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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Wii at my New Year's Eve Party!

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Every year, there is a New Year's Eve Party in my household with family friends and occasionally some family. While my parents and the adults are chatting it up in the front, my younger brother and I set up the game console in the back and that is where the kids hang out. Prior to this year, the Gamecube had always been centerfold where us kids would play games of SSBM, Mario Kart: DD, and other multiplayer titles. Well, something changed this year.....the GCN was replaced by the Wii.

So, my brother and I set up the Wii all nice and had several games out that we could play since we both received some for Hanukkah. Unfortunately, the number of players was somewhat limited due to us only having three Wiimotes and two nunchucks (I will remind you all of this later), so towards the end of the party, we returned to playing GCN games on the Wii (boy, what a convenience!) so now I will discuss how the party went and what the opinions of the Wii were since my brother and I were two of three people who had played the Wii out of a total of seven kids.

So, we began the Wii festivities with some Excite Truck. This was mostly due to my brother having it on when they arrived as I would have preferred to start with Wii Sports but hey, what are you going to do. The kids arrived and they watched as my brother showed them a race. Soon, they all wanted to try and we set them up on the tutorials. Eventually, we through some of them together in a race, and they all immensely enjoyed it although it was painful to watch them crash every few seconds. But they finished and enjoyed it. Then I battled one of my friends, the one who had played the Wii and not this, and he enjoyed it too, although became slightly frustrated that sometimes the controls were unresponsive. I showed them all how I held it and how it worked best for me.

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