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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

GDC Info

Here we go!! **Updates are primarily be credited to Eurogamer, GONintendo, and IGN.

1:15 a.m.: Crowds are gathering for the beginning of the Nintendo Wii Prove Our Promise conference
1:30 a.m.: The show is beginning!!! Aren't you excited!
1:31 a.m.: Speaker takes stage and promises "surprise" announcements
1:32 a.m.: Goes over Nintendo's plan to capture non-gamers
1:35 a.m.: Says Nintendo is going to explore new areas of game development
1:37 a.m.: Continues on about pulling in new gamers; points to DS as example
1:59 a.m.: Announces Action Loop DS for Europe; this is Magnetica (called Puzzaloop previously) in the US
2:00 a.m.: Shows off Pink DS Lite
2:05 a.m.: Nintendo displays a DS gameplay video montage

-A TON of stats are being discussed during the keynote. Nintendo keeps tooting the success of Brain Age and how great the DS is. We are going to hear about wii soon enough.
-Currently they are showing off Nintendo Sports by having a 7 year old girl play it.

-The boss of Nintendo Germany is on stage to introduce a new sports title. “Sport is currently the new trend at Nintendo.”

-It’s a Mario Smash Football / Super Mario Strikers title by the looks of it. They’re going to play it on stage now - they first choose captains. Bowser, Peach, Mario and Donkey Kong are selectable, and then they pick companions and a stadium.

-The game is called Super Mario Strikers Charged and there are power moves that each character will perform.

-Each stage will have a "risk factor" meaning some are more dangerous thn other.

-BWII-Battallion Wars 2!!! (As rumored right here yesturday!)
-Nintendo is now currently talking about 3rd party support for Nintendo Wii.

-Nintendo shows off third party Wii trailer -- similar to previous ones, if not identical; shows Red Steel, Excite Truck, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, etc


It seems like A TON of people are mad or upset as to what Nintendo has shown at the GDC this far. As of right now their keynote is over and we still do not know the price of the system, release date, and we only got 2 new games announced. "Wii prove our promise" sounded like there was going to be at least a little more during this keynote. Let us know what you think in the comment section now! ANYONE can comment so let us know if you yourself are mad, dissappointed, ashamed of what Nintendo discussed today. I really look forward to your comments.