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Friday, March 24, 2006

State of The Revolution

So we did not hear the BIG MEGATON at the GDC that we were all hoping and praying for. Instead, Nintendo opted for a more conservative approach in their speech. They tooted the success of the brain training series and also gave us a little surprise as to what we can expect from the DS this year. At first I had mixed feelings. I wish we heard more about the revolution but that time will come. E3 will be the "official" unveiling of the big "N"'s 5th console. The reason why I know say "5th console" is because chances are folks, the name is changing. The final name of Nintendo's 5th console will be revealed at a later date. I personally love the name Nintendo Revolution system, but we'll have to wait and see what they come up with.
According to an interview conducted at ign, we will be "pleasantly surprised" and "have a great time" come E3 time. Tidbits of info have slowly been coming down the pipeline in regards to our Revoultion.....or should I say Nintendo's 5th console. One thing that everyone has been wondering about is the games. Games are what drives systems into the consumers hands. Games is exactly what this industry is all about.
When Nintendo releases its 5th console one things apparent; the way we play games will totally change. Retro games will play an important role with the virtual console aspect. Sega is on board, Hudson will be there, but what you might not know, according to the interview, it seems like original titles are being encouraged to be on the virtual console as well. (was that a run-on sentence?). We now know that Animal Crossing Revolution will be there, but how about Spiderman 3? As reported in this blog weeks ago, there is a new spiderman in development built from the ground up utilizing the "Rev-Mote". 3rd party support for the system has also seen a lot of attention as of late. We will definitely be seeing what 3rd parties have been keeping secret for so long.
E3 gamers! It's coming!