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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Nintendo Wii Title on the Way?

The latest issue of Nintendo Dream Magazine states that the sequel to a famous series is going to be announced soon. Unfortunately, the publication divulges absolutely no information as to what the game may be. Some obvious suspects come to mind but let's remember, it may not even be a Nintendo based franchise. Here are some of my personal guesses.

A new Pikmin title (perfect fit for the wii-mote)
Kid Icarus (Please Nintendo.....please)
Punch Out (Again a nice fit for the wii-mote)
Nintendogs (Given the success of the DS versions)
Nights (If it isn't a Nintendo title, this would be it)

The good guys over at GoNintendo also translated the article. Here is what it had to state:

Nintendo Dream: “Successor of famous series is soon revealed” 18.01.07 - Japanese Nintendo Dream it announces in its newest expenditure that soon the successor of a famous series is revealed. With details the magazine holds back itself.

Keep it here as I will be doing some investigating as to the validity of the article. Which franchise would you guys like to see?

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