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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fan Made "Wii can work it Out"

Red Steel Trailer

Reggie Speaks with IGN

Nintendo's new president of America Reggie recently spoke with IGN in their most recent "Nintendo Minute" segment. Anything with Reggie is worth a read so head over to IGN and check it out.

Touch Generation Info

Nintendo has seen tremendous success with what they refer to as the "touch generation games". Game like the Brain age series and Nintendogs has turned to gold pretty much every territory they go.

It now seems that current and upcoming "Touch
Generations" games will be identified by a distinctive logo and will help inexperienced and casual gamers quickly identify which games might be appropriate for them. If Nintendo can get housewives, grandparents and others who would not typically pick up a video game title to make purchases, it could increase revenues tremendously.


Wii on November 6?

Cubed3 is reporting that an "industry insider" that is very close to Nintendo has given them details on the Nintendo Wii launch. Their source tells them that the Wii launch will be, “well in time for Thanksgiving and well in time for Christmas in Europe”. He then stated on a more specific date saying, “So, at the moment Nintendo are aiming to launch the Wii on November 6th. Nintendo aren’t going to have an exact date in mind until they are sure they can meet the deadlines”. Take this as rumor. We will keep you updated.

Wario Ware News

What’s so special about WarioWare: Smooth Moves? That’s what Goro Abe, creator of the WarioWare series, was discussing with IGN recently.

Abe states that Smooth Moves prompts the player for specific remote-wielding position before starting each five-second challenge. Abe expects there to be about 200 microgames in total, much like in previous entries in the series. The other games were an absolute blast to play and wer ethe ultimate party games.

For multiplayer, Abe says that while there won’t be any form of online multiplayer included in the title, there will be several ways to play locally: “...because we are only using one controller we would like to create a multiplayer entertainment atmosphere by having one player playing the game and the other people being entertained by looking at that person. Then we would like to have a mode where we will have one remote, but it will be passed onto the next player and they will race their micro-game times. And another plan we have is to connect the nunchuck to the Wii remote and have one player hold onto the Wii remote and the other the nunchuck, and cooperate to proceed through the game.”

Smooth Moves will support progressive scan but is not currently slated to have 16:9 widescreen, and the game is expected to be reelased within the first ninety days of launch, but Abe couldn’t specify the date any further than that. While the online feature is a little bit of a let down, I still cannot wait for the game. As always, we will keep you updated.

Death Jr. Screens

Pic Source

Call of Duty 3 Screenshot

Beautiful. Here is a screen of the upcoming war game for Nintendo Wii, Call of Duty 3. The call of duty series has been notorious for capturing the "real feel" of warfare. Its captivating story and amazing gameplay has really set it apart as one of the best war simulators out there. I really hope that this is a good indicator of what we can expect from Wii graphics wise. The screenshot is probably taken from the PS3 version but hopefully Wii wont be too far off. What do you think? Gamestop is now taking reserves on the upcoming war game for the Nintendo Wii. Go reserve now and show your support. Game ON!

Day of the Updates...Stay Tuned

I will be here updating all day. I sure do have my work cut out for me. Stay tuned, sit back, relax and let us know what you're playing today. Personally, it's been all Mario for me. I still have not beaten it yet but I will soon. Now for the updates.....Stay Tuned and keep it here. Leave a comment and check back often.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Love from Capcom

Capcom is going all out on the Nintendo DS this year. The third party developer's latest financial report states that there will be 10 titles heading to our innovative Nintendo DS, 2 titles to the GBA, and GameCube will not be seeing ziltch. Third party support for the DS has been stellar and this just adds fuel to that fire. We will keep you updated as always.....Even on holidays!

Speaking of holidays, what are you guys playing this memorial day? Are you just going to be cooking out or are we going to be spending some quality time with our favorite systems? I will tell you that the DS has taken over in my camp as of late and I am hoping to beat Mario today. What are you guys playing? Hit the comment section up. As we always say, GAME ON! Also, be sure to check out our new links (Citizen Wii, and Wii-Nation)and let them know we sent ya!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Zelda Phantom Hour Glass Details

The latest issue of Nintendo Power has some new details about the Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Here's the scoop:

*The first Nintendo DS Zelda game was originally planned to be a Four Swords game, but now that Eiji Aonuma has the chance to revive The Wind Waker, he choose to do differently. Phantom Hourglass will set the tone for all future DS Zelda games.

