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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

GDC Coverage (UPDATED)

Well gamers the GDC is in full swing and we are here to provide the most up-to-the minute coverage on the show. Make sure you keep those browsers locked and loaded to Gameonrevolution and hit refresh to stay current! Although we were unable to attend the show (lack of dinero!), we will still be providing the best coverage around.

I have decided to open multiple pages and will be doing updates all throughout the night. By doing this we hope to create a collective masterpiece of information regarding the show.

Keep it here gamers, the updates are will be flowing from here on out. Game ON.

UPDATE #1- Even though Shiggy will not be speaking until tomorrow night, it doesn't mean that there is a lack of Nintendo News. 1UP has already ran some articles describing how fun Super Paper Mario is for the Nintendo Wii. The game is looking like pure Nostalgic Nirvana and will be out on April 9TH!

Speaking of 1up, they also ran an article on the much delayed, much anticipated Nintendo DS title The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hour Glass. Click here to read the article.

Update #2- Click here are read up on Gamespot's impressions of Super Mario Strikers.