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Friday, April 28, 2006

New Sadness Details

-Sadness is not a codename, it's the final title of the game
-The game takes place before World War I, so slightly before 1914
-The game style will not be similar to Sin City, it will not resemble a comic book
-The game is a bit of a tribute to pre-WWI film and will have a similar atmosphere
-The story takes place in a Slavic country that will be revealed soon
-Raid Over the River is on hold until Sadness is complete
-There will be no colour version, the greyscale is to put a certain mood in the game
-A movie studio has contacted the team about a movie but nothing has been agreed upon
-If there is a movie, it will be out until at least 2 years after the game

The game is sounding great and I cannot wait to see it in action! Are Wii excited? Game ON!