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Friday, November 03, 2006

New Smash Bros. Trailer Updated with Impressions

Click here and watch the amazing new Super Smash Bros. Trailer. Wow. Simply amazing! I am also working like crazy to get the video on the site. For now click the link and enjoy the breathtaking trailer.

Updated: Features From Trailer

-It looks as though Fox Mcloud is making a triumphant return to the arena.

-Zero Suit Samus is sexier than ever (No I am not a freak. If you watch the trailer you will notice exactly what I mean. Her zero suit is a little "risky" for Nintendo)

-Graphically unmatched, the game is looking phenomenal and is said to be done in all real time.

-Solid Snake, as rumored before, has his own stage but was only briefly shown in the new trailer. Mr Snake also uses a rocket launcher at his disposal so get ready!

-It seems as though many of the classic moves that we have all grown to love are making a comeback in the title.

-The game does feature destructible environments.

I hope you enjoy this little preview. I am hoping to get a youtubed version of the trailer up on the site today so keep it here!