*The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass will also see the return of Bow and Arrow, Hookshot and some sort of musical instrument, alongside the items we have already seen. It seems to be a nice mixture of old and new items.

*It is not likely Ganondorf will return in Phantom Hourglass. However, before his defeat in The Wind Waker, his evil influence spread across the Great Sea.
The King of Red Lions will not see a return in Phantom Hourglass.

*There is one master dungeon you need to complete in the game. You can only progress so far though, so to proceed you need to work your way through other dungeons and probably gain precious items in order to advance.

*The Darknut-like enemies we have seen in the multiplayer mode is a new type of enemy, called the "Chaser". These enemies will chase you through the entire dungeon, but by using certain pots, Link can get immune for certain moments.

*Though Eiji Aonuma did not want to give any details on this yet, he confirmed that the microphone will be used in Phantom Hourglass. I really wonder what type of innovation Nintendo will be cooking up for that feature.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Wii Sport to Feature Your FACE!

Nintendo ended the company's explosive E3 press conference with a multiplayer match of Wii Sports: Tennis involving Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, and the new NOA president, Reggie Fils-Aime. In that match, the three each had replicas of their faces on their respective on-screen character. No one knew if this was a special trick used only for E3, or if this would be a feature implemented in the upcoming game. It seems gamers that we have found out that answer!

Mr. Miyamoto stated in an interview with MTV that customizable faces will in fact be a feature of Wii Sports while hinting at the possibility of transferring those faces from one Wii game to another.

Here is what he had to say, "The Wii Sports series features these little models which you can put your own faces on," said Miyamoto, referring to the game's characters. "Then you may start to see those characters, with faces you've created, appearing in different games on the Wii system."

It's not clear if Miyamoto was referring to a camera peripheral that would take a player's picture and place it to the game's characters, or if this is only some type of character customization feature within the game. I am wondering if we are going to be able to hook up our digital camera's to the system and map it on that way, or we may be able to upload the image to the game via Nintendo's online service. Either way pretty big news. We will keep you updated as usual.

Pic Source

Friday, May 26, 2006

Funny Find

Please click here. Good stuff indeed!

Congratulations to Reggie

In case you missed it, Nintendo of America’s marketing boss Reggie Fils-Aime has been promoted to president of Nintendo of America. The current president Tatsumi Kimishima will now become chairman of the board and chief executive officer. We here at GameOnRevolution, we would love to take this time to congratulate Mr. Fils-Aime. Reggie has been the talk of the town ever since he came to Nintendo. Here is the official press release:

"In his new role as president and chief operating officer, Fils-Aime will lead the day-to-day operations of Nintendo of America while continuing to oversee the Sales & Marketing Division… He joined Nintendo of America in December 2003… Prior to joining Nintendo, he served as senior vice president of marketing at VH1. He also has held key marketing positions with Guinness Import Co., Derby Cycle Corp., Pizza Hut, Panda Management Co. and Procter & Gamble.”

Congrats Reggie!

Star Fox DS Update

Nintendo's official game page for Star Fox DS shows the game has received a more final name, Star Fox Command. The game has not received a new logo, as the previous Star Fox DS logo is still displayed on the page.

Star Fox Command returns to the series roots as it takes to the sky in a new adventure that was a surprise E3 announcement. Look for more info. on the game as it nears its August 28th release.


Ah Days Off

Sorry guys I took the day off yesterday. I spent time with my wife and kid and played some games. Overall it was definitely fun but I am back now to bring you the updates. I will be updating all day so keep it here! Thanks for stopping by and welcome. Post a comment, let us know what you think, comment on a story.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wii-Mote Rumors

The following story was reported by Go Nintendo. They have suggested that our innovative wii-mote may have more to it than meets the eye. The rumor we are hearing is that the Wiimote will feature a microphone as well as the speaker. This addition would seem to make perfect sense, making the Wiimote an all-in-one audio package. We know that Nintendo is fond of microphones, so seeing one pop up on the Wiimote wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

The next part of the rumor goes hand in hand with the microphone. The Wii is rumored to have VOIP capabilities, making it possible to place phone calls via an internet connection to the Wii. While this is definitely possible, you have to look at Nintendo’s stance on gaming consoles. They want their systems to be first and foremost, a game machine. Would Nintendo add in a feature like VOIP, and does it feel that the expected Wii user would want a feature like this? Only time will tell gamers but we will keep you posted.


