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Friday, May 19, 2006

Nintendo Wii Launch Titles...Start Saving your Money Now

The following is a list of Nintendo Wii launch titles. Always remember that dates are always subject to change. However, Nintendo Wii looks to be the best launch in history. Here are the Games:

*Metriod Prime 3 Corruption
*Zelda Twilight Princess
*Madden 2007
*Wii Sports
*Red Steel
*Dragon Quest Swords
*Final Fantasy
*Tony Hawk Downhill Jam
*Super Monkey Ball
*Metal Slug Anthology
*Trauma Center
*Blitz:The League
*Marvel Ultimate Alliance
*Spongebob, and Cars

Will our favorite plumber make the cut? I sure hope so. Mario will definitely be there within the first 6 months though. Super Smash at the beginning of next year. Seems like a winning combo to me. What games are you all looking forward to? It's going to be an expensive year. Game ON!