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Sunday, January 14, 2007

VC Games too Expensive?

Huge props to Schvizel for the following post. This, an many other quality articles, can be found in our forums.

The VC is used to attract classic gamers to their favorites and to attract new gamers to the legendary games that they've heard about but had no (I'll say legal because of internet modding) means to play. I've got to be honest, I joined gaming in 1998 with the N64 and, boy, did I miss out on a lot! When I heard about the VC, that was one aspect of the Wii that convinced me to buy it. I was tantalized by the thought of downloading Kid Icarus, Earthbound, games that I'd only heard up and read bios of.

But then I get the VC we have today. A vast collection of good games, "meh, I'd play it games," and downright crappy ones. I mean, come on Nintendo, Baseball? Tennis? Look, you just gave us Wii Sports with the Wii and now you're charging us to buy these games again in 2 bit mode for nostalgia? And the price!?

The prices now stack up at 500 for NES, 800 for Genesis and SNES, 600 for TurboGraphx, and 1000 for N64. Now, the only one of these prices that actually seem fair, if not a down-right deal, for the games that are currently out would be TurboGraphx and Genesis.

If you look at the games currently on the VC for the NES, which include Wario's Woods, Soloman's Key, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and others, not only do we own many of these already (there are how many versions on Mario Bros. on the market now?), but many of them we want to buy for nostalgia but we are forced to pay 500 Wii points when we could get on eBay, pay virtually nothing for shipping, and buy the same game for $1. And then some hard to find NES games that are being offered are good too and could cost a lot more, so I like the price there.

I guess where I have a big bone with the prices is the N64, which costs 1000 points although many people will want to purchase games that they already own for the N64. If we already have Super Mario 64, why should we pay 1000 points so we can play it again, having broken or sold the N64 years ago? Also, I could go on eBay, and get the game for $10 or under, so again, why?

My main gripe hear seems to be the games currently out, but this too relates back to the price. My conclusion is that many of the prices are fair while others are simply ridiculous. What I propose is that Nintendo change their prices for the game, while not exceeding the prices they have now. For instance:

Wario Woods--500 Points
Baseball--200 Points
Soloman's Key--400 Points

Instead, we have set prices which can either be a deal or a rip-off.

So, I agree with some prices and I disagree with others. It all depends on the title and how long it is going to last. But how Nintendo is organizing the VC right now....I generally disagree with it.

I mean, shouldn't they give us demos to try the games before we buy them so we don't waste hundreds of points.....

What do you think on this topic? Are set prices for consoles good or should different games cost different amounts? Speak up and let us know! Who knows when Nintendo is watching....