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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kingdom Hearts Wii?

There has been rumors running rampant about a Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Wii for seemingly an eternity. With all the love that Square has been giving us, why not see a Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo console?

Reader John has just sent me this scan that he found in his recent issue of EGM. Immediately my mind began conjuring up ideas that could take place if they had actually produced a title of this magnitude on Wii. It would be spectacular to say the least and would solidify Nintendo as a major player in this next gen race (if they haven't already done so themselves)

I then thought to myself, which issue is this story coming out of? If it happens to be the "April" issue of the publication, I think we may have an early April fools joke on our hands. I will have to do some more research but HUGE PROPS to John for the story and the scan.

What do you guys think?


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