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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Huge Wii News!!!

Do you want to find out how many Wii's will be coming to your local Wal Mart? Well apparently now you can. According to the story below you can now print up a bar code and scan the code at your local Wal Mart and the scanner will tell you how many of the system that they will be getting. Here is the story:

This just popped up at digg. Someone had the glorious idea to find the UPC barcodes for the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. You can print out the code and try to have a Wal-mart employee scan it for you at your local store. The Wal-mart inventory system should then tell how many Sony PS3 consoles (story on digg) or Nintendo Wii (story on digg) consoles the store gets.

There are some comments in the discussion thread that confirm that this works, but it is actually against store policy to reveal that information to a customer. You need possibly do some social hacking.

If someone does this, please let me know if it works! Huge props to the Yellow Dart for the info.

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Rayman Preview

As we approach the launch of Nintendo forthcoming console Wii, reader Mitch was nice enough to write up a preview of one of the many launch titles; Rayman Raving Rabbids. Huge props to Mitch for the post and I hope you enjoy!:

Rayman Raving Rabbids Preview

Rayman returns once again and embarks on his funniest and craziest adventure. A devastating invasion of uncontrollable rabbits threatens the world of Rayman and is forced to stand up against the psychotic bunnies by an all new arsenal of abilities along with the helping hands of some magical creatures. Rayman Raving Rabbids is considered to be the greatest game yet in the series and show how Nintendo’s innovative new controller can be used. According to Ubisoft this awesome game features more than 70 mini games that Rayman must beat in order to defeat the rabbits. This game will be available at launch and will truly show the innovation of the wii-mote and is being deemed as the most enjoyable wii game at launch!


New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trailer on the Way?

Any news about Super Smash Bros. is good news. For all of those who are patiently awaiting a new trailer, you may not have to wait much longer. According to sources, a new trailer for the game may be released as early as this Friday! It is then when we also may see a brand spankin new character for the game (who ever could it be??) As always, keep it here gamers and we will keep you updated.

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Gameonrevolution Podcast #3

Done. It is 2:00 am where I am as of right now and we are finally done recording the podcast. will be up on itunes tomorrow so keep a look out for that. All you need to do is look us up on itunes under podcasts and type in Gameonrevolution.

-In our wonderful 3rd webisode, we talk about preorders, Wii Kiosk etiquette, Zelda, Wii advertisements, The final Wii secret and Pokemon. Please enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

Click here for the show.

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Proper Wii Kiosk Etiquette

We all know in just a matter of weeks we will be playing Wii in our very own living rooms. Good times are for sure to ensue, but what about before the Wii makes its official debut. How should we play a Wii kiosk demo unit in stores? Well gamers, we have it all figured out. Simply follow the rules below and you should be well on your way to playing the Wii kiosk unit the way you were meant to:

Rules for Wii Kiosk Units:
1). Have fun!! Simple rule to start things off but Nintendo Wii is going to be a fun and entertaining system; be sure to have tons of fun.
2). Watch out for flailing body parts!! People are for sure going to get into the Wii games so be sure to give yourself a healthy distance between you and the player. A good 5 feet is recommended but 3.5 feet is also acceptable.
3). Don't get knocked out. This rule goes hand in hand with rule #2, but to save yourself the embarrassment (and much needed Wii playing time) DO NOT GET KNOCKED OUT! Instead, if Bobby swing wiimote decides to come at you like it's his job, do a matrix style move and steer clear. Your time will come my young Jedi.
4). Eat a lot of sugar to get your system up and running for the fun that is about to happen.
5). Do not bring your significant other to the event! You are going to want to spend quality time with your new found love and your "other half" may ruin that with a undeniable sale down the road or in the store.
6). Wait patiently.....You'll get your chance to play.
7). Line wrapping- it may be best to shape the line in such a way to create a "pocket" around the current player to protect them from flying fits of rage from disappointed Playstation 3 players who were unable to purchase their system of choice.
8). Game ON!

Monday, October 30, 2006

New Dragon Quest Swords Screen

Check out brand new scans for the Nintendo Wii title Dragon Quest Swords. What I noticed immediately was that the graphics are looking more realistic this time around.

Pic Source


One Wii Little Secret Left?

Huge props to Metaldave for this news story!!! Below is a quote taken from a recent Q and A with Gamepro magazine. It seems as though our Wii may be hiding one more secret.....

Q I recently went into a GameStop store to see if they had a Wii Kiosk and pick up the new Splinter Cell. While I was in there, I began to discuss the Wii system with the manager of the store. He explained Nintendo recently held a GameStop Managers kind of meet and greet for the Wii, with Reggie present. He also said Reggie announced their is still one more big secret left on the Wii, which will be revealed around launch. I called another store and the manager there said Reggie did in fact say such a thing. My question is have you heard any of this? Do you have any speculation as to what it may be? I have heard it is potentially a graphics solution or a camera attachment.