Star Fox Wii?

Quick Update - is reporting that the latest issue of Famitsu magazine has an interview with Nintendo's own, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mr. Miyamoto states a new experience would be brought to Starfox with the Wii control system. Flight games seem to be a natural fit for the new Wii-mote but I am interested in what they will conjure up with a new Star Fox. With the innovative controller, star fox will hopefully put Sony's own "6 degrees of movement" game warhawk to shame! Shiggy also adds that he wants to make something not yet seen in a Mario game on the Wii. What that last statement means, I cant even begin to fathom but as always, we will keep you updated! Keep it here!


New Mario Impressions

Like many of you out there, I have recently been re-introduced to videogames first real recognizable mascot, Mario. The new Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS brings back so many fond memories of child hood past and bring forth what video games should be. Video games are a form of entertainment and with the recent edition of videogamers favorite plumber Mario, I am definitely entertained. I am only on world 6 so far, but I am having a blast with the game thus far. The game has provided so many moments of nostalgia and brought so many smiles to my face, I have found myself deliberately playing boards over and over again just so the experience wouldn't end.

My favorite power up of choice; fire Mario. The boards are brilliantly laid out with a hint of challenge and a thirst for exploration. Board design are top notch and you have to love the throwback "climb the pole to finsh the level" ending. This Mario title is a mix of old and new. Graphics wise, we get a full 3-d Mario, in a 2-d world with the end result being truly brilliant. Nice little subtle touches really add to the look of this game.

Overall I would have to say, this is what videogames are all about. I know this isn't the best mini-review out there, but it's Mario ladies and gentleman. I could go on and on but I really don't want to spoil the game. Nintendo at its finest. What world are you guys on?

Here is the official site for the game.

US DS lite packaging


Japanese Polled, Wii Wins

Here are some poll reslujts that were run recently in Japan. It looks as though Nintendo may reign supreme once again. I wonder how the US feels after E3. Here are the results:

Which games are you looking forward to?
1.) Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii, Nintendo)
2.) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Square Enix)
3.) Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3, Konami)
4.) Dragon Quest Swords (Wii, Square Enix)
5.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii, Nintendo)
6.) Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, Nintendo)
7.) Final Fantasy III (NDS, Square Enix)

8.) Monster Hunter 3 (PS3, Capcom)
9.) Biohazard [ Resident Evil ] (Wii, Capcom)
10.) Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

Which Hardware are you looking forward to the most right now??

1.) Nintendo Wii - 68.8%

2.) Sony PlayStation 3 - 21.0%
3.) Xbox 360 - 7.2%
4.) Nintendo DS - 3.0%

What do you think about the pricing of PlayStation3?

88.4 % - I think the price is too high.
10.9 % - The price is fitting.
0.7 % - The console is cheap


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Release List for Nintendo Consoles

Hey guys what's going on? Be sure to head over to Codenamed Revolution and read an amazing article on what games were released for all of Nintendo's 5 consoles. It looks as though Nintendo Wii is going to have one of the best lineups of all the systems. NES seems to be arguably the best release in history. Let us know what you think. It's a great read. Game ON!

Red Steel Info

Hey guys, slow news day today but here is some new info on Ubi-Soft upcoming Wii game Red Steel. Apparently a Ubisoft VIP on IGN Insider forums had the following to say about the game:

“It’s the same controls, I just believe they were a bit tighter as we were developing on the GC dev for, well, for a while. I can assure you that we have plenty of time to refine, tighten, and ensure that the controls are solid. In regards to the blood, there will be blood - just not in a grpahic way. I believe you can have blood spurt and then disappear and still receive a teen rating. Regardless of that point, the game is all about the controller and it’s movements - not so much about the graphics.”

