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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Controversy Creates Demand!

The title to this story was inspired by wrestling icon Eric Bishoff. In this lovely little post, I will be describing on why all of the negative press that Nintendo's newly released 5th console has been getting, is good for the company. I really hope that this story spreads some thought provoking discussion and I cannot wait to hear what all of you have to say (feel free to link this story with your site or comment in our comment section).

Just a short time ago, Nintendo released a 5th entry into the console wars, named Wii. The name "Wii" in itself was "controversial" at the time and was a conscious decision that the big N knew would receive a roller coaster of responses. When the system launched in America and in Japan it was a smash hit, but all was not well within the gaming community. A small portion of out of control gamers have been complaining about the system, stating that their own foolish behavior has sent "wii-motes" flying through televisions, windows, old ladies and injuring the masses. All of this negative buzz that has surrounded Wii sure has got the public talking, doesn't it? It seems that everywhere I turn within my circle of friends, the Nintendo Wii has been a topic of choice.

Whether they realize it or not, all of this negative buzz has created a Nintendo product to become almost "dangerous" to have. Whenever a gamer hears that a product is controversial, they immediately seem to grasp hold to it and desire that specific product even more. GTA anyone? Mortal Kombat when it originally came out? The list could go on and on. I am just proving a point that all of this negative press for Nintendo's Wii-mote strap breaking, is in reality be a good for the compnay. It has helped shed the "kiddie" image that Nintendo has been labeled with since last generation.

The public hears these stories of injuries and TV's breaking, that they themselves need to try the system out and see if it really is "that bad". Personally my strap for my remote has shown absolutely no signs of breaking. I play the system daily with numerous gamers and non-gamers alike and still no signs of breakage. Nintendo themselves has done the smart thing and is replacing thousands upon thousands of wrist straps voluntarily for gamers who request it.

This controversy has adversely affected the sales of Nintendo new product. Granted the system is superbly innovative, but in my opinion, the negative press that the wii-mote has experienced has only helped the systems sales in the long run. Television, Internet, local newspapers are all talking Wii. What do you guys think? Please comment below and have a great holiday!