A: Wow, you're up on your stuff. I can confirm that there was a GameStop retreat and Reggie did in fact say there will be another big Wii revelation around launch time.

My Thoughts:
Online. I personally think that the big secret will have something to do with their online component of the Nintendo Wii. The online part of Wii still remains much of a mystery and seems to be a logical choice for the "secret".

My next guess: a new game has been in development for Wii and will be a HUGE surprise for gamers everywhere. Couple this with the recent rumors of Sega having a Wii title in development and we may have our secret. Let the speculation resume. As always I will be following this as it unfolds so keep it here. Game ON!

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New Pokemon Wii Screens!

What a great way to start the week off. Check out the newly released screens of Nintendo's Pokemon title for the Nintendo Wii. One word comes to mind while viewing these: "impressive!" I cannot wait to see this title on motion. Matter of fact, click here and check out 4 new movies of this one in motion!

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Wii Channel Update!

This just in: It appears as though CNN will be feeding the Wii news channel. Edge Magazine have announced that CNN has signed up with Nintendo as the provider of news content on the Wii News Channel in American and Japan. I could definitely see parents and kids alike making great use of the channel and in my opinion will give Nintendo a great hand in the next generation console wars. Wii will be launch in a could of weeks so stay tuned gamers. Wii are almost there.

**Gameonrevolution Podcast #3.....Later Tonight!**


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Screen

Here is a new picture of the upcoming Nintendo Wii game Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. The game looks graphically impressive and should be another great addition to the ever growing library of titles for Wii.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Amazing new Wii Trailer

Here is a nice little way to kick off the weekend. Check out the new promo trailer that was released for the Wii. November 19th is getting closer and closer...


Friday, October 27, 2006

A New Day A New Poll!

First off, huge props to everyone that helped out with the last poll. It gave me some great insight as to where we need to be and what aspects need a little tweaking.

A new day is upon us and thus a new poll. This one asks: What piece of Triforce would Nintendo Wii be in your opinion. VOTE NOW!


Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Box Reveals Details HUGE NEWS!!! UPDATE!!!

UPDATE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR ZELDA PREORDERED AT GAMESTOP DO IT TONIGHT! After today there will be no more Zelda Wii preorders!

Below is a snap shot of the back of the Wii box for Zelda Twilight Princess. Upon further inspection, check out the top right corner of the box. It seems as though this is the place where gamers will find out if they need the nunchuck attachment to play the specific game. Check out the picture.

Huge props to Sucka for the find.

Weekend Fun

It's the freakin' weekend baby are you gonna have yourself some fun?! Hello gamers what's up? I was just pondering as to what you guys will be playing this eventful weekend so I decided to bring you another edition of weekend fun: What are you playing this weekend?

My weapons of choice is going to be Marvel Ultimate Alliance (yes for 360) and also Contact. I am interested is seeing what you guys are playing so make sure you hit up the comment section and let us know! Anyone can comment so have fun. Game ON.


Wii Kiosk Information

If you are like myself, I am counting the days until I can actually get my hands on Nintendo's amazing Wii. The million dollar question that is on everyone's mind is when will kiosks start to pop up in stores?!?!

Gamers- I may have that answer. I am never one to say "I told you so," but keep in mind I was one the first to report when Gamestop would be taking their preorders for Wii. It seems like all signs are pointing to as early as next week on the Wii kiosk radar system! Some stores will probably be receiving their kiosks in the very near future and late next week may be the magic time. This makes perfect sense due to the fact that the Wii launches in a mere 23 days. As always, I will keep you updated when more information becomes available. Stay tuned my young Jedi's....Our wait is almost over.


New Zelda Twilight Princess Scans

The headline says it all. This game is going to be Nintendo's crowning achievement. November 19th cannot come fast enough.


New Wing Island Screens


Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Kororinpa Wii images

Wow. Just think of the possibilities of this title. Something like this will just work with the innovative wii-mote. This title is going to be old school fun mixed with an amazing experience. Only Nintendo....Only Wii. Is anyone else pumped about this one?



D&D Fans Unite! A Wii Title Coming Your Way

Pronto Games made the announcement that Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder Wii is in development. Not much is known as of yet but we will keep you updated.



New Dragon Ball Z Wii Images

Is it Dragon Ball Z week here or what? Here's to the November release!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Screens

Here are 2 new screens of the upcoming multi-player fun fest, Super Monkey Ball. The Wii launch is going to be extremely impressive, and this is just one of the many titles I look forward to come November.

Pic Source


Site Update

Hello gamers and welcome to another edition of "Site Updates". I always love to tell you guys what is going on in the world of Gameonrevolution and what's to come. As you probably have already noticed, we have updated our look to match "Wii white," (as I like to call it), and give the site a more sophisticated look. Please keep voting on what you guys think the site needs and I will be sure to implement as much as possible.