It should be noted that this game is still considered to receive a "Teen" rating; however, with the inclusion of blood the ESRB may move it to a "Mature" rating. Also while surfing the internet, I went to Ubi-softs official UK site and it states that the game is suggested for 16+. As always stay tuned and we will keep you updated!


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales

Here they are, the numbers are in:

Nintendo DS Lite 91,895 (59.27%)

PlayStation Portable 27,127 (17.50%)
PlayStation 2 21,138 (13.63%)
Game Boy Advance SP 6,317 (4.07%)
Nintendo DS 3,438 (2.22%)
Game Boy Micro 2,628 (1.70%)

Xbox 360 1,355 (0.87%)
GameCube 1,069 (0.69%)
Game Boy Advance 40 (0.02%)
Xbox 36 (0.02%)

Rank Console Title Publisher Sales

1 PS2 Powerful Pro Major League Baseball Konami 89,536
2 NDS Tetris DS Nintendo 69,673
3 NDS Brain Training 2 Nintendo 55,043

4 PS2 World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 Konami 50,568
5 NDS Brain Training Nintendo 38,090
6 NDS Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo 30,536
7 NDS English Training Nintendo 27,681
8 NDS Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl Nintendo 17,072

9 PS2 Dragon Quest: Young Yangus' Mysterious Dungeon Square Enix 15,458
10 GBA Mother 3 Nintendo 13,703


Monday, May 22, 2006

Wii to Receive Game of Epic Proportions

Epic games recently has showed interest in Nintendo's new console Wii. Here is what the developer of Gear of war had to say in an interview with joystiq:

Joystiq: Did you have a chance to play the Wii while you were at E3?

Cliff Bleszinski: I did not and I wanted to. I've been reserving judgment on it completely until I get hands on time with it and I just want to, just control it. My schedule was so jam-packed that there was no way I'd be able to hang out in line like that and I'm not that well connected with Nintendo to be able to skip through the line like Robin Williams is.

Joystiq: Epic's gotten a lot of flak for comments made about the Revolution for being graphically inferior. After E3, the consensus was that the first person control could be great. Although you haven't had a chance to play it, do you know if Epic's planning anything?

CB: We're currently talking with Nintendo. It's not really my department to pontificate on other people's system and comments that the wonderful Mark Rein will make occasionally to upset the fans. Again, I reserve judgment of the Wii until I get hands on with it. I was very judgmental about the DS until I actually got to play hands-on with it and I love Trauma Center and stuff like that. You know what, Nintendo is zigging while everyone else is zagging and they'll be just for it. I give them props for doing something different. My advice to anybody developing a first person shooter for the [Wii] is: even though you have a new way to control and make a new FPS you still need a cool, compelling FPS underneath that. [Control] is only one of five things that you need. Give us a Half-Life 2 with those controls and I'll be first in line to buy it.

How cool would that be if an unreal tournament or a gears of war ended up on Wii? Wii will keep you guys posted.


Wii love the Price

Yahoo! Japan has recently conducted a poll on the Sony's PS 3. According to other polls, Sony’s entry to the next generation doesn’t seem very popular with most people. In this poll, you can plainly see that people are praying for a price drop. Kutaragi himself has stated that the PS3 is "cheap" so we wont be seeing a drop any time soon. Here are the poll results:

8% (1548 votes) - I will buy the console on the launch day even if the price is high
19% (3725 votes) - Undecided due to the high price
25% (4814 votes) - I will buy when the price is reduced
26% (5171 votes) - Plan to buy when price is reduced
24% (4742 votes) - Presently have no interest to buy

With Nintendo's Wii rumored to cost around $200, this places Nintendo in perfect position to make a huge impact when it releases this fall. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. Game ON!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Takin' Off

Hey guys I am headed to Toronto for the day today (Sunday). I may update late tonight but if not I will be updating all day tomorrow. What are all of your plans today? Leave them in the comment section! Game ON!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wii Reserves up and Running

*Quick Update* You can now go reserve some games for Nintendo Wii at your local Gamestop store. Rayman, Madden, Red Steel, Need for Speed Carbon and Medal of Honor are amongst the first titles. We will keep you updated! I cannot wait till you can reserve the system! I already have money set aside for that. On a side note- you can now reserve Zelda Phantom Hour Glass for DS. Game ON!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Nintendo UK Puts the Hurt on Sony

What's this I hear? Fighting words from Nintendo? Apparently; here is what Nintendo UK had to say about Sony's new decision on the inclusion of motion sensors in their new controllers.

