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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Super Monkey Ball at Launch?

In an interview with IGN, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Game Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi discussed details about the exclusive Wii title, including the team's push to ready the game for the launch of Nintendo's next console.

Nagoshi states, "We are trying to release this title as a launch title. With all the possible ways to control AiAi and friends, this will be a must have title to go with anyone's purchase of the Revolution."

Nagoshi noted the development team is working to utilize the full functionality of Wii. He mentioned twirling and flicking, among other actions, as ways the controller will be used while playing.

Although the game won't incorporate a story mode like previous titles in the series, Banana Blitz will host the "most extensive variety of mini-games ever in the Monkey series," according to Nagoshi. In addition, all characters from past Monkey Ball games will be playable in this Wii version. For me the best part of the monkey ball series was all the insane action that was found in the mini games. We used to always play 4 player monkey fight and have a absolute blast with the mini game.

The bad news; Nagoshi confirmed that Banana Blitz will not have online modes. He did not comment on potential offline multiplayer modes.

Visually, Nagoshi said with this Wii title "there are some differences due to new memory and some new functions," in comparison to the GameCube Monkey Ball titles. Also, Banana Blitz will allow for progressive scan and 16x9 widescreen. The Wii launch is starting to tale shape and it looks to be great. I have already started to save money for Nintendo's 5th entry into the console wars. More as it develops.