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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Marketing a Revolution

In just a couple of weeks your fellow staff members here at Gameonrevolution will be knee deep in Wii goodness. A question that has come to mind however is how is Nintendo going to market this behemoth of a system? In my opinion, (as well as the opinion of millions of others) Nintendo is really doing everything right this time around with Nintendo Wii.

Are we going to see commercials staring the "older generation" playing the Wii or will they use a "ipodish" tone? How will the commercials look? Will they play off their back catalog or go with something totally new? These are just a few questions that I cannot wait to see answered. I think that Nintendo needs to be very careful in choosing how to mass market the system. It seems as though Internet channels and members of the press have fallen back in love with the big N, but I want Nintendo to capture back some of those players that they have lost to Microsoft and Sony. How they marekt the Wii will have a big factor in doing this. Marketing the system just right may indeed help Nintendo shed the "kiddie" image that they have been labeled with.

We are officially under 3 weeks till launch and I still have not seen one television ad for Nintendo's forthcoming system and I think that they need to start early; and they need to do it fast. The system is truly revolutionary and it needs to be exploited; not to mention, it will probably be the only system this holiday season that people will be able to get a hold of. With 4 million units launching before years end, Nintendo is poised to take back a huge market share in the video game realm. I think that the powers that be need to start the commercials now. Bring on the marketing Nintendo, wii are ready! Game ON.