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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Wii Sport to Feature Your FACE!

Nintendo ended the company's explosive E3 press conference with a multiplayer match of Wii Sports: Tennis involving Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, and the new NOA president, Reggie Fils-Aime. In that match, the three each had replicas of their faces on their respective on-screen character. No one knew if this was a special trick used only for E3, or if this would be a feature implemented in the upcoming game. It seems gamers that we have found out that answer!

Mr. Miyamoto stated in an interview with MTV that customizable faces will in fact be a feature of Wii Sports while hinting at the possibility of transferring those faces from one Wii game to another.

Here is what he had to say, "The Wii Sports series features these little models which you can put your own faces on," said Miyamoto, referring to the game's characters. "Then you may start to see those characters, with faces you've created, appearing in different games on the Wii system."

It's not clear if Miyamoto was referring to a camera peripheral that would take a player's picture and place it to the game's characters, or if this is only some type of character customization feature within the game. I am wondering if we are going to be able to hook up our digital camera's to the system and map it on that way, or we may be able to upload the image to the game via Nintendo's online service. Either way pretty big news. We will keep you updated as usual.

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