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Friday, April 28, 2006

Wii is the Talk of the Town

Everyone is talking about Wii. Honestly, it has grown on me. Remember when you first heard "ipod"? Probably not because now it is a household name and the word ipod has become synonymous with MP3 player. The name, like I said, is growing on me. It will still take some getting used to telling people I am going to go play Wii. I have talked to everyone under the sun about the new name and one thing is for sure, the name sure is different. Nintendo definitely knows how to get people talking. Like it or not, the name will stay. What better way to generate hype for your new machine then to get everyone talking about it. I think that this whole name change thing was a very intricate part in Nintendo's broad strategy. Have you noticed just how much coverage that Wii have created? All message boards, all websites, and all gamers are now talking about this innovative yet different name.

Some call it stupid. Some are calling it cool. Some are just downright confused. One thing is for sure, EVERYONE (Ign, Go Nintendo, CNN, Gamespot, ABC, Game Informer and every other blog in America) has us talking. Nintendo knows what they're doing gamers. Think about it.....Was there any other way to generate this much hype? Game ON Nintendo. We cannot wait until E3.

UpdateKotaku is now reporting that the name "Wii" may in fact change. They are suggesting that Nintendo is "punking" us all and the new name will be released at E3. Nintendo has not trademarked the bizarre name and something is said to be shown at this years E3. Consider this a rumor!and we will keep you updated.**