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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Excite Truck: Hand ON! GAME ON!

Today was the day my young Jedi's. I went to look for a Nintendo Wii out in the wilds of retail stores and much to my avail; I found one!

The following cannot nor will not be a huge write up on my impressions of the game simply because I only had roughly 10 minutes with this quality title. As I was playing Excite Truck I thought to myself, I need to remember everything about the game as I am playing because I want to write up an amazing preview of the title outlining the features, graphics, sound etc. but something strange happened. You see as the counter counted down for the race to begin, I instantly forgot about all of that other stuff and just played.

I found myself smashing the nearest truck, doing HUGE jumps all the while going, what seemed to be, 1000 miles per hour. You see gamers, I had no time to think about previews or reviews of Excite Truck, I had a race to win! From the time that I started the race to my decent second place finish, I was grinning from ear to ear.

The system itself was nice and small and the sensor bar was also tiny. The wii-mote felt comfortable and was very sleek looking. The whole package was impressing to say the least.

Steering with the wiimote makes sense but does take some getting used to. I probably would've needed a good 15 minutes longer to fully get adjusted. While my time with the title was brief, I will say this; We are not going to be disappointed gamers. The Wii looks like something out of the future and is going to be a blast to play. One more week!