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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Price of Revolution?

The following is a RUMOR about the price of Nintendo Revolution. This news hit kotaku and is considered a rumor. Here is what the site had to say. "Good news, North American brethren. Well, maybe. Toys R Us is apparently pricing the Revolution at $399.99 Canadian dollars ($344 US). One reader was told by a friend working at the store that the console was already in their systems and listed at the previously mentioned price. “Although they aren’t advertising this as the price, she was pretty certain that this would be the final cost. Sounds good to me take that for what you will,” writes our tipster. Considering that Nintendo has hinted at a low-priced console, the $344 price-tag might be a placeholder."
I personally think that the Revolution will be cheaper in price than this statement. I think Nintendo's 5th console should be in the ball park of $200.00. Only time will tell. Maybe that's the big news at GDC. We will be sure to keep you posted on this rumor.