Nintendo UK's David Yarnton said Sony is just doing what they always do. "I don’t know what their decision making process is," said Yarnton. "But I think if you look back, any innovation that has come in gameplay has come from us."

Yarnton attacked Sony's change in attitude over motion sensitive controllers. He says Sony's Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison had plenty of negative comments when Nintendo announced the Wii controller at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show. "I’d love to dig up some old Phil Harrison comments and say ‘hang on a second--six months ago when we launched our controller you said one thing, and now why are you doing this?'"

Yarnton also said that regardless of the reasons Sony may give, the lack of rumble technology in the PS3 controller is because that technology didn't belong to Sony.

"Historically we’re always developing new things," said Yarnton. "We know Sony has had a lot of issues with their rumble feature and they’ve had to withdraw it--because they didn’t innovate, they copied. With Nintendo, I’m trying to think of anything we’ve copied...but I can’t."

Some strong words from Nintendo. We will keep you posted.


Nintendo Wii Rumors

Here are some nice juicy rumors for our beloved Wii. It appears the latest issue of EGM has some very intriguing rumors hidden deep within its pages. The First adds fire to the rumor of a sequel to Sega's Nights series (although does not confirm a format). Nights would seem to work hand in hand with the wii-mote. The popular franchise would be a perfect fit for Nintendo's new console. Secondly, there will be an all-new look for the next Need for Speed titles, and finally it states that Virtua Cop will be ported to Nintendo Wii. As always we will keep you posted on all rumors regarding our new generation system.

Japanese Hardware Sales

Here are the numbers for last week. Apparently the DS shortages are a problem again as they are "sold out". Overall another great week for the DS.

Japanese hardware sales for May 8 - May 15:

System - Weekly sales (2006 sales)

1. DSL - 91,895 (1,475,286)
2. PSP - 27,127 (747,679)
3. PS2 - 21,138 (612,984)
4. GBASP - 6,317 (134,044)
5. NDS - 3,438 (846,385)
6. GBM - 2,628 (91,959)
7. 360 - 1,355 (47,948)
8. NGC - 1,069 (48,409)
9. GBA - 40 (2,648)
10. XBX - 36 (1,482)


Nintendo Wii Launch Titles...Start Saving your Money Now

The following is a list of Nintendo Wii launch titles. Always remember that dates are always subject to change. However, Nintendo Wii looks to be the best launch in history. Here are the Games:

*Metriod Prime 3 Corruption
*Zelda Twilight Princess
*Madden 2007
*Wii Sports
*Red Steel
*Dragon Quest Swords
*Final Fantasy
*Tony Hawk Downhill Jam
*Super Monkey Ball
*Metal Slug Anthology
*Trauma Center
*Blitz:The League
*Marvel Ultimate Alliance
*Spongebob, and Cars

Will our favorite plumber make the cut? I sure hope so. Mario will definitely be there within the first 6 months though. Super Smash at the beginning of next year. Seems like a winning combo to me. What games are you all looking forward to? It's going to be an expensive year. Game ON!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amazing Mario ipod Add

Japanese site Nyasoku has an amazing thread going of images based on ipod ads that feature a wide array of video game characters. Characters range from Peach to cloud. Click here to view more of the cool adds.

Show your Talent to Everyone!

Do you love to paint? Ever want to show your skills off to everyone but have no idea where to start? We have the answer! Get your work in the new Bob Ross game coming to Wii.

Bob Ross Interactive LLC is calling on the community to participate via the official Bob Ross video game art contest – six lucky winners will have their paintings included in the high-density graphics of the Bob Ross video game (and on the box cover too!), right along with Bob’s own fantastic masterpieces.

Contest opens July 4th 2006. Complete rules and guidelines will be posted on in June.

