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Friday, January 05, 2007

Interesting Wii Rumors

Please take the following as rumour only and nothing more, but a Japanese site claims the following:

1. From Software is developing a “Kingsfieldesque” first-person action-RPG on Wii (sounds like an Oblivion style title)

2. Fire Emblem for the Wii will include the original Path of Radiance as well as the sequel to the game

3. NiGHTS to come to the Wii

4. Square and Disney have agreed to place the next Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo systems

5. Sword of Legendia is a spinoff of the “Tales of” series and is the first game of the “Swords of” series

My Thoughts:
What a way to kick off the weekend huh gamers? I will have to do some more investigating but file this under "rumor" for now. It seems as though the Nights rumors continues to persist and the Fire Emblem rumor seems pretty nifty; but can you imagine if Nintendo Wii got a killer app like Kingdom Hearts? I can only hope at this point that a portion of these rumors turn out to be true. Game ON.