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Saturday, August 26, 2006

No Wi-fi For You! (Until 2007)

The recent ramblings over Nintendo's innovative Wii is that the system will not have 3rd party online support until 2007. The good people over at 1up ran an interesting article on the subject. They have stated that Tony Hawk was supposed to support Nintendo Wi-Fi and is a 3rd party title from Activision. Apparently that is not the case anymore. The article brings up these great points:

This decision raises some interesting questions about just how heavyhanded an approach the big N might be considering in regards to the Wii's much-anticipated "Always On" Internet connectivity features. Apparently 1st and 2nd party games (like the Virtual Console downloads) are still OK under Nintendo's watchful eye.

My Thoughts:
I personally think that this is a minor mistake by Nintendo. Yes we are getting online 3rd party next year, but it should be right off the bat. If they are going to be a true player in the next-gen war, you need online.

With the run-away success of Nintendo DS' online connectivity, I am surprised by Nintendo's decision. We all know that Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum, but I feel that this is a mistake. 2007 better be good and I hope that this doesn't scare some 3rd parties away from this amazing system. We will keep you posted.