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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Wii Colors on the Way?

The website GameDrift HAS reported that an "Anonymous" Nintendo Representative Revealed that Nintendo is going to release new Wii colors by the end of 2007. Below is an Excerpt from the article:

In a rather shocking revelation this weekend, an anonymous Nintendo rep revealed to GameDrift that a plan is running through the pipeline to colorize the, as of now, rather bland coloration of its hit console, Wii. The rep did not reveal detailed specifics, however did remark that a red and black console have been confirmed.

My thoughts:
Even though the validity of their source cannot be proven, I can definitely see this rumor coming true. When Nintendo launched its dual screened handheld, ds lite, it launched in only White. After months of the systems release, we were given the lite in numerous colors with unlimited success. Nintendo no doubt realizes this and will exploit it with the years to come.

Discuss in comments section:
If you had your choice, what color would your Nintendo Wii be?