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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Huge Wii News!!!

Do you want to find out how many Wii's will be coming to your local Wal Mart? Well apparently now you can. According to the story below you can now print up a bar code and scan the code at your local Wal Mart and the scanner will tell you how many of the system that they will be getting. Here is the story:

This just popped up at digg. Someone had the glorious idea to find the UPC barcodes for the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. You can print out the code and try to have a Wal-mart employee scan it for you at your local store. The Wal-mart inventory system should then tell how many Sony PS3 consoles (story on digg) or Nintendo Wii (story on digg) consoles the store gets.

There are some comments in the discussion thread that confirm that this works, but it is actually against store policy to reveal that information to a customer. You need possibly do some social hacking.

If someone does this, please let me know if it works! Huge props to the Yellow Dart for the info.

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