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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Slew Of Wii Rumors

Here is something to help you get through these slow news days. Fellow blogger Falafelkid has recently posted a slew of rumors that he so nicely translated from the Spanish Website Revogamers. Everything from the successor to the DS, to new VC games are discussed. Enjoy the read below.

GameBoy successor cancelled

Nintendo had been working on the ´Gameboy Advance Next´ which was to become a third pillar (alongside the Wii as a home console and the DS as a portable). The handheld was to feature hardware comparable in power to that of the GameCube.

It was to offer online gaming and downloadable titles, do away with physical media altogether and be compatible with the Virtual Console. Apparently, concerns over media storage and too high a price point caused the project to be scrapped.

DS successor in the works

Nintendo is working on ´Project 3´ which is to become the successor of the DS. It will be a handheld console without buttons. Instead, it is just one big touchscreen, comparable to Apple´s ´iPhone´.

New Miyamoto IP

Miyamoto is working on a new IP on a similar scale to Zelda. It is codenamed ´The Rise of Darkness´.

It is said to be an online-only title, perhaps an MMO. Miyamoto wants every day to be different in the game. An older rumour on the same site pointed to a game that mixed elements of the real world with science fiction and spritual elements, loosely inspired by Buddhism. Gameplay-wise it was described as mixture between Zelda and Shenmue.

Nintendo developing MMO

More talk about an online game, codenamed ´Project Live´. This sounds very much like an MMO. It is said to be a big city, in which you can kidnap players from another team and leave clues for them to find you. No word on whether this is connected to Miyamoto´s new IP.

Miis used in future games

´Animal Crossing´ on Wii will be based on Miis, ´Mario Party 8´ and even the Wii version of ´Mario Kart´ might feature them, as well.

More channels coming

The next Wii system update will feature both a ´Movie Channel´ and a ´Talk Channel´. No further information is given other than the names. Also, there will be some improvements to the ´Mii Channel´, as far as I can make out.

Brain training may become dedicated channel

Some talk about a game that is based on the Latin phrase ´Mens sana in corpore sano´ (Latin for: ´a healthy mind in a healthy body´). This sounds very much like Braining Training or Big Brain Academy. Apparently, this could become a channel of its own.

Wii mic takes shape

The Wii microphone will plug into the controller, just like the Nunchuk extension.

N64 blockbuster titles coming to VC

´GoldenEye 007´ and ´Donkey Kong 64´ will make their appearance on the Virtual Console this year. Apparently, the contracts between Nintendo and developer Rare work in Nintendo´s favour. It looks as if no other Rare games will become available, though.

Also, ´Star Fox 64´ (aka Lylat Wars), Ganbare Goemon (aka Legend of the Mystical Ninja) and ´Mischief Makers´ will make it to the Virtual Console soon.