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Monday, May 22, 2006

Wii love the Price

Yahoo! Japan has recently conducted a poll on the Sony's PS 3. According to other polls, Sony’s entry to the next generation doesn’t seem very popular with most people. In this poll, you can plainly see that people are praying for a price drop. Kutaragi himself has stated that the PS3 is "cheap" so we wont be seeing a drop any time soon. Here are the poll results:

8% (1548 votes) - I will buy the console on the launch day even if the price is high
19% (3725 votes) - Undecided due to the high price
25% (4814 votes) - I will buy when the price is reduced
26% (5171 votes) - Plan to buy when price is reduced
24% (4742 votes) - Presently have no interest to buy

With Nintendo's Wii rumored to cost around $200, this places Nintendo in perfect position to make a huge impact when it releases this fall. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. Game ON!