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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Multiplayer for Red Steel, Speaker Support Confirmed

In a recent interview with Nintendo of Europe, Red Steel's Head honcho, Stephanie Langlois confirmed the Wii exclusive launch title will utilize the innovative Wii Remote's speaker, but sadly not Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This comes as no surprise due to ealier reports of no 3rd party online support for Nintendo Wii until 2007.

When questioned about Red Steel's multiplayer mode, Langlois replied, "It's tough to discuss multiplayer in detail as it's still a secret but there will be four-player split screen, but no LAN. Online will maybe one day be announced by Nintendo but it won't be for the launch [of Red Steel]. In terms of gameplay I can't reveal anything really but what I can say is that internally we are making tons of tests."

Regarding the speaker portion of the title, Langlois states it will be "used in single player and multiplayer." For instance, players will hear a sound from the speaker when their sword clashes against an object. Langlois also noted that while the aforementioned example is rather simple, players will discover a "more complex use" later in the game. Speclation will now commence.