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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Resident Evil DS Review by Dantendo

HUGE props for another great review by Mr. Dantendo. The culpret this time, Resident Evil DS. Read on and thanks again for another quality review!

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Rating: M
Release: February 2006

The title makes me wonder one thing...Where the hell is all the silence?
And note, I'm not trying to make a pun, it's just that Capcom really went all out for their latest remake of the beloved Resident Evil franchise. They included the option of playing the (nearly) untouched classic mode, and then the "Rebirth" mode which makes you rethink the way you play Resident Evil. I'll admit, at first I was thinking "ah hell another playthrough of this damn RE1..." but boy was I wrong. The game starts off with the same cheesy (yet still hilarious) intro movie. And I was amazed to see how well the movie clips look on the DS. Props to Nintendo and Capcom for that. But anyway, after about 30-40 minutes, you realize this game throws things at you that you have never seen before. How about first person hack and slash sequences that pit you against a swarm of zombies that you have to defeat using only your knife? It's not too difficult to do, but it certainly makes you wary about entering the next room, as these scenarios are peppered all throughout the game and can repeat in the same area twice. Did I mention that you use the stylus to take these threats out? I think that was the most innovative move and they definitely implemented it well. There are also many new puzzles and brand new rooms to explore. The best part is, they managed to add all of these new elements and not even skip a beat. At no point during the game did I feel like I was playing a remake. It feels all new and it's very refreshing. It may not be as big of a makeover as RE: Rebirth for the Gamecube or as astounding as RE4, but then again you have to think that this is a PORTABLE SYSTEM playing a game that was never even meant to be portable. It's mindblowing when you think about it like that. I won't spoil much but let's just say that the giant snake takes on a role somewhat like nemesis did in RE:3...Watch your step...And when you beat the game, you unlock one of the coolest minigames ever. Let's hope you perfected those knifing skills!

Considering all of this and based on my firsthand experience with this game, I give it a 9 out of 10. Any RE fan who wants a new thrill out of an old classic should definitely get this game!

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