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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Wait is Almost Over

The wait is almost over gamers. Our revolution is upon us. In a mere 2 weeks, we will know more about Nintendo's innovative 5th console Wii. We will be there. You will be there. Mario, Zelda, Wario and Metroid will be there. I have had a tingling feeling, like a kid on Christmas day, about Wii. The system will truly be an innovation in technology and change the way we play games forever.

September 14th ladies and gentleman. Mark it down in your calendars. This seems like the next time we will gain more insight on Wii. Nintendo will be holding a "party" of sorts and all the major players will be there. We will, as always, be here with a smile on our face, bringing you all the juicy details. Sit tight gamers, the wait is almost over. Game ON!