The Official site has all the details. Get cracking artists! If anyone out there has some video game related art, e-mail me. We will post your artwork on the site and give you props!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Super Mario Bros.....WOW

Simply brilliant. If you have not picked up a copy of the new Super Mario, please go to the store and pick it up now. Although it's a bit on the easy side (so far), there is so much fun to be had with this nostalgic Mario that you will be playing again and again. I do not even know where to begin. I sat down and found myself immersed into the worlds, muttering under my breath, one more board, just one more board. There's something magical about playing an old school Mario that words cannot describe. Have you guys been playing the game? If so, share your thoughts about it. I am on world 5 as of right now and am completely loving it. Head over to the official site and see screens, watch videos and grabs some cool wallpapers. Mario is back gamers!

Also if you can get enough of Mario, Click here and find out what you missed out on DDR Mario Mix. DDR is being re-released to retailers this Thursday. Just thought I would post a little reminder to all the DDR fans out there. It's a good week for Maaaaario!

Animal Crossing Anime?

For those of you who missed the news,Animal Crossing, Nintendo's unbelievable success story, will be seeing the light of the day on our televisions in the form of an anime. Details are scarce now but everyone's favorite animal friends will soon be invading televisions in the near future. Recently Famitsu has an illustration of what Nintendo's Animal Crossing cartoon should look like. The move to anime seems like a natural move and should pan out to be pretty successful for Nintendo. It will be interesting to see how the public embraces a video game to anime. Could Nintendo could possibly have another Pokemon in the making? We will keep you updated. Keep it here, we'll be updating all day (as usual). If anyone out there has any news tips, e-mail me. Thanks gamers!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Super Smash Screens


**UPDATE**Be sure to Head here for awesome character art for the upcoming Wii brawler. Good stuff indeed!

Animal Crossing Wii Tidbits

Katsuya Eguchi, designer and director at Nintendo's EAD, mentioned a couple new features about the Wii edition of Animal Crossing. Players can swing the controller to cut trees, shovel, dig holes, or go fishing. Using WiiConnect24, players can leave gifts or notes at each others' locations as long as the console is online. If we come across any screens or new info, we'll let you know.


Sonic Wild Fire Info

Quick Update: The director of Sonic Wild Fire states he is really intent on returning to the feel of the original Sonic games, which is music to my ears. I'm actually one of the few who's liked most of Sonic's 3-D adventures, but the old Genesis games are still the best, and Wild Fire feels a lot like those, only in 3-D. The director also divulged that there will be a number of multiplayer minigames included in Wild Fire (though it was too early to share specifics). Positive remarks from the Sega team. We'll keep you updated! Game ON!


Rez Sequel Headed to Wii?

Quick Update: Eurogamer spoke with Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Q Entertainment, of Meteos, Lumines, and Ninety Nine Nights fame, and recently confirmed his serious consideration for a Rez sequel. He showed a strong interest in the Nintendo Wii, already having ideas and future plans for the system thanks to its unique and innovative controller.

For those who are unfamiliar with this unique game, head to this site and read all about it. This type of game would seem like a perfect fit for the system. As always check back, we'll be updating all day.


Wii to be Under $200?

According to Scott Steinberg, Sega’s vice president of marketing, Nintendo’s Wii will cost less than $200,00. It has been stated before that Wii will cost less than Microsoft and Sony’s consoles. The price could be this low due to the low production cost of Nintnedo's Wii.

“Bet on the Wii will selling for less than $200” says Scott Steinberg, vice president of marketing for Sega). “Prices for both the Microsoft and Sony machines are higher due to their heavy-duty processing power, and the PS3 will also feature Sony’s next generation Blu-Ray DVD drive.”

Interesting.... We'll keep you updated on the situation. $200 would be nice though.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Demo to Come With Wii?

Quick Update: A Nintendo PR was asked how much the Orchestra game would sell for. The rep replied saying it will already come with the Wii, along with the other technical demonstrations. This means gamers we may be rocking out to Zelda music as soon as you get your hands on a Nintendo Wii. Personally this would be a grand idea and truly showcase what can be done with our innovative and revolutionary system Wii. I would love to test out such a game and show off the demo to non-gamers.

