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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Konami Wants a Revolution

According to the latest information from Japanese publication Famitsu magazine, Konami Digital Entertainment is set to bring a new game to the Nintendo Revolution. Currently entitled 'Elebits', no further details are currently known, other than it should be shown at E3. I cant keep up. E3 is only 12 days away and it looks like the flood gates are opening wide gamers! We will be here to update you on this title and many more that will for sure be coming down the pipe line for Revolution. Thanks again for stopping by and big thanks to cubed3 for the information.

**UPDATE** The creatures that you will be using in the game are similar to Nintendo's own Pikmin. They are described as tiny, cute animals, which players need to actively hunt for in order to catch them. Meanwhile, the game world around them is supposed to constantly evolve. Very interesting indeed. I hope that this game is also smiliar in the way Pikmin is played. We'll keep you updated.