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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wii-Mote Rumors

The following story was reported by Go Nintendo. They have suggested that our innovative wii-mote may have more to it than meets the eye. The rumor we are hearing is that the Wiimote will feature a microphone as well as the speaker. This addition would seem to make perfect sense, making the Wiimote an all-in-one audio package. We know that Nintendo is fond of microphones, so seeing one pop up on the Wiimote wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

The next part of the rumor goes hand in hand with the microphone. The Wii is rumored to have VOIP capabilities, making it possible to place phone calls via an internet connection to the Wii. While this is definitely possible, you have to look at Nintendo’s stance on gaming consoles. They want their systems to be first and foremost, a game machine. Would Nintendo add in a feature like VOIP, and does it feel that the expected Wii user would want a feature like this? Only time will tell gamers but we will keep you posted.