Podcasts- We have recorded 3 but only 2 have been posted thus far. The third one was supposed to be posted already but we had that huge storm here and it would've been old news by the time it made it up. If you have itunes, be sure to head to the itunes store under "podcasts" and type in Gameonrevolution; we should pop up there. Download the shows and rate us online. More are coming so stay tuned!!

Less than a month for Wii- Finally we are less than a month away from Nintendo's innovative 5th console Wii. Don't fret gamers, we will be packed to the brim full of the information you crave: game reviews, news and rumors, we will have it all.

As a matter of fact, WE'RE HIRING! Right now, Gameonrevolution is looking for some writers to post their thoughts on the industry and write Nintendo related articles. We would love to have you, simply drop us an email ( and let us know you have what it takes. I can't wait to hear from you guys. Thanks again for always stopping by. Updates to come so stay tuned. Game ON!

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Wii Box Art: Elebits Edition

We have seen so much box art as of late, which one do you guys like the most? Click on the label button and check out all of the box art posted on this site so far and let me know which one you like the most. Drop us a comment in the comment section. I think I like the Monkey Ball one the best so far.


New Excite Truck Video

I have this one paid off in full (thanks to Sucka). This game looks like it's going to be crazy and will be welcomed with open arms come November.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dead and Furious Trailer

Check out this DS title, Blood, Zombies, FPS.....What more could you want.


Dantendo is Back!

Hello gamers, good news: Dantendo is back with a great review of the recently released Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Below is the full review. Huge props again for Dantendo.

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
Released: September 20th, 2006
Developer: Square Enix

Well, if my review needed to be in one word, that would be "wow." Luckily, I can use more than one word. So "HOLY F@#% THIS GAME IS GREAT" sounds better. Here's why:

Graphics: Did you like LOZ: The Minish Cap? You should have, partly because the graphics were amazing, and Dragon Quest's visuals are very similar to Minish Cap. Somehow that simple design technique really goes a long way. All of the games wacky worlds are drawn up to perfection. Not that anyone should linger on a game's graphics, but I figured I should point this out.

Story: This is where Rocket Slime really captivated me. Anyone who is familiar with the Mario and Luigi series would understand what I'm talking about when I say the story is cleverly plotted out. There's a perfect blend of "oh my god the world is going to end" mixed in with tons of dragon quest humor. The only minor drawback to a story like this is that you won't get as much out of the story and the humor without having at least some prior Dragon Quest knowledge. Don't worry though, the story is simple and quite enjoyable no matter your prior knowledge.

Gameplay: Holy crap this game has a lot of guts. By that I mean you will spend countless hours collecting monsters, ammunition, and battling in tournaments. When you're done with that, you can give the hero's well a shot if you're feeling up to a challenge. I personally spent about 15-16 hours on the game, but that doesn't include the sidequests, so I hope you have some time on your hands.

Replay Value: You'll probably only play the story once, but you'll enjoy the sidequests enough to spend the extra time doing them. All in all I'd say there's low to moderate replay on this game. Only true hardcore fans will find themselves beating this game time and time again.

Overall: For the most part, this game has been rating pretty well (in the 8-9 range in most magazines) however, I feel that it's being underrated by just a bit. I personally would say it's closer to the 9-9.5 range. Games like this are the reason why the Nintendo DS is the clear handheld ruler, outselling the PSP by about 4 to 1. So go buy it now!


New Rayman Screens and Artwork

Here are some new Rayman screens and artwork from the game. November 19th is coming up!



Huge Toys R Us Wii Advertisement

Finally some advertising for Wii. It can't get any bigger than times square! What a great advertisement. I cannot wait to see the television commercials when they roll out for the Wii. Less then a month away gamers! Game ON.



Monday, October 23, 2006

Amazing New Wii Advertisement

Nintendo take note, please use this in the fall. What an amazing piece of work.

*Gameonrevolution Podcast #3 (take 2) coming....TONIGHT!....STAY TUNED!*


New Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn Scans

Here are some new screens for the upcoming Nintendo Wii game Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn. Is it just "mii" or does it seem like the Wii really has something for everyone?


Awesome New Dragon Ball "Training" Video

Is it just me or does every single Wii game look like it's going to be amazing to play! I am not even a Dragon Ball Z fan and I now want this title. What do you guys think?


Tony Hawk DJ vs. Tony Hawk 8

You make the call!


New Dragonball Z Wii Screens

Here are some screenshots of the upcoming Wii title Dragonball Z. These shots were taken from the story mode of the game. November is coming up ladies and gentleman.

More Here


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Horrible Metroid Prime Player

The headline says it all. Was this kid drunk when he was playing this or what? I honestly laughed out loud while watching this.


New Need for Speed Carbon Wii Images

What do you guys think?