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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Recent Treasures, Good Finds

Hello and welcome to our newest column which I have entitled "Recent Treasures, Good Finds". In this post, I am going to give you a sneak peek as to what games I have recently purchased at a good price, or titles that I have bought that are a rarity. This week alone I bought 2 Gamecube titles at budget prices. Metroid Prime 2 (I didn't purchase when it came out) was one of the two titles that I bought at a local Sears for only $9.99!! I thought that this was a steal and I am definitely looking forward to playing through this title. I was a fan of the first game and I never had a chance to get my hands on this one.

The second title, which I bought today also for only $9.99, was Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble. If any title comes close to the great Super Smash Bros., this title is it. I bought this one at Best Buy and I will be playing this gem tonight!

Perhaps you readers recently came across a good deal or a great find. If so, let us know in the comment section. Have fun ladies and gents. After all of the crazy updates yesterday, I was so tired. Thanks to all who came here for the best coverage of the GDC. I am now gearing up for September 14!! Are wii ready??!?!?