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Monday, October 09, 2006

Wii Reserve Information UPDATE!!!

OK here is the deal. I know that I posted today, October 9th, as the official day that "certain stores" would be taking preorders and much to my dismay I was "off." Before you guys start calling me a "fake" notice the quotes of me being "off". I know that I am speaking in generalities but let's just say I wasn't "too far" off. That is all that I can say for now but I will be seeing you guys "tomorrow".....That's a lot of quotes.... Game ON.

Update: Ok this is hopefully the FINAL UPDATE in the never ending Wii-Reserve saga. FRIDAY THE 13TH IS THE DATE!!!! It was supposed to be tomorrow, but FRIDAY the 13th is the date! What a weird date but it's finally official. Sorry guys for all of the ups and downs but you can write that one on a bank slip because it's money in the bank. Corny sayings aside this Friday is the date. I know I have my money set aside and will be lined up and waiting.

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