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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Proper Wii Kiosk Etiquette

We all know in just a matter of weeks we will be playing Wii in our very own living rooms. Good times are for sure to ensue, but what about before the Wii makes its official debut. How should we play a Wii kiosk demo unit in stores? Well gamers, we have it all figured out. Simply follow the rules below and you should be well on your way to playing the Wii kiosk unit the way you were meant to:

Rules for Wii Kiosk Units:
1). Have fun!! Simple rule to start things off but Nintendo Wii is going to be a fun and entertaining system; be sure to have tons of fun.
2). Watch out for flailing body parts!! People are for sure going to get into the Wii games so be sure to give yourself a healthy distance between you and the player. A good 5 feet is recommended but 3.5 feet is also acceptable.
3). Don't get knocked out. This rule goes hand in hand with rule #2, but to save yourself the embarrassment (and much needed Wii playing time) DO NOT GET KNOCKED OUT! Instead, if Bobby swing wiimote decides to come at you like it's his job, do a matrix style move and steer clear. Your time will come my young Jedi.
4). Eat a lot of sugar to get your system up and running for the fun that is about to happen.
5). Do not bring your significant other to the event! You are going to want to spend quality time with your new found love and your "other half" may ruin that with a undeniable sale down the road or in the store.
6). Wait patiently.....You'll get your chance to play.
7). Line wrapping- it may be best to shape the line in such a way to create a "pocket" around the current player to protect them from flying fits of rage from disappointed Playstation 3 players who were unable to purchase their system of choice.
8). Game ON!