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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sold Out

Let me first start of this wonderful little story by stating that we all knew that Nintendo had something special with their 5th console Wii. The system is refreshingly addictive and everyone that comes into contact with the wiimote in all its "innovativeness" falls in love with the system.

On a recent trip to my local Best Buy, I noticed something that was both remarkable and shocking to me personally. As I strolled through the parking lot on a warm November day (I live in Buffalo gamers, we should have tons of snow), I noticed numerous white sheets of paper with the words "Nintendo Wii SOLD OUT" written in black sharpie.

While this may not be a huge shocker to you, what I found peculiar was the fact that there were no signs for Sony's me$a machine anywhere stating that their blue ray playing, bank breaking, more of the same system was sold out also. Could this mean that the general public has been asking more about the Nintendo Wii than the PS3? Have gamers finally realized that Nintendo should be king of the video game world? Did Best Buy run out of white paper and Sharpie markers?