judge! May the best title win! Game ON!

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Video

Words cannot describe.


A Stroke of genius: Welcome to the Mii Channel

For all of those who do not know, Nintendo's forthcoming console, Nintendo Wii, will be featuring built in programs or "channels" that will incorporate a variety of different aspects and expand on the idea of what a game console will be. I was recently pondering the possibilities of these channels and I have taken a real liking to what is known as the "Mii Channel".

With the Mii Channel, gamers will be able to "Create 3D caricatures of your friends and family with the Mii Channel". Let's think about that for a minute. What Nintendo has told me is that in 2 months time, I will be able to duke it out in a virtual world against my friend or even my BOSS! I will be able to take it to the courts against my virtual enemies and have a blast doing it. The ability to put yourself and others in games is, dare I use the word, revolutionary. It will be just as fun making a Mii as it will be playing with one.

Can you imagine the heights that the Mii channel alone could reach? I could be staring in my own game! I could be brawling it out with all of the characters from Super Smash Bros. Imagine the endless innovations that this channel could bring. What other system offers these kinds of innovations? Only Nintendo my good friends.

This is just the beginning also. There are numerous other channels that will allow the casual gamer to really delve deep into Wii goodness. The Weather channel, The picture channel and the forecast channel just to name a few. I think that this could really prove to be the hidden success of the Nintendo Wii and truly make the system stand out from the competition. It is going to be a great year gamers, are Wii ready?!

Don't forget ourfirst podcast!! (itunes has been acting funny but we hope to get it up there in the near future)

New Rayman Video

This game is going to be crazy!

Bomberland Wii Screens

The new screens keep popping up. Above are some new screens of Bomberman Land for the Wii. Not too shabby.