Source: The good guys at Digital Battle.

Pic Source

Spore Heading to Wii

In an interview with GameSpy, Spore creator Will Wright mentioned that the game will be released in April or May of next year for the PC. Afterwards, he stated, the game will be ported to cell phones, and all consoles. Wright went onto comment about the next-gen consoles themselves, showing a bit more enthusiasm for the Wii than the PS3. It seems that this game creator prefers the innovation that is Nintendo Wii.

Spore is a highly anticipated evolution-type video game that won numerous awards such as, Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best PC Game, and Best Simulation Game at last year's E3 by the Game Critics Awards. As always we will keep you updated on this exciting new Wii game.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl Info

Ever have that feeling or thought; man Nintendo should've included character X in their wildly popular fighting franchise Super Smash.? Ever wonder how it would be to duke it out with Bullet bill, or little Mac in an all out brawl? Nintendo is now giving you that chance!

Head over to this site and vote in which characters should make the Wii cut for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unfortunately the site is all in Japanese but we will be sure to keep you guys updated if they bring an English version out. Which characters would you love to see in the new Smash Bros.? I would like to see Olimar from Pikmin, or maybe even a gumba or two. Let us know who you would put into the game. Here's to 2007!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kojima likes Wii

Here is a quote taken from CVG. Kojima (of Metal Gear Solid fame) had some very positive things to say about Nintendo Wii. Check it out;

CVG: What are your impressions of Nintendo Wii and how did Snake appear in Smash Brothers?

Kojima: I've played Tennis, Zelda and Mario on Wii. I find Tennis very interesting. I played the early version but the E3 version is far more advanced. As a game designer, I'm very interested in creating something for the Wii. I'd like to run away from MGS 4 creation and create something for the Wii but unfortunately, I don't have anything that I can announce at the moment. I have lots of ideas for Wii but I have a heavy schedule with MGS 4 and Metal Gear Online. Concerning Snake's appearance on Wii in Smash Brothers, I'm friends with the designer of the game and I thought it would be nice if you could play as Snake - when I heard about the new game last year, I contacted the designer and we started working together.

Great stuff to say the least. Developers are embracing a revolution in gameplay and love innovation! Great job Nintendo. The future looks extremely positive gamers. We'll be here to bring you all the new info! Thanks for checking us out.

Duck Hunt for Wii

Quick Update: It was rumored that the old school game and fan favorite Duck Hunt was coming to Nintendo Wii. Click here and watch it in action! Game ON!


Wii Owned E3

There was something big going on at this years E3. Everyone seemed to be talking about one thing; Nintendo. Nintendo made a huge splash this year at E3. This momentum will hopefully spill over into this years holiday season as they gear up for their fall release of the system. So we didn't get an exact release date, not a huge deal. The fact remains; wii will be playing Nintendo's new system by years end.

E3 had extremely long lines of people wanting to test out Nintendo's new generation of gaming. Wii captured a mass audience of gamers and the general public with their radical new machine. It seems to me that everyone who tried out Nintendo Wii came our impressed. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash. They were all their gamers. Super Smash was a nice little surprise since Nintendo choose not to show it in the conference.

E3 2006 was a nice success story for Nintendo. Wii are waiting patiently to play our new generation of games Nintendo. We will be sure to keep you updated as to launch and price point. What do you guys think? Were you happy with Nintendo's showing? Let us know and hit up the comment section.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Big Support for Wii Virtual Console

Publisher Hudson Soft is supporting Wii’s Virtual Console in a huge way. The third party developer has declared it plans to bring over a hundred titles to Nintendo’s download service, and has already pledged support for the TurboGrafx 16 title Bonk’s Adventure. Hudson owns the rights to numerous franchises, including Bomberman and Adventure Island.

In addition, Hudson says it also plans to acquire rights to publish games from other third parties, those which might not be making their games available on Wii on their own. We'll keep you guys posted.


