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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Link Dump

Well gamers it has been a crazy couple of days and I missed some stories so I decided to create a post that would help you get all of the information that you so desperately crave. After this, the news will be reported as usual.

VC Mondays have come and gone and with the addition of 3 titles to the Nintendo Wii's ever growing VC library, we got some more classics to play. Speaking of classics to play, it seems as though Mario Party 8 has been officially delayeduntil summertime. I knew that this would happen but now it seems official.

Also keep in mind that the GDC is going on this week! We may hear something from Nintendo so make sure you check back often.

And finally some new information surrounding Manhunt 2 have surfaced. Click the link and read about some juicy new details about Rockstar's violent title.

Ok Gamers- you've officially been dumped!