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Monday, October 30, 2006

One Wii Little Secret Left?

Huge props to Metaldave for this news story!!! Below is a quote taken from a recent Q and A with Gamepro magazine. It seems as though our Wii may be hiding one more secret.....

Q I recently went into a GameStop store to see if they had a Wii Kiosk and pick up the new Splinter Cell. While I was in there, I began to discuss the Wii system with the manager of the store. He explained Nintendo recently held a GameStop Managers kind of meet and greet for the Wii, with Reggie present. He also said Reggie announced their is still one more big secret left on the Wii, which will be revealed around launch. I called another store and the manager there said Reggie did in fact say such a thing. My question is have you heard any of this? Do you have any speculation as to what it may be? I have heard it is potentially a graphics solution or a camera attachment.

A: Wow, you're up on your stuff. I can confirm that there was a GameStop retreat and Reggie did in fact say there will be another big Wii revelation around launch time.

My Thoughts:
Online. I personally think that the big secret will have something to do with their online component of the Nintendo Wii. The online part of Wii still remains much of a mystery and seems to be a logical choice for the "secret".

My next guess: a new game has been in development for Wii and will be a HUGE surprise for gamers everywhere. Couple this with the recent rumors of Sega having a Wii title in development and we may have our secret. Let the speculation resume. As always I will be following this as it unfolds so keep it here. Game ON!

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