Harvest Moon Coming to Wii

Natsume's Sr. Director of Operations, Graham Markay, stated that Harvest Moon will be coming to the Nintendo Wii. The game is still very early on in development and is scheduled for release sometime in 2007. Markay states that bringing the franchise to Wii was an "easy decision because the game's style of play is such a perfect fit with Nintendo Wii's controller". Markay couldn't give any more details because the game is so early in development that he doesn't even know much about the game itself. While he's not actually a developer working on the game, he did agree that Harvest Moon would benefit from Nintendo's WiiConnect24 service for new furniture and item downloads, but said that Natsume still doesn't plan to support online play in any games because they feel that online play is still a little too unstable.

The harvest moon series has seen a lot of releases on Nintendo systems, 3 of the titles appeared on Gamecube. This comes as a nice addition into our ever growing Wii library. 3rd party support looks to be top notch for the system. Embrace innovation. Wii will change the way games are played. Game on!


Trauma Center Being Prepared for Wii

Atlus has confirmed that their quirky surgeon simulation game Trauma Center: Second Opinion is "planned for launch" with Nintendo's next-generation console, Wii.

Though the game was not playable form on the show floor at E3, we will be hearing more information on this title very soon. We'll keep you updated on this game aathe launch for Nintendo Wii is starting to take shape.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wii Online Similar to DS

Quick Update - In a quick interview with Nintendo EAD's General Manager, Takahashi Tezuka, IGN confirmed that the Nintendo Wii's online connection will be the same as that of the DS, including the Friends Code system. I really hope that Nintendo changes this structure. With Wii always being online, I would love to see something more like XBOX live. We'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Super Smash Bros. Wii

The name says it all. The game that everyone is waiting for has finally been unveiled and man was it FULL of surprises. Wario is in it. Kid Icarus (Pit) is in it. Zero suit Samus is in it. Metknight is in it (Kirby). SOLID SNAKE is in it!!! This game will own all once it comes out. The trailer, which can be found on IGN, needs to be downloaded by everyone! The game looks absolutely beautiful. There are a TON of improvements from the last one. This title is going to sell Wii by the truckloads! Line up gamers, this ones going to be one of the greatest games of all time. The final name looks to be Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Game on!

*UPDATE* Check out the official website for the upcoming brawler Super Smash Bros. Click here and check it out!

Madden Wii Details

Here are some shots of EA's Madden football for Nintendo Wii. The controls look like their going to be extremely immersive and really place you in the game. Want to throw the football? Give the Wii-mote a toss and hit your receiver in stride. Here's to innovation. Thanks Nintendo!


Mario is Back!

Good day and welcome back! This week has been crazy with new announcements, press conferences, and everything in between. We at Game ON are here to bring you all the up to the minute information on Nintendo's next big thing; Wii.

Everyone's favorite plumber and the most recognizable character Mario is back in Super Mario Galaxy. The games visuals sport a "updated, beefed up" Super Mario Sunshine look, mixed with some cel shading. The outcome truly is eye candy. Also Mario himself has improved movements and the world is colorful and vibrant. According to
IGN the game play superbly. Surely exciting things will be coming from Mario's new adventure. We missed you so Mario! Welcome back!

Be sure to check out the great write up on IGN to get a better understanding on how the game plays.

Click here to see new viedo footage! Good stuff!

Duck Hunt Wii

Here's another nice rumor. Duck Hunt is rumored to be playable at Nintendo's booth today at E3. We'll keep you updated as always. Thanks again for stopping by and checking us out. Why not bookmark us and check back? Pictures from the big show will be posted ASAP. Have fun. What do you guys think of Nintendo's showing thus far? Leave us one in the comment section and let everyone know what you think.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wii Sensor Revealed

Quick Update: Here is a pic for Nintendo's sensor that will come with Wii.

Red Steel Images

Here are some more screens of UBI's Wii game. The game is looking great and is sure going to be a blast to play.

Wii Information

If you guys are like me you have been frantically searching around the internet for the past couple of hours, trying to scrounge up any Wii information that you can get your hands on. If were here for E3 coverage and are coming back for more, keep it here. We're updating like crazy ALL day and ALL night. If you weren't here for E3, shame on you. If you are just arriving WELCOME and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out Nintendo's official Wii site. They give a great write up and info on upcoming Wii games. Keep it here gamers.

Super Paper Mario Screens


*UPDATE* Over at 4CR they have gameplay footage of the